List of petition templates

  1. President Alger & Faculty Need to Acknowledge the Racial Discrimination at JMU
  2. Keep Bondi Beach Public - stop the private beach club
  3. Expand Cedarcrest Road Sidewalks Into Multipurpose Sidewalks (For things like Golf Carts)
  4. STOP C40
  5. Finding Baby Noach
  6. No expansion for Land of Illusion, now or in the future
  7. 40 Oz Belikin Beer
  8. Thames Water Nuisance in Chigwell and surrounding areas must stop!
  9. stopdumpingwaste
  10. Support Land of Illusion's Proposed Expansion
  11. Establish Special Victims Police Units in Botswana
  13. Support Port Cortlandt
  14. I want to pay attention to the quality of public toilets.
  15. Say no to water bill
  16. Support a National Climate Disaster Fund
  17. Community Against the development of the 1600 Block of Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, Suwanee, GA
  18. Help Christians have the same rights as every Australian
  19. Моя дочь - сирота при живой маме! Остановите коррупцию! Помогите мне вернуть дочь.
  20. Legislation to Stop eScooter and Bicycle Theft
  21. Au Premier ministre Joseph Jouthe : Signalement d’une conduite inadmissible dans votre gouvernement
  22. Don't Treat Bundy Farmers Like Rubbish - Reverse the 235% Rates Hike
  23. Save Morocco's Working Animals
  24. SCCA Area 11 Director Nomination
  25. Rejection of Proposed Cumberland Quarry
  26. Allow Short Term Rentals in the city of West Kelowna
  27. Scottsdale Vista, Arizona Park Place, and Marlboro Court Single-Family Residential Neighborhood Preservation Initiative
  28. Say NO to rezoning of Suamico property SU-731
  29. Save Chrome Run Stream: Stormwater management improvements are urgently needed!
  30. Repeal the Massachusetts Flu Vaccine Mandate for School Attendance IMMEDIATELY.
  31. Request for Softros System Devs To Release Server Version of LAN Messenger
  32. Restore 'places of worship' listings on the City of Casey Website
  33. STOP Haystack's NEW Hearth Event Center AND "Party Zone!"
  34. Abolish boarding schools for children under 12
  35. Support Mayor Katrina Foley & CMPD - Wear a Mask!
  36. Move Michigan to Phase Five Re-Opening
  37. Sex-Offender Requirements
  38. Stop use of glyphosate/roundup in the Inner West
  40. Induct Enuff Znuff in to the Illinois Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  41. Save Telehealth, Stop 150,000 Deaths and $100 Billion Lost
  43. Demand a Safe Return to Toronto Schools
  44. NC demands the Federal Investigations Report before our elections!
  45. Save Watsonville George Washington Statue
  46. I Support the Students of Liberty Charter High School
  47. Ban Smoking from Dining & Social Areas- Reinstate Legal Notice 206 of 2020
  48. Transform Victory over Japan Day to an Inclusive RI Holiday
  49. Oppose S.2763 and H.4784 - 2 Proposed Bills in Massachusetts that Violate Basic Human rights, Medical Ethics, and Principles of Informed Consent.
  50. No Golf Carts On The Midland Trace Trail