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Petition Template : Select an effective template. GoPetition recommends the following templates for your campaign. These petition samples have passed our baseline quality test and may help you to format your petition. As petition examples, these samples provide a variety of formatting options. The format of these suggested templates may vary considerably so we suggest that you peruse several of the samples given below. Some listed petitions are in multiple languages and styles so there are a variety of options to choose from. The list here is not exhaustive but offers some excellent ideas for your cause.

List of template petitions

  1. Stop Montreal from killing Pit Bulls
  2. Provide national development funds to save the National Highways in Manipur for a New Lease of Life
  3. Peticija meštana Subotice prema migrantima i azilantima
  4. Free Food Distribution Center at the Antioch New England Campus
  5. Petition for a Stop Sign on Grand Central Ave and Perkins Avenue, Amityville NY
  6. Save Tecumseh Annex 2016-2017
  7. Dowry: Stop this inhumane practice in India
  8. Anna's Organ Donation Bill
  9. Zaustaviti poplave Kradenika
  10. Officialy Recognise Airbrushing as an Art Form
  11. Save McBride Annex
  12. Stop the Legalisation of Online Gambling in Singapore
  13. Induct the Swampers into the Rock and Roll HOF!
  14. Save Dorchester TIC!
  15. NFL Players Should Stand for the National Anthem
  16. Keep Kids Safe on Halloween
  17. Boycott any NFL Team that allows their players to disrespect the National Anthem
  18. Clamor To Accept Original Certificate of Title in Pag-ibig Housing Loan Application
  19. Enhance Services for Children with Disabilities
  20. Please help save Winners and Losers from the Axe
  21. End Illegal Wild Life Trade on Facebook
  22. Saving our Oceans. Stop the slaughter of Dolphins in Taiji.
  23. We Want SHINee World Concert V in Manila!
  24. Judicial Overreach Concerning North Carolina's Voter Id Law
  25. South Dakota Against Refugee Resettlement Program
  26. Bishops Castle Town FC league petition
  27. Implement Uniform Civil Code in India, now!
  28. Save Scottburgh Flea Market
  29. OSV Overcrowding
  30. Petition to make REFUNDS for Jay Chou "The Invincible" concert 2016 at National Stadium (Singapore Sports Hub)
  31. Free Nazanin Ratcliffe
  32. Petition to Take Back La Montañita Co-op
  33. Nepal should execute the Kathmandu-Terai Fast Track Project on its own!
  34. Implement UN Resolusition 1973-2011 for Libyan Civilians' Protection
  35. Petition to Uphold Freedom of Association and Freedom of Belief in Victoria
  36. Petição por um Regulamento Municipal do Grafito
  37. US-based TV Station ESAT should be brought to justice for calling for genocide on Tigreans
  38. Pringle Lane Gate Installation
  39. Stop Slaughtering OUR Wolves in the USA and Canada
  40. Lucasfilm/Star Wars Story Group: Make Hoggsquattle Canon!
  41. SOS animals in Venezuela
  42. Protect the Marriage Act and the Natural Family
  43. Give Paul Walker a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame
  44. Keep Furnace-Pilot Road (AKA Mountain Springs Rd. CR1044 North End Rd.) OPEN!
  45. Residuals for South African Stunt Performers & Actors
  46. Offer a Video Technology Degree Program at Ivy Tech
  47. Halt Flogging of Iranian Journalist Mohammad Reza Fathi
  48. ActNowStopChildLabour
  49. Free Peaceful Iranian Political Activist, Author Kourosh Zaim, 77, Sentenced To 4 Years In Prison
  50. Estacionamiento eficaz y gratis en CENTRO

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