List of petition templates

  1. Defend Freedom of Internet in Vietnam
  2. Stop the shark fin trade!
  3. Give the people of Gibraltar a consultative referendum on abortion
  4. Support National Popular Vote in Colorado
  5. Bring The Cup To RVA
  6. Later School Start Times for ALL Students: No School Should Start before 8:00 AM
  7. Ελληνικό κοινοβούλιο: Να φωτιστεί στις 19 Μαΐου 2019 με κόκκινο και μαύρο χρώμα.
  8. Football Manager: Give Maxim Tsigalko (Maksim Tsyhalka) a job
  9. Reconstrucción Batería Británica n°6
  10. Save the Hankins Pond Dam from Demolition
  11. My Magical Glowing Lens + MGMT no Circo Voador
  12. Comment now on GMO food labeling
  13. International Day of Family Remittances Endorsement
  14. Ban Open Burning of Rubbish in Kampala
  16. URGENT!! Break the Silence Against Children Coerced Marriages In Zimbabwe
  17. "We Are Sadat" "ما سادات هستیم"
  18. Put Valdese Infrastructure First
  19. Get a Winter Soldier Movie
  20. GREEN the GREENway!
  21. We Support 2 UP ON SHFT
  22. #Save_The_Old_Spa
  23. Put Crossing Guard Decision Authority with the Village not the School Superintendent
  25. PPS: Equitable Access to Quality Music Instruction for Every Student, Every Day.
  26. Melton Says No! To The Melbourne Islamic Centre
  27. Support TCGIS Facility Plan
  28. Move The Tower
  29. Unban Roblox In U.A.E
  30. Chapel Hill Needs a Real Tree Protection Ordinance
  31. Festivali i 57. i Këngës në RTSH - nën drejtimin e Fatma Haxhialiu & Aulona Musta
  32. E-lINE Essential - Infrastructure ahead of development
  33. Save the hit drama/fantasy series: "Lucifer"
  34. Support the WSO Drama Trip 2019
  35. Renew Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  36. Make Phoenix Comic-Fest Great Again
  37. Adrienne King back to a "Friday the 13th" movie
  38. Bring back Clayne Crawford for Season 3 as Martin Riggs in Lethal Weapon
  39. Ryan MS: Approve Feeder Zoned Elementary Schools To Attend Baylor College at Ryan
  40. Demand Non-Toxic Mosquito Control
  41. Ayuntamiento de Garrucha - MEJOR GESTIÓN DE RESIDUOS
  42. Global Youth Petition on Arms Control
  43. Save the Sperryville Welcome Sign
  44. Make Our Campus More Accessible With Full Braille Signage
  45. Teachers and Guns
  46. YMCA Port Talbot Funding for a new Fire Alarm System
  47. North Shore Storm Youth Hockey - Extend pairing agreement for one year
  48. Allow Players to enter OCS as a Team and not as a Solo Q Individual
  49. Preserve on-street Parking along Haven Road in Eastsound
  50. Show the Kennel Club that Pole Sports are 'Family Friendly'