List of petition templates

  1. GOREC Adverse Impacts on the Forest Lakes Area
  2. Start Recycling at WAHS
  3. Please add Violinist Ann Setzer to the College Division of The Juilliard School as Official Faculty
  4. Stop Targeting Female advocates
  5. Who is Youngkin SEC ED Nominee Guidera?
  6. Taiwantánamo, una Nueva Cuba Libre en la Isla
  7. Coronavirus Vaccines for the World
  8. Protect Women's Sports
  9. Save the award winning Bell McKinnon Local Area Plan
  10. No Richmond Valley Toxic Waste Incinerator
  11. Put an end to Presidential overreach
  12. Idaho Call for Action
  13. Keep Piedmont Heights Unified
  14. Don't Adopt ADU Ordinance: Not Right for All Lexington Neighborhoods
  15. Chip and Seal Keystone Rd Vinton, OH
  16. Dairy Levy Poll (Australia)
  17. Riverview Exclusion From Neighborhood Infill Overlay 2021
  18. Force China National Coal Group to Lower Carbon Emissions
  19. Cobb Citizens Against Pulte Overdevelopment of Ebenezer Road Z-31
  20. Save Thame - Keep Parking Free
  21. Protect Our Children from Mask Mandates
  22. St. Croix Invites Southwest Airlines
  23. Kit Hood Alley
  24. Help Homeless Community - Stop Anti-Homeless Ordinance
  25. Save the Sunflower Path
  26. No Vaccine - Human Rights BVI
  27. Save Highland Road Trees
  28. Υπογράφουμε: Λέμε όχι στα Αιολικά στις ΔΕ Φουρνά και Κτημενίων
  29. Extend Radiation Exposure and Compensation Act beyond 2022
  30. We The People DEMAND Full Forensic Audit of Missoula County and All Montana Counties' 2020 General Election Results
  31. Algiers الجزائر 2036+2030 /////// World Expo + Olympic Games
  32. STOP the Duplex Project & Rezoning near Saddlewood Estates, Ocala, Fl!!!!
  33. Let’s change Barber ave in Dixon to Roy lee Pate rd
  34. Petition Against building Intensive Poultry Unit (IPU) at Cononsyth, Angus
  35. Stop Spring Valley Lake's Cell Tower
  37. Route 108 - Bruit – Vitesse – Camions - Sécurité / Noise – Speed – Trucks - Safety
  38. Change law to make volunteering compulsory globally to reduce the admin costs of charities
  39. Eğitim Beklemez
  40. Safer County Roads for Rogers MN for Neighbors, Commuters, and Kids
  41. Ballot Gun ID Initiative [BGIDI]
  42. University of Arkansas Sexual Assault Justice Demands
  43. Make Lambeth council work for all voters
  44. Public Toilets for Camperdown Memorial Rest Park
  45. Firma personalmente el Pacto Ciudadano para el Restablecimiento Constitucional y Democratico
  46. Visible Warning Signs that clearly State Dangerous Waters
  47. MineWatch: Stop the Re-Opening of the Idaho Maryland Mine
  48. Stop animal testing
  49. End the cat and dog meat trade.
  50. Its Time to Change the Way the Law Values Our Family Pets: Support S.1131 in Massachusetts