List of petition templates

  1. Reduce safety net bird entanglements at Templo de San Francisco
  2. Takes a stand against Gender Based Violence
  3. Reform in Education ; A need for Indigenous Educators at SMU
  4. المراة اللبنانية ...كفاءة وطنية
  5. Booster Law to Protect Alberta Children
  6. Petition to support ReimagineRPL
  7. Public Access to Bear River Canal Trails
  8. End Child Marriage in Uganda
  9. Stop Hate Crimes In Arlington MA Public Schools
  10. Call for Municipal Subsidy for Reusable Products
  11. Save Hammersmith and West London College from Demolition!
  12. Kick Turkey OUT Of NATO Membership
  13. Petition for Ministry of Education Malaysia (KPM/MOE) to maintain chess as a sport in Malaysian schools under MSSM
  14. Operate The 351 (Tewkesbury ~ Gloucester ~ Tewkesbury) Bus Service To The Needs Of The Users
  15. Keep The Citadel's Companies Together
  16. Jefferson County Against the Toll Road (Suncoast Connector)
  17. Allow The Awen Project a temporary change of planning use so it can operate as a school.
  18. Keep Middle Sound Loop students at Noble Middle School
  19. Preserve This Irreplaceable Legacy for Future Generations
  20. Relocate the Verizon Cell Tower Away from Elk Meadow Elementary!
  21. The RIGHT to be SECULAR
  22. Restore the Radcliffe-on-Trent Fountain
  23. New SAT test center (Tunisia)
  24. Global faith leaders urge Adani to protect our common home, abandon Carmichael mine
  25. Establish a Whitman County Air Pollution Control Authority
  26. Improve Kingston Road Recreation Ground playground and sports facilities
  27. Time for the State Government to step up and stump up
  28. Eliminate Role of PRSA Board in Officer Nominations
  29. Worcester needs a crossing on Midland Road
  31. Petition: Opposition to Inhalable Hemp Product Bans in the U.S.
  32. Stop Using Single Use Plastic Grocery Bags
  33. Save Reindahl Woods
  34. Cancer Battling Disney Princess
  35. Tell Ohio Lawmakers: Drop attacks on reproductive health, focus on critical issues!
  36. Save Racehorses - Force Churchill Downs to Ban Drugs
  37. Libérez les détenus d'opinions en Algérie
  38. TESLA should allow retrofitting a trailer hitch onto older Model 3 in EU!
  39. The Purpose Students for SDGs (PSSDGs) Campaign
  40. Reform the Lancaster Texas Animal Shelter
  41. Save Moran Memorial Pet Cemetery
  42. A Call to Integrity
  43. Support LAWIR - Living And Working In Recovery
  44. Protect our Free Press, Whistle-Blowers and our Right to Know
  45. Help Save the Highlands
  46. Developing an Understanding for LGBT in Schools throughout Britain
  47. Farnham Climate Emergency Declaration
  48. Require Manchester Estates Proposed Residential Development to Comply with I.F. City's Comprehensive Plan
  50. Pass AB 1280: Stop Malicious Pornographic Deepfakes