List of petition templates

  1. Get-Em-Out Now!
  2. Businesses can #BridgeTheVoiceGap
  3. Legislate Window Deterrents for Birds Now
  4. Say No To Water Fluoridation On The Isle Of Man
  5. Save 30 A Beaches
  6. Stand Against Antisemitism
  7. Pass the Institutional Child Abuse Prevention Act
  8. Call for removal of Hamas’ Political wing from the UK’s Proscribed List of Terrorist Bodies
  9. Stop the Horse Heaven Hills Wind Farm Project
  10. No "PATH" Through the Henderson Mill Creek Floodplain
  12. Save Kauri Mountain - let the public decide if the NRC should purchase Kauri Mountain
  13. Kids for Our Wetlands
  14. Dear Corporation, Stop Wrongfully Withholding from Your Workers!
  15. IL HB4129 - Tax Education Advancement Mission Act
  16. Stop "Road Diet" on WOODSTOCK AVENUE/ROUTE 4
  17. National Hispanic Restaurant Week September 22 - October 3rd
  18. Climate Stewardship Debate
  19. Reinstate Dennis Carabott Now!
  20. Recall faulty Samsung TU8000 and TU7000 Tvs; STOP the sale of faulty Tvs!
  21. Addressing Recycling Challenges in Illinois: Join the Movement
  22. Stop Modi Visit to South Africa
  23. Over-Saturation of Pot Shops in Costa Mesa
  24. Create a Federal Agency in America to Combat Worldwide Human Trafficking
  25. Modernize the Costa Mesa Tennis Center
  26. Costa Mesa State Streets and One Metro West
  27. Save our Community Garden!
  28. Petition in Support of a Bruce Willis Honor by the Academy
  29. More democratic debate needed on Ireland's current open borders policy
  30. Stop the underhanded sale of conch shells to tourists in Tobago
  31. Διαμαρτυρία κατά της Ιδιωτικοποίησης του Νερού
  32. Petition to Offer Diverse Dietary Options at the University of Cambridge May Balls
  33. Wailuanui Petition Opposing Hotel Development
  34. Stop the proposed development of 121 dwellings at Mayeston Hall
  35. Sky Blues Badge Re-installment
  36. Stop Secret Local Government Meetings
  37. Prevention of bird window collision
  38. Ask City Commission to request public-funding-only proposals for Delray Beach Golf Club Renovation
  39. No Forced Consolidation of AMI Cities
  40. NO Parking Structures on AMI
  41. Lemminkäinen Temple; Finnish cultural and spiritual heritage; A call for guarantees of Public access and transparency
  42. Stop The Landfill - What a Waste
  43. N.J. Senior Citizens and Disabled Residents Need Your Help Now!
  44. Support the Bennie Hargrove Gun Safety Act!
  45. Request to produce a 1:50 Komatsu WE2350 wheel loader
  46. Hudson Should Ban "No-Knock" Warrants & Become A Leader In The Nation
  47. Meadowbank Stadium Purchase
  48. Petition to Stop Amazon Deforestation
  49. Support Emu Swamp Dam
  50. Save the Church of the Holy Spirit of Barcelona Spain