Every sovereign being has the right and duty to direct their military to remove/fire from office their corrupted officials and other such employees. The military does not want anything remotely resembling a "coup," either. They prefer law and order, peace and respect. They look for and wait to receive YOUR DIRECTIVES to act profoundly on behalf of "the People" they have took an oath to serve and protect. The time has come for all good people to clean house, demonstrate their sovereignty, and TAKE THEIR COUNTRY'S BACK, Worldwide. We are the majority and we ALL have had enough of the abuses, criminal behavior, neglect and corruption. We need much smaller, people-directed management of our cities, towns, villages, states, provinces and countries. Let's do so now, by putting forth a loud but peaceful, clearly-voiced demand and directive TO OUR MILITIAS AND MILITARIES. They want to act, but they NEED OUR "MARCHING ORDERS" NOW. Only you can make it happen...each one of us, coming together like this, WE RECLAIM OUR FREEDOM TODAY!
Telegram Channel address: https://t.me/GetEmOutNOW

Why is this important?

Dear Trusted Friend -

We have lawful militias and military formed across America and the world. They exist for the protection of the People. When those placed into positions of leadership and service to our communities, hired, elected (or not), by the People, are rendered powerless due to infiltration by foreign enemies or “from within;” or when they have become corrupt, that is when the People may and MUST REMOVE, or “fire,” them. This is also when our militias and military units must take official, principled, and lawful action at our direction and on our behest. We direct this action: GET ‘EM OUT NOW! Reasons for REMOVAL are when they have:

1. Bio-Engineered, Chemically and Technologically Tampered With Our DNA, and Poisoned our Food, Water and Medical Supplies through covert actions, labs, legislation, policies, or other means.

2. Committed Crimes Against Humanity, even murder, including “...just following orders,” maiming, organ harvesting, SRA, and torture, directly or indirectly. GET ‘EM OUT NOW.

3. Conscientiously Created and Manipulated a System with intent to take absolute control, even “ownership” of ourselves and our lovren, from cradle to grave.

4. Coordinated, Planned and Activated a New World Order or Global Depopulation Agenda.

5. Deliberately Lied to Us All on Matters of Education, Science, Health, History & Technologies.

6. Directed, Enabled, Participated in, or Profited from Slavery - Child and Human.

7. Ignored, Dismantled or Dismissed Universal Law, Common Law, and The Constitution.

8. Interfered In Our Elections, in any way; especially for money, power or any other personal gain.

9. Knowingly Embezzled, Pilfered or otherwise Stolen from The People - money, property, or anything at all (i.e. mental, emotional/psychological and/or physical).

10. Participated in, Enabled or Profited from Child and Adult Sex Trafficking.

11. Perpetrated Fraud, Civic, Corporate, Criminal, Educational, Financial, Historical, Medical, Scientific, Spiritual or Professional (i.e. Federal Reserve, fiat dollar, CBDCs - The Central Bank).

I’m asking you and others of your family and community to contact, mail, or otherwise activate Media, or a Leader of the Military or any Militias, IMMEDIATELY. Sign and Share this Demand Letter. Remember, ask our Military, “Why are you enlisted, if not to defend and protect people like me, my family and neighbors, and by our Direction and Pleas?” We must start anew, and with a much smaller government. To our Lawful Militias and/or Military, GET ‘EM OUT – NOW! Every single one of them.

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