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As a proud member of the Hispanic/Latin community and a passionate advocate for the culinary scene, I am writing this petition to urge congress to proclaim September 22 through October 3rd as National Hispanic Restaurant Week in the United States. This initiative aims to celebrate and honor the rich Latin/Hispanic culture that serves as the backbone of the food service and restaurant industry in our great nation.
Growing up, our team has witnessed firsthand how food brings people together, transcending borders and creating connections. The culinary traditions passed down through generations have not only enriched our taste buds but have also contributed significantly to America's vibrant gastronomic landscape.
The Hispanic Restaurant Association has been at the forefront of promoting and supporting Latin/Hispanic culinary excellence across America. Through initiatives such as the Hispanic Top Chef competition, they have showcased talented chefs who embody both their cultural heritage and their passion for creating exceptional dishes. Additionally, their Quetzales Guide will be an invaluable resource for discovering outstanding Latin/Hispanic restaurants throughout the country.
By establishing National Hispanic Restaurant Week from September 22nd to October 3rd each year, we can provide a dedicated period to recognize and appreciate these remarkable individuals who have achieved their American dream through their contributions to our culinary world. This celebration will not only highlight their achievements but also inspire future generations of aspiring chefs from diverse backgrounds.
Furthermore, this proclamation will serve as an opportunity for Americans from all walks of life to explore and experience authentic Latin/Hispanic cuisine. It will encourage individuals to support local businesses owned by members of our vibrant community while fostering cultural exchange within our society.
According to recent statistics provided by industry experts (source: [cite source]), there are over 65,000 Latino-owned restaurants across America employing thousands of hardworking individuals who contribute significantly to local economies. By dedicating a specific week to celebrate their achievements, we can further boost their visibility and ensure their continued success.
In addition to the economic impact, the cultural significance of Latin/Hispanic cuisine cannot be overstated. From mouthwatering tacos and savory empanadas to aromatic paellas and delectable flan, these dishes have become an integral part of American culinary identity. By officially recognizing National Hispanic Restaurant Week, we can honor this heritage while fostering greater appreciation for the diverse flavors that enrich our nation's food culture.
I urge you to support this petition and join me in calling upon our government officials to proclaim September 22nd through October 3rd as National Hispanic Restaurant Week. Let us celebrate the Latin/Hispanic restaurant owners and chefs who have not only achieved the American dream but have also enriched our lives through their culinary talents. Together, let's embrace excellence, promote cultural understanding, and savor the delicious flavors that unite us all.

We, The Hispanic Restaurant Association, are asking you to sign our petition to demonstrate support to pass a resolution declaring National Hispanic Restaurant Week from September 22, - October 3.
We are extremely close and have bi-partisan support in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. Please sign the petition and show your support for those that are the backbone of the foodservice industry in the USA.

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