#Neighborhood Living
Community of Casa Grande, Arizona
United States of America

2 Applications, submitted by Skylar Whitfield involving five acres of property by 2863 N Peart Rd., located alond the west side of Peart Rd., north of the westerly projection of Prairie Way:

1. A request for a Minor Amendment to the City of Casa Grande 2030 General Plan to allow properties up to six acres in size within the Neighborhoods General Plan land use category to be developed with a maximum density of 30 dwelling units per acre, where currently 24 dwelling units per acre is the maximum density allowed, DSA-23-00257.
2. A request for a Zone Change from HB-2 (General Business) to Sky View PAD (Planned Area Development) to allow a multi-family residential development with up to 150 dwelling units within buildings up to 42ft in height, DSA-23-00155.

Information regarding the proposal can by found by visiting the link: https://tinyurl.com/SkyviewCG

We oppose construction of Skyview 150 Unit multi-family development
(apartments), and any changes to the current CG Zoning and General plan.
Hundreds of additional automobiles and the resulting traffic, noise, pollution
and overcrowding will negatively impact nearby communities now enjoying
quiet and peaceful neighborhoods. Resulting traffic will degrade timely access to
Highway 10, downtown Casa Grande, and access to local shopping.
Apartment developments are invasive and intrusive and are Inconsistent with
existing homes and neighborhood atmosphere. Increased housing density will
negatively affect water consumption, noise levels, and traffic flows.
We, the undersigned, respectfully urge that our city leaders Deny the proposed
Skyview development and related applications submitted:
Deny: Zoning change increasing residential development to 150 dwelling units
and building heights up to 42’.

We deny changes to the general plan upgrading CG density to 30 (now 24) dwelling units per acre. We request that the city maintain homogenous single-family housing developments and housing density to 24 units.

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