Minnesota wild
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Sporting teams and events have become a multi billion to trillion dollar industry. These costs are subsidized by public interest and often times with public tax dollars. The tax dollars profits are realized in private business profits and valuations. For the sports team. With the cost of player salaries broadcast revenue is a large income stream for the sports franchise with more and more of this income stream require premium streaming cost of additional hundreds if not thousands of dollars required for a yearly subscription.

If Sports authorities are requiring public funding of stadium and franchise cost through state and government revenue streams, these teams benifit if from public funding should be available to the public that has funded these costs.

Currently the Minnesota Wild is seeking 300 million in public tax subsidies which should not be considered unless broadcast rights are granted for public viewing.

Please sign this peteition if you believe public funding defines the dollars funding this service as a public service, and this service should be available to the general public without premium subscription cost.

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