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Latest Petitions

  • More democratic debate needed on Ireland's current open borders policy

    Do you agree that more democratic debate, discussion and public consultation is needed regarding the Irish State's current open borders…

    Signatures: 164

  • Stop the underhanded sale of conch shells to tourists in Tobago

    Large conch shells are being sold at the private section of Pigeon Point Beach, Tobago. Why are the local authorities…

    Signatures: 5


    Seven Ponds Farm is a 44-acre property located at 4502 Deer Spring Road in Middletown, MD and less than a…

  • Sky Blues Badge Re-installment

    The Wasps Rugby club took over Coventry City Football club and one of the hurtful things they did, was the…

    Signatures: 2

  • Διαμαρτυρία κατά της Ιδιωτικοποίησης του Νερού

    Το ΔΙΚΤΥΟ ΑΛΛΗΛΕΓΓΥΗΣ ΑΓΙΑΣ ΠΑΡΑΣΚΕΥΗΣ Μετά την πρόσφατη νομοθέτηση της νέας Ρυθμιστικής Αρχής για την Διαχείριση του Νερού, της Ενέργειας…

    Signatures: 3

  • Petition to Offer Diverse Dietary Options at the University of Cambridge May Balls

    As students of Darwin College at the University of Cambridge, we value the diversity and inclusivity of our community. We…

    Signatures: 3

  • Listen to Philadelphia's 65,000 Charter Families!

    The Mayor of Philadelphia appoints the Philadelphia School Board which, amongst other responsibilities, authorizes Philadelphia's charter schools, of which there…

    Signatures: 2,574

  • Save the Church of the Holy Spirit of Barcelona Spain

    In December of 2021 the bishop of Barcelona signed with a private university a document to transfer the terrain where…

    Signatures: 119

  • Ask City Commission to request public-funding-only proposals for Delray Beach Golf Club Renovation

    Residents of Delray Beach: A public meeting was held on February 22, 2023 at 6:00PM at the Delray Beach Golf…

    Signatures: 20

  • Stop the proposed development of 121 dwellings at Mayeston Hall

    Fingal County Council have published the following application: "PART 8 OF THE PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT REGULATIONS 2001 (AS AMENDED) Proposed…

    Signatures: 79


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Great and simple way of organizing a petition. Great job! Wim B. - Dec 18 2016
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