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Latest Petitions

  • Lewes Residents Oppose Concrete Crusher

    Sussex County, Delaware. Ritter Incorporated filed application C/U 2281 seeking conditional use exception for the hazardous use of operating a…

    Signatures: 62

  • Stop Targeting Female advocates

    Female activists, journalist, professors, and students are being targeted, and imprisoned for advocating for human rights. Their targeting and imprisonment…

    Signatures: 304

  • Protect Women's Sports

    Lia Thomas, a transgender swimmer who was born biologically male, is dominating women's swimming records during her time at University…

  • The Heritage Statement

    Our families, and many others, are deeply concerned and troubled by how Heritage Christian Schools is handling policy as it…

    Signatures: 325

  • Save the award winning Bell McKinnon Local Area Plan

    Do not change the award winning Bell McKinnon Local Area Plan! Why would tax payers agree to effectively flush hundreds…

    Signatures: 300

  • Blake’s Law

    This 2 year old is Blake Sampson his step father Charles brooks jr beat him minutes upon death he is…

    Signatures: 2,374

  • GOREC Adverse Impacts on the Forest Lakes Area

    The Traverse City Rotary-backed GOREC, or Greilick Outdoor Recreation & Education Center, is currently applying for special ordinance trumping powers…

    Signatures: 119

  • Taiwantánamo, una Nueva Cuba Libre en la Isla

    Los cubanos libres sin Cuba, en nuestras ansias de emancipar a la Islita, hemos fundado una iniciativa ciudadana que es…

    Signatures: 35

  • Hold Vaccines Accountable to Science, Ethics, Liability, and Full Disclosure

    US law under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 (NCVIA) and the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act…

    Signatures: 59

  • Coronavirus Vaccines for the World

    Former British Prime Minister has called the failure to distribute vaccines to poorer countries is a “stain on our global…

    Signatures: 7


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Very useful and helpful site. The petition helped keep the BSL out of my town, received a lot of support from members of the community. Emma Menning - Jun 18 2010
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