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Latest Petitions

  • Save Our Livermore Downtown

    The new Eden Housing plan for affordable housing would seriously degrade the Livermore city center! Dense housing would fill the…

    Signatures: 1,195

  • MineWatch: Stop the Re-Opening of the Idaho Maryland Mine

    Scroll down to sign the petition and include a personalized comment to customize your message. WHY SIGN THIS PETITION? Rise…

    Signatures: 933

  • Lewes Residents Oppose Concrete Crusher

    Sussex County, Delaware. Ritter Incorporated filed application C/U 2281 seeking conditional use exception for the hazardous use of operating a…

    Signatures: 60

  • STOP the Duplex Project & Rezoning near Saddlewood Estates, Ocala, Fl!!!!

    We must take action to stop this NON LOCAL BUILDER/COMPANY from changing our zoning district and building LOW INCOME Duplex’s!!!!…

    Signatures: 211

  • Extend Radiation Exposure and Compensation Act beyond 2022

    From 1951 to 1962, the United States Government conducted thousands of above and below ground nuclear testing in the Nevada…

    Signatures: 11

  • Υπογράφουμε: Λέμε όχι στα Αιολικά στις ΔΕ Φουρνά και Κτημενίων

    ΥΠΟΓΡΑΦΟΥΜΕ Για τη ματαίωση των σχεδίων εγκατάστασης ανεμογεννητριών στην περιοχή των ΔΕ Φουρνά και Κτημενίων Εμείς, που υπογράφουμε το Υπόμνημα…

    Signatures: 175

  • "To Heal a Nation": Award a Presidential Medal to Jan Scruggs for the Vietnam Wall

    Please add your name to this petition asking Pres. Biden to award the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Jan Scruggs…

    Signatures: 1,256

  • Protect the Artist - Walnut Street Theatre Petition

    I stand with Black, Indigenous, Latino, Asian, MENASA, Multiracial, and marginalized artists who have been denied fair opportunity to work…

    Signatures: 785

  • Hold Vaccines Accountable to Science, Ethics, Liability, and Full Disclosure

    US law under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 (NCVIA) and the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act…

    Signatures: 15

  • Save Highland Road Trees

    Zoning Variance has been submitted to clear cut 4 acres for high density development in a flood plain between Ash…

    Signatures: 0


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