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Latest Petitions

  • Save Historic Farm

    James and Catherine Morney bought this historic African American farm in Hutchins, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, in 1876. It…

    Signatures: 6


    The International Council of Nurses (ICN), the European Federation of Nurses Associations (EFN) and the European Forum of National Nursing…

    Signatures: 3,022

  • Petition to Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf

    STOP GOVERNOR WOLF’S ATTACK ON CHARTER SCHOOLS…SIGN THIS PETITION! Governor Wolf’s Education Department has proposed regulations that threaten the future…

    Signatures: 3,377

  • Permit Backyard Chickens in Parma NY

    Given the current state of affairs, access to affordable and healthy food is becoming a national issue encroaching on our…

    Signatures: 215


    PROBLEMS: Urban flooding occurs every year during the monsoon season. Water getting into homes and destroying property is a concern…

  • The Heritage Statement

    Our families, and many others, are deeply concerned and troubled by how Heritage Christian Schools is handling policy as it…

    Signatures: 325

  • Stop the Emergency Act

    On Monday, February 14, 2022, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau chose to invoke the Emergency Act to deal with the ongoing…

    Signatures: 478

  • Stop the Swedish wolf cull! (2022)

    We live in a world from which wild animals are disappearing at frightening speed. Despite much scientific evidence to support…

    Signatures: 40

  • Support funding for the Belmont Community Path

    The Boston Region Metropolitan Planning Organization (Boston MPO) has initially programmed $21,034,382 in fiscal year 2026 to fully construct Phase…

    Signatures: 747


    PROBLEM: The Sahiwal Coal Power Project is a coal power plant project located in the province of Punjab in Pakistan…

    Signatures: 3


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