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Latest Petitions

  • Save our Doctor

    Dr. Martha Lauster has supported this community and truly loves the people here in Plentywood. She treats every person that…

  • ZBA: Please get Safe Harbor for Belmont

    Dear neighbors, In response to the hostile 40B development proposal for 91 Beatrice Circle, a few neighbors who are lawyers…

    Signatures: 808

  • Firma personalmente el Pacto Ciudadano para el Restablecimiento Constitucional y Democratico


  • End the cat and dog meat trade.

    The cat and dog meat trade takes place in Asia. Animals Asia has found out that In China alone, 10…

    Signatures: 271

  • Public Toilets for Camperdown Memorial Rest Park

    For years we’ve been asking for public toilets in Camperdown Memorial Rest Park, a popular and heavily used park by…

    Signatures: 82

  • University of Arkansas Sexual Assault Justice Demands

    ***UPDATE*** TW: SEXUAL ASSAULT The Chancellor has agreed to meet ALL FIVE demands. The work doesn't stop here. Continue to…

    Signatures: 1,503

  • Visible Warning Signs that clearly State Dangerous Waters

    Our goal is to make aware the dangers of our beautiful island, Puerto Rico. Our island has its hidden treasures…

    Signatures: 292

  • Designate PVT Richard Halliday as a Missing Soldier

    Since 22 August 2020, PVT Halliday has been labeled as a criminal, a “DESERTER”, without proof or evidence. He is…

    Signatures: 1,153

  • Nashville Needs Aventura Community School

    Aventura Community School has applied to Metro Nashville Public Schools to open a new intentionally diverse, dual-language (English/Spanish) K-8 charter…

    Signatures: 113

  • Freedom to Unjustly Accused 80-years-Old Man! (English/Tоҷикӣ/Русский)

    Mr. Nabiyev was secretly convicted by an anonymous court on December 28, 2020. The court with unknown credentials and of…

    Signatures: 2,712


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