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Latest Petitions

  • Blake’s Law

    This 2 year old is Blake Sampson his step father Charles brooks jr beat him minutes upon death he is…

    Signatures: 1,860

  • Cobb Citizens Against Pulte Overdevelopment of Ebenezer Road Z-31

    Pulte Homes has applied to increase the density of development along Ebenezer Road, destroying the pastureland of "Lucy's Farm," cutting…

    Signatures: 356

  • "To Heal a Nation": Award a Presidential Medal to Jan Scruggs for the Vietnam Wall

    Please add your name to this petition asking Pres. Biden to award the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Jan Scruggs…

    Signatures: 1,260

  • Save the Sunflower Path

    Attention: Neighborhood Impact Alert www.thesunflowerpath.com The steps of the Sunflower Path located between Proctor and Modoc Streets is a neighborhood…

    Signatures: 65

  • Freedom to Unjustly Accused 80-years-Old Man! (English/Tоҷикӣ/Русский)

    Mr. Nabiyev was secretly convicted by an anonymous court on December 28, 2020. The court with unknown credentials and of…

    Signatures: 2,715

  • Save Highland Road Trees

    Zoning Variance has been submitted to clear cut 4 acres for high density development in a flood plain between Ash…

    Signatures: 6

  • Lewes Residents Oppose Concrete Crusher

    Sussex County, Delaware. Ritter Incorporated filed application C/U 2281 seeking conditional use exception for the hazardous use of operating a…

    Signatures: 61

  • St. Croix Invites Southwest Airlines

    St. Croix needs another Airline to rival competition with the unique and amazing services that Southwest has to offer. For…

    Signatures: 95

  • Force China National Coal Group to Lower Carbon Emissions

    71% of global emissions are caused by only 100 companies. The one ranking the highest in these Corporations is China…

    Signatures: 389

  • Protect Our Children from Mask Mandates

    Gwinnett, Atlanta, and Dekalb Public Schools have made masks mandatory for students again this year and we believe Fulton County…

    Signatures: 19


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