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Latest Petitions

  • "To Heal a Nation": Award a Presidential Medal to Jan Scruggs for the Vietnam Wall

    Please add your name to this petition asking Pres. Biden to award the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Jan Scruggs…

    Signatures: 1,248

  • Blake’s Law

    This 2 year old is Blake Sampson his step father Charles brooks jr beat him minutes upon death he is…

    Signatures: 1,606

  • Freedom to Unjustly Accused 80-years-Old Man! (English/Tоҷикӣ/Русский)

    Mr. Nabiyev was secretly convicted by an anonymous court on December 28, 2020. The court with unknown credentials and of…

    Signatures: 2,715

  • Stop Spring Valley Lake's Cell Tower

    We as a neighborhood will be negatively impacting in many ways by the the 70+ foot cell tower proposed by…

    Signatures: 251

  • We The People DEMAND Full Audit of Missoula County 2020 General Election

    Missoula County Elections made national headlines earlier this year after a review of ballot signature envelopes found that 4,592 out…

    Signatures: 14

  • MineWatch: Stop the Re-Opening of the Idaho Maryland Mine

    Scroll down to sign the petition and include a personalized comment to customize your message. WHY SIGN THIS PETITION? Rise…

    Signatures: 896

  • Stop the Inhumane Treatment of Fathers and Children in the Australian Family Law Court

    Clarrie Holden, Founder of Fathers' Rights Australia, and Branko Sola, Founder of the documentary 'The War at Home' are focused…

    Signatures: 4,321

  • Route 108 - Bruit – Vitesse – Camions - Sécurité / Noise – Speed – Trucks - Safety

    Vous pouvez aider à changer les choses / You can help to make a difference La situation actuelle : /…

    Signatures: 173

  • ZBA: Please get Safe Harbor for Belmont

    Dear neighbors, In response to the hostile 40B development proposal for 91 Beatrice Circle, a few neighbors who are lawyers…

    Signatures: 808

  • Rescind Richard Halliday's Unlawful Article 15

    Sign this petition to Rescind Richard's Article 15 and Defer All present Article 15s at Fort Bliss until investigated.  Help…

    Signatures: 403


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Great site! Support For Daylyn Hopp as SPASH Swim Coach - Jun 16 2017
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