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  • Stop corruption, racism, discrimination, violation of the law and violation of human rights commit by the Bulgarian government

    I want to start this petition to get a criminal imprisoned who has committed very serious crimes of which my…

    Signatures: 1

  • Stop the Horse Heaven Hills Wind Farm Project

    We are in a battle to save the Horse Heaven Hills from a huge wind turbine project. The Horse Heaven…

    Signatures: 407

  • Stop! Re-Examine Plan to Increase Density in Single Family Neighborhoods

    The Mayor and Town Council plan to vote on a controversial plan that would vastly expand the definition of residential…

    Signatures: 956

  • Businesses can #BridgeTheVoiceGap

    For Australian businesses that have a desire to #BridgeTheVoiceGap for First Nations people - irrespective of The Voice Referendum outcome…

    Signatures: 0

  • Don't "Drag" Down Cottonwood!

    As the citizens of Cottonwood, Arizona, and its surrounding communities within the Verde Valley, we have learned that the City…

    Signatures: 1,289

  • Call for removal of Hamas’ Political wing from the UK’s Proscribed List of Terrorist Bodies

    [This petition is supported by Tony Greenstein, anti-Zionist campaigner] As bombs rain on Gaza, we need an urgent public debate…

  • Petition to Offer Diverse Dietary Options at the University of Cambridge May Balls

    As students of Darwin College at the University of Cambridge, we value the diversity and inclusivity of our community. We…

    Signatures: 4

  • Listen to Philadelphia's 65,000 Charter Families!

    The Mayor of Philadelphia appoints the Philadelphia School Board which, amongst other responsibilities, authorizes Philadelphia's charter schools, of which there…

    Signatures: 2,580

  • Stop Nuclear Deal with Iran and introduce visa ban on people linked to Islamic regime in Iran

    The Islamic regime of Iran is killing innocent people, who are asking for basic human rights such as women's equal…

    Signatures: 82

  • Pass the Institutional Child Abuse Prevention Act

    Residential and wilderness facilities caring for at-risk youth present a distressing prevalence of physical, sexual, emotional, and psychological abuse and…

    Signatures: 17


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