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Latest Petitions

  • Protect New Hampshire's Ecosystems

    GeoEngineering is a well documented, well funded, reckless & arrogant tampering with Nature. Current NH law allows for this activity…

    Signatures: 42

  • Stop the Horse Heaven Hills Wind Farm Project

    We are in a battle to save the Horse Heaven Hills from a huge wind turbine project. The Horse Heaven…

    Signatures: 1,355

  • Idaho SB 1317 Gadsden Flag Don't Tread On Me License Plate to support 2nd Amendment (Gun Safety Training)

    It is time for Idaho to obtain the Gadsden Flag (Don't Tread on Me License Plate) to support the 2nd…

    Signatures: 0

  • Don't "Drag" Down Cottonwood!

    As the citizens of Cottonwood, Arizona, and its surrounding communities within the Verde Valley, we have learned that the City…

    Signatures: 1,289

  • Public funding deserves public viewing

    Sporting teams and events have become a multi billion to trillion dollar industry. These costs are subsidized by public interest…

    Signatures: 0

  • Say No To Water Fluoridation On The Isle Of Man

    The Manx Government is considering adding artificial fluoridation chemicals to the Isle of Man public water supply, which would force…

    Signatures: 619

  • Petition to Deny Proposed 150 Unit Multi-family development Peart and McCartney Roads

    2 Applications, submitted by Skylar Whitfield involving five acres of property by 2863 N Peart Rd., located alond the west…

    Signatures: 153

  • Listen to Philadelphia's 65,000 Charter Families!

    The Mayor of Philadelphia appoints the Philadelphia School Board which, amongst other responsibilities, authorizes Philadelphia's charter schools, of which there…

    Signatures: 2,581

  • Petition to Offer Diverse Dietary Options at the University of Cambridge May Balls

    As students of Darwin College at the University of Cambridge, we value the diversity and inclusivity of our community. We…

    Signatures: 4

  • Save the Church of the Holy Spirit of Barcelona Spain

    In December of 2021 the bishop of Barcelona signed with a private university a document to transfer the terrain where…

    Signatures: 126


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GoPetition rates very highly. Our petition worked really well. Thanks GoPetition. Success. WE WON! Edson Cosmas has been given refugee status. Thank you to everyone who signed, demonstrated, blogged and spread the word. Karen - Apr 19 2012
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