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  • Cobb Citizens Against Pulte Overdevelopment of Ebenezer Road Z-31

    Pulte Homes has applied to increase the density of development along Ebenezer Road, destroying the pastureland of "Lucy's Farm," cutting…

    Signatures: 364

  • 200 Big Cats in Mexico Need Help - Support Their Transfer to TRUE Sanctuaries!

    IN ENGLISH (desplácese hacia abajo para español por favor) On July 6th, Mexican authorities raided a facility outside of Mexico…

    Signatures: 1,530

  • The Heritage Statement

    Our families, and many others, are deeply concerned and troubled by how Heritage Christian Schools is handling policy as it…

    Signatures: 325


    PROBLEMS: Urban flooding occurs every year during the monsoon season. Water getting into homes and destroying property is a concern…

  • Spoofers Unite

    In lieu of recent complaints, Niantic has implemented a ban wave targeting those who use third-party apps for game enhancement.…

    Signatures: 107

  • Stop the Swedish wolf cull! (2022)

    We live in a world from which wild animals are disappearing at frightening speed. Despite much scientific evidence to support…

    Signatures: 6

  • Re-launch The Royal Air Maroc Direct flight from Boston to Casablanca

    Every season of travel, the Moroccans of Massachusetts and its surrounding states live the trouble of traveling to New York…

    Signatures: 55


    The International Council of Nurses (ICN), the European Federation of Nurses Associations (EFN) and the European Forum of National Nursing…

    Signatures: 3,018

  • Dead End Carol Street

    Hello Barred Owl Creek Neighbors, This is a petition for the dead ending of Carol Street at Old Fayetteville Road…

    Signatures: 0

  • Save Historic Farm

    James and Catherine Morney bought this historic African American farm in Hutchins, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, in 1876. It…

    Signatures: 3


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