#Human Rights
New Hampshire House of Representatives
United States of America

GeoEngineering is a well documented, well funded, reckless & arrogant tampering with Nature. Current NH law allows for this activity with zero oversight or public input.

The federal government has created a "governance plan" that completely bypasses state input or oversight. "...the proposal excludes any mechanism to obtain informed public consent for...hazardous atmospheric experimentation."

"Manipulating climate can lead to extreme weather events including flood, drought, and windstorms, these triggering property loss and other claims. Atmospheric climate engineering may shift the zones for communicable diseases, heat stress and extreme weather events which can trigger new mortality and morbidity rates." https://zerogeoengineering.com/2024/swiss-re-insurance-group-report-on-solar-radiation-management/

Learn the history of weather modification:

We, the undersigned, call upon the New Hampshire House of Representatives to pass HB1700 Amended, "The Clean Atmosphere Preservation Act" which prevents environmental destruction from unregulated GeoEngineering activity.

*Consent of the governed is a requirement in a free society.
*We do not consent to the sidelining of our state and personal sovereignty.
*We do not consent to unchecked, unregulated GeoEngineering in/over the State of New Hampshire.

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