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The McGinley Square Community Board, a neighborhood association in Jersey City, proposes 128 Glenwood Avenue to be preserved as a public green space within Jersey City. It offers a much needed "oasis in the desert," Hudson County Commissioner William O'Dea has noted.

For over 20 years, this property has remained open air, green space, sometimes being used as a public park, an ever popular place to walk dogs, meditate or make a phone call. More recently, it has been maintained as a beloved community garden, where a diverse group of volunteers from the university, church and local residents grew fresh vegetables to benefit the neighborhood migrant population.

St. Peter's University recently sold a number of properties on this block to developers, including this garden at 128, 124, 138-140, and 146-152 Glenwood Avenue, as well as 850 West Side Ave at Glenwood. These include former dormitories, which will soon be home to hundreds of new renters. There are no plans to include a new park/green space, despite the high density our block is about to experience.

We ask the leaders of our great city of Jersey City to please support us, set aside funds to acquire the property, and allow it to be utilized as a public park/community garden. McGinley Square Community Board agrees to oversee and manage it as shepherds of the garden, or to secure a nonprofit to help us do so.

We submitted a request on 4/17/23 for 128 Glenwood to be considered for Jersey City's Open Space Trust, to councilwoman Mira Prinz-Arey, Chair of Open Space Trust. 128 Glenwood is just a small green space, and yet preserving it would mean the world to our community.

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