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New Zealand

The Kauri Mountain Restoration Society is a registered New Zealand charity formed by a group of New Zealanders passionate about the Kauri Mountain coastal area east of Whangarei.

Our key objective is to work alongside mana whenua to restore the viability of the natural ecosystems through regeneration of the native biodiversity, and to control invasive plants and animals in the area.

We also believe a unique opportunity exists to purchase Kauri Mountain Farm from the current owner and form a public reserve. We are working to find a purchaser who is as passionate about this incredibly special area as we are.

Why you should sign - Kauri Mountain Farm is an iconic piece of Northland coastline nestled amid several critical environmental habitats. It is yet another large coastal site at risk of being sold and developed. The Kauri Mountain Mountain Restoration Society has worked with the Northland Regional Council to convince them to purchase the site and put it into public reserve.

If the NRC purchases Kauri Mountain it will connect over 1,300 hectares of public reserve from Bream Head to Kauri Mountain Forest, and 20 kilometres of protected coastline. Restoring the native biodiversity can capture carbon and generate income for the council, helping with Northland's climate adaptation plan. We have an opportunity to avoid losing a regional taonga to developers and seeing it broken up.

The NRC will vote in October to decide whether to proceed with this project and take it to public consultation. Northlanders should get the opportunity to make this decision, and we need your support to nudge the council to vote for taking this next step.

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