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Amherst Town Board
United States of America

The Town Supervisor of Amherst, New York is introducing a tax increase of over 11 percent to pay for two pet projects that will cost tens of millions of dollars.

The Westwood Country Club/Amherst Central Park project will cost at least 30 million dollars.

The Boulevard Mall eminent domain project and clearing is projected to cost over 30 million dollars.

Moving forward with these projects will cost the residents of Amherst tens of millions of dollars, and will put them on the hook for the potential for tens of millions of dollars in additional costs. Historically, large projects of this nature can cost 20% to 400% more than projected, meaning the projected final costs of these projects could be upwards of 200 million dollars.

We, the residents of Amherst, are calling for a one year delay in funding for these projects in order to lower the tax burden on residents, especially those who are on fixed incomes, including veterans, the disabled, and senior citizens.

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