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I do not want PATH/Dekalb/Mercer to build the proposed concrete bike route through the Henderson Mill Creek floodplain (specified in the "Mercer Trail Study.") This floodplain should remain undisturbed, left as it is currently -- an undeveloped wilderness, open to individual exploration on foot by those interested in exploring the habitat.

There are a multitude of reasons for opposing the PATH bike route construction. A few include:

  • It is highly invasive and will be destructive to the floodplain.
  • Regardless of the terms PATH/Dekalb use ("trail," "path") this is essentially a road - 12' wide concrete with cleared area on both sides. We do not need nor want a bike road through the floodplain.
  • The floodplain is very narrow. This area cannot tolerate this type of disturbance without fundamentally changing its nature.
  • The bike road will be very intrusive to the residential area backing it. Issues of noise, privacy and security will all be raised, and home values will be lowered due to loss of the currently private and secluded wilderness backing the neighborhood.
  • The ingress/egress routes are planned for quiet dead-end streets, and will greatly impact the adjacent homes as well as the rest of the residences on these streets.
  • This is a FEMA AE rated floodzone throughout, with a total of 75' riparian setback required by the combined state and county laws. No development should be done here, including this proposed bike road.
  • There is an alternative for an east-west biking route from Tucker to Mercer: Flowers Road. If a bike route is needed, it should be put along this quiet, wide, and pretty street instead of through the floodplain.

We, the undersigned, call on PATH, Dekalb, and Mercer to not pursue constructing this concrete bike road through the Henderson Mill Creek floodplain!

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