County of Kauaʻi
United States of America

We, the undersigned:

- Understand the unique historic and cultural importance of the Wailuanuiahoʻāno area, including the former Coco Palms Hotel site;

- Are concerned for the long term preservation of the ancient fishpond system, burial grounds, and culturally significant sites located within the former hotel parcels;

- Ask that all agencies and government officials, both county and state, ensure that the highest level of protections are taken during the demolition of the hotel structure, to ensure that the integrity of the fishponds, and the cultural and environmental features, are maintained;

- Do not believe that a 350 room hotel development is suitable at this site and oppose the reconstruction of a hotel in this location; and

- Support a collaborative community-based effort that ensures that the only future of this property is one of conversion into a thriving cultural, educational, and community space that honors the rich history of this place, both ancient and modern, as well as its environmental values.


Wailuanuiahoʻāno, the property where the former Coco Palms Hotel once was, is a wahi kapu (sacred site) to Native Hawaiians and Kaua‘i residents.

The site is incredibly rich in environmental, historical and cultural significance, and is the birthplace and home of our last kings and queens.

We firmly believe that a resort development is no longer suitable at this site, not wanted by our Kauaʻi community, and that there is a wide and passionate opposition to the establishment of another hotel in this location.

Kauaʻi does not need another hotel, especially on this stretch along Wailua. Our infrastructure cannot handle the burden, our roads cannot handle the traffic, and our community is already inundated with mismanaged overtourism.

The group, I Ola Wailuanui (IOW), has worked hard the last few years to create an inclusive vision that would transform this space into one that benefits the community, and would honor its significance to Hawaiian history and the archeological features of this ʻāina (land).

The vision of IOW will honor and protect the iwi kūpuna (bones of the ancestors) that are buried on the site. It will also honor, preserve, and work towards restoring the culturally significant ancient loko iʻa (fishpond), which is thought to be over 600 years old, and was maintained and used into the 1930s.

The IOW vision also includes the restoration of important native wetland habitat that will benefit our native birds and threatened coastal ecosystems. The restoration of the wetland system will help mitigate flooding issues in Wailua and work with our changing coastal environment to restore and preserve critical endangered species habitat and increase our resilience to climate change.

Furthermore, the IOW vision includes significant opportunities for the advancement of Hawaiian craft, language, music, hula, cultural practices and traditional games.

Unfortunately, the owners and latest ‘developers’ of the site are pushing forward with the construction of a 350 room hotel, and ignoring the community’s opposition to this development.

Please sign this petition. Help us demonstrate the wide opposition to a hotel and the support for a cultural, educational space that will benefit the community.

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