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As students of Darwin College at the University of Cambridge, we value the diversity and inclusivity of our community. We believe that events organized by our college, such as the May Ball, should cater to the various dietary preferences and needs of all attendees. Recently, we learned that the upcoming May Ball will be exclusively plant-based, which has raised concerns among some students who feel that their dietary preferences are not being accommodated.

Moreover, we have observed a growing trend where canteens at many colleges and events have begun to limit the food options available, often promoting plant-based selections without offering adequate non-plant-based options or even informed about. We feel that this approach undermines our individual choices and the importance of providing diverse dietary options. The May Ball's exclusively plant-based menu serves as a tipping point, and we believe it is time to address this issue.

As students of Darwin College at the University of Cambridge, respectfully request the college administration and May Ball organizing committee among many other organizer of cater events, to reconsider the decision to make the upcoming May Ball exclusively plant-based. We ask that a variety of food options be provided, catering to different dietary preferences, including both plant-based and non-plant-based choices.

Our requests are as follows:

Inclusivity: We urge the college to offer diverse dietary options at the May Ball, as well as in canteens and at other college events, in order to promote inclusivity and respect the individual choices of all attendees. Providing both plant-based and non-plant-based options will ensure that everyone's dietary preferences are considered.

Clear Communication: We ask the college organizer to communicate any significant changes in food options at events like the May Ball and in canteens clearly and in a timely manner, not in an obscure and little part of the web. This will allow students to make informed decisions and avoid any misunderstandings.

Consultation and Participation: We request that the college involve the student body in decisions affecting events such as the May Ball and the food offerings in canteens. Conducting surveys or open discussions can help gauge student preferences and create an environment that caters to everyone's needs.

By accommodating diverse dietary preferences, Darwin college will demonstrate its commitment to inclusivity and its respect for the unique needs and choices of its students. We believe that offering a variety of food options at the May Ball, in canteens, and at other college events will contribute to a more enjoyable and welcoming experience for all attendees.

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