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The world and America are full of Agencies and task forces. DEA, ATF, DHS, TSA, FAA, and the list goes on! While there are task forces created within Agencies to combat and fight Human Trafficking there is no specific Governmental Agency specifically dedicated to fighting and combating Human Trafficking. This is a failure of the US Government and the World as a people by not demanding to have this created.

Our Government spends BILLIONS and wastes taxpayer money on countless special projects we hear about time and again.

It's time we put our Money, Time, and Democracy into action for the noblest cause we all can stand behind and unite in.

The War Against Human Trafficking.

As an American Citizen I am calling for all US Citizens to stand up, let your voice be heard, and DEMAND our Government to create an Agency whose sole purpose is Fighting Human Trafficking in America and throughout the world. Let's lead the fight and the charge against this heinous industry.

I believe I can say with confidence that as American Taxpayers, we'll be more than happy to see our Tax dollars go to help fund this Agency and fight the War Against Human Trafficking.

This agency's purpose is to Singularly Fight Human Trafficking in all Shapes and Forms.

Sign this petition and we will make our voices be heard and the millions of voices of innocent trafficked children, women, and men throughout the world be heard, let's begin this battle that will be hard fought but a worthy battle we can all get behind.

We the People of The United States of America,

Call on the US President and US Government to take immediate action in the formation and creation of a Special Governmental Agency, dedicated to the prevention and eradication of Human Trafficking, and capture and prosecution of traffickers worldwide.

When it comes to Human Trafficking there are no borders, and we will collaborate and work with other Agencies and Governments throughout the world putting the full fighting force of the United States of America, our Federal Agents, and our Military if necessary in this War on Human Trafficking.

America has agencies like the DEA, ATF, DHS, FAA and more... We need an agency whose sole purpose is to fight the War on Human Trafficking. America needs to lead the charge against trafficking and make it known to worldwide Human Traffickers that we are coming for you, and we will not be merciful when we find and prosecute you to the Fullest extent of the law.

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