#Animal Welfare
Swakopmund Municipality

The macaw parrots housed at Little Foot Nursery in Swakopmund have been subjected to deplorable conditions over two decades, prompting concerned individuals to intervene. Despite concerted efforts from multiple caretakers visiting weekly, the well-being of these birds remains neglected. Numerous reports and complaints have been lodged with the SPCA branches in Swakopmund and Walvis Bay, as well as with the Windhoek SPCA and Municipality Animal Control. However, these pleas for intervention have gone unanswered.

The current state of the birds and their aviary falls egregiously below acceptable standards, as acknowledged by the SPCA in Swakopmund and Walvis Bay. Despite their acknowledgment of the complaints, no meaningful action has been taken to rectify the appalling conditions in which the parrots are kept. This petition seeks to address the systemic neglect and advocate for the immediate removal of the macaw parrots from Little Foot Nursery or, at the very least, prompt voluntary surrender by the facility. It is imperative to bring attention to this urgent matter and secure justice for these suffering creatures.

Join us in condemning the shocking neglect and cruelty inflicted upon two beautiful macaw parrots at Little Foot Nursery in Swakopmund. These intelligent and vibrant creatures deserve better. Let's unite to demand the immediate removal of the macaws from this facility or compel Little Foot Nursery to voluntarily surrender them. Your signature can make a difference in ending the suffering these birds endure daily. Stand with us for the voiceless and demand justice now!

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