Thank you for the site. It was easy to set up and the tips were VERY useful. Thank you. Hopefully I'll manage now to retrieve the text, comments and signatures.

Liliane S., May 31, 2018

First petition, found it easy to set up

Aaron W., May 16, 2018
Official recognition of Wellington Free Ambulance Long Service Medal

Great, could be better with more 'free' features.

Michael H., May 8, 2018
Stop all of Port Adelaide's buses being routed through Lipson Street

This site was very useful. thank you.

Alex B., April 16, 2018
RV Friendly Town, Free Dump Point for Toora

This was a very useful tool for us to reach parents district wide. I did have some issues downloading the signatures, but I found the solution in the help and FAQs.

Annette D., April 11, 2018
Gifted Education Improvements Needed in the Pennsbury School District

Site great, easy to use. I was pressured into closing this petition.

Sandra L, April 10, 2018
Stop the Slaughter of Stray Dogs

As always, thanks for providing this great petition site that people all over the world can access at the click of a mouse.

Tom F., April 9, 2018
21st Century Democracy Club

This petition worked really well. thank you

David H., April 6, 2018
Noosa River Beach Restoration

The petition result was disappointing but I am sure that was as a result of lethargy and the feeling by previous supporters that the Noosa Council will never be able to achieve any major changes to the Noosa River.

David H., April 6, 2018
Dog Beach restoration Mark 2

thanks for a very usable online petition system

Dean S., April 6, 2018
Riverside Park Off-Leash Please

The site was great. Thank you

John L., April 6, 2018
Nominate Mr. Peter Stoffer to be appointed Senator of the House

I found the site great; or, I found the site helpful. I did not carry on with the campaign for some reasons but no doubt this is a great platform to promote fairness and justice. Many thanks!

Murad, April 2, 2018
Give Murad's parents a visit visa to the UK

Good site but I liked the original 'read last first' way of dealing with signatures. I could find no way of choosing that, but my eyes are failing, so it may be my fault. I also find pale blue on white hard to read. I am relying on you keeping the petition archived in case I can find someone relevant to whom to submit it in future.

J Y Comben, April 1, 2018
Non-residents of Wales ask for S4C funding to be maintained

Unfortunately your site did not attract enough signatures.

Kate O., March 28, 2018
Re-open Cessnock Railway Line Now!

This platform served my needs and would recommend the service to others.

Chad S., March 25, 2018

Great platform for local engagement

GVA, March 19, 2018

Excellent experience thank you so much

Jennifer H., March 6, 2018

Thank you for providing a space for me and a lot of other people's voice that needed heard heard!! Thank you

Cacia Z., March 2, 2018
Empower Instagram Artists & Disarm the Instagram Trolls

Thank you for this great tool. We were able to create a professional petition and will use this site again as necessary.

Kathy T., March 1, 2018
The McFarland Apartments - Request for Resolution of Support from City Council

Excellent site! Please make it easier to cancel / delete a petition.

Lake Mabel Shores HOA, February 23, 2018