I found this site fantastic and thank GoPetition for allowing us to use the site.

Sue W., May 30, 2015

I'm rating GoPetition a 10.

Lindsey P., May 29, 2015
We Want Real, Healthy Food in the Montgomery County Public Schools

GoPetition is really wonderful. I appreciate the service. I will recommend it to many people. 9/10.

Ngaboyera V., May 21, 2015
Gusaba ko ingingo ya 101 y'Itegeko Nshinga rya Repubulika y'u Rwanda ivugururwa

This site is fantastic for petitions - easy to use and effective. 9/10.

Peta C., May 20, 2015
URGENT: DON'T LET YARRA COUNCIL AXE FUNDING for the Urban Agriculture Facilitator position

I am rating this site a 10. GoPetition was very helpful to us in trying to get our mission accomplished. We would definitely use this website again if needed and also recommend it to others.

Tabitha M., May 13, 2015
Sage's Softball Tournament Petition

The GoPetition site is great. Thank you. The petition was successful. Savannah received the CBD oil the next day.

Buddy T., May 3, 2015
Help Savannah Talley

Everything worked perfectly and was easy to use.

Allison B., April 24, 2015
Monroe school bus routes to include Honey Tree

I rate GoPetition a 10.

Beth T., April 18, 2015
Support New Winery "Bacchus Winery, Golf & Vineyard" @ Logan's Run Family Golf Course

Thanks for the opportunity to author this petition. You get a '10'!

Robert W., March 22, 2015
Save St. Patrick's Cathedral!

I found GoPetition a wonderfully easy site (to use)! Will definitely use again :)

Janita S., March 14, 2015
Harrison Craig 4 Eurovision AU

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Aimee L., March 12, 2015
Stop the Treasure Lake assessment increase

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Jonathan L., March 9, 2015
Support Home Disability Adaption for Jack Lynam

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Dave G., March 6, 2015
Safer intersections on Lucullus road, Joostenbergvlakte

Great site.

www.trifillakia.gr, February 27, 2015
Δημήτρη φέρε πίσω τον Zέλικο Ομπράντοβιτς!

This is a good facility.

Our West Lancashire, February 26, 2015
Cut costs NOT services and jobs at West Lancashire Borough Council

GoPetition is a great venue. 9 out of 10. Thanks to all who participated.

Leo S., February 20, 2015
Ammend the 9.9 horsepower limit in WV

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Karras B., February 12, 2015
Save Doctor Who in America

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Lorraine C., February 1, 2015
Investigate New York City Animal Shelters In Violation of Humane Laws and the Public Trust

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Ian B, January 31, 2015
Reinstate Steve Bertrand

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Robert S, January 28, 2015
High School Boundary Change for Lehi Utah