Dublin City Council

We are petitioning to Dublin City Council with a desperate plea to have your department review an application for an urgent home adaption required for my father Jack Lynam. Presently your department inform us the required downstairs extension will not be approved for construction until at least 2017.

Please refer to original Occupational Therapist report where they, in detail, describe the necessary adaptions required for my fathers disability. You will see they specifically state The provision of a stair lift and adaptations to existing bathroom will not suffice as same will require him to complete several slide transfers from wheelchair to stair lift back to wheelchair. This interim measure your department are recommending is in no way a safe and complete adaption for my father to carry out the most basic day to day human right, to use a toilet.

Apart from the high risk he is at alone, in carrying out the multi transfer manoeuvres required to just get him to the landing, the bathroom itself is not wheelchair friendly. It is firstly too small to allow necessary movement and positioning of the wheelchair so as to transfer onto a toilet, which secondly is not designed for a person with a disability such as my fathers. And thirdly, there is no safe way for him to have a shower, as a bath tub with no safe access for a double amputee is in place. So I am sure you can appreciate where our genuine concerns for my fathers wellbeing lie, especially after all he has been through in the past year. The same way I can appreciate financial constraints have your departments hands tied, as is the case for everyone these days. But regardless of these financially difficult times we are all going through, this remains an issue needing an urgent and sufficient solution.

So, what I propose is how about meeting with me to try and come together and find a way to achieve what is required? I am a registered electrical contractor by profession. So, I can take that element of work off the Councils costs and carry out general interior works like, tiling, painting etc. at my own cost. I am desperate to have these necessary measures carried out and again, I urgently appeal for you to please review this application under the knowledge I can help in reducing Dublin City Councils overall costs.

Please look beyond a paper application and see the family who have worked hard and honestly all their life, simply needing the necessary help.

Jonathan Lynam.

We the undersigned call on Dublin City Council to urgently review the above mentioned application, with a view to moving forward the construction start date so as to allow Jack Lynam to live in a fully safe and dignified manner as detailed in this petition.

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