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Leverage your campaign with our Facebook tools and network

Use our integrated social networking and sharing tools to promote your campaign. You may also join the GoPetition Facebook fanpage and promote your cause to thousands of people through our extensive network. Our fan-page is also an excellent way to keep in touch with GoPetition. GoPetition has the largest facebook fanbase globally in the online petitioning space. In short, we are #1 on Facebook for hosting grassroots premium content petitions internationally.

Customized design, custom fields and custom questions

This feature allows authors to collect custom information with each signature, for example, a membership number, telephone number, age of signer, or the answer to a specific question. You can also customize the look and feel of your petition with html formatting.

Moderate petition signatures at any time

If you have signed any petition, you may also manage (edit) your signature(s). If you collect signatures as an author, those signatures can be viewed and edited in real time by simply logging into your GoPetition account. Our software enables you to moderate your signature list by viewing, editing or deleting (spam) signatures.

Use our Twitter tools and keep in touch with our network

Use our integrated Twitter tools (available on your petition page) to tweet your campaign with ease. Also join our Twitter network to get updates from GoPetition. You may also request promotion of your campaign through GoPetition's Twitter network.

Use our powerful Signature Maps to geo-locate signature clusters

GoPetition offers a powerful signature map tool powered by Google Maps. GoPetition uses a special application of Google Maps known as MarkerClusterer to collect signature clusters. This allows petition authors and signers to identify campaign support on a geographical basis.

Filter duplicate signatures

This filter automatically identifies and removes duplicate signatures that can otherwise potentially reduce the integrity of a petition.

Filter swear words

The swear word filter automatically removes any undesirable words from signature details and comments.

Anti-spam filters and Human verification Code

Anti-spam filters are used to stop computer generated spam from being posted on petition forums and signature lists. Our human verification codes add a secondary layer of protection to prevent automated signatures.

Search engine optimization

GoPetition has designed its petition templates and tag flow to maximize your campaign search engine presence. Petitions from our site usually rank VERY highly in all major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Petition messageboard using facebook comment plugin

Each petition has its own messageboard powered by facebook, where signers can discuss a petition, communicate with other supporters, or provide valuable feedback to the campaign author.

Author contact mailbox

GoPetition has included an author contact feature, which enables petition authors to receive private messages from signers. These messages are delivered to an inbox which can be accessed by logging into your account. Note that your email address is never displayed publicly.

Update petition news and archive on closure

GoPetition allows updates to your petition to notify supporters of any interesting news or campaign results. This allows all signers who revisit your petition to be updated with your campaign's progress. Upon completion your petition is archived and campaign results can be posted for viewing.

Integrate photos and video into your petition

GoPetition now supports video embedding (such as via YouTube) and picture embedding (such as via Picasa) for your petition so that you may have a truly multimedia campaign.

Submit your YouTube video for viewing on the GoPetition channel

All campaigners at GoPetition have an ability to integrate YouTube content into their petition. In addition, we welcome video submissions to be aired on GoPetition's YouTube channel. So just submit your video to us for review, and (if approved) we will air it on our YouTube channel. You can also subscribe to our channel.

GoPetition has recorded many success stories and welcomes responsible petitioning from genuine campaigners.

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