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Healthy School Food Maryland, January 7, 2016
McDonald's Nutrition Education Curriculum Endorsed by Maryland PTA? No Thanks!

Thanks for this site. The opportunity to easily set up a public online petition is very valuable.

TMR, January 6, 2016
Free Tammy Wilson

Thank you. I found the site great. 9/10

Elizabeth C., January 6, 2016
HALT Proposal for Telstra Base Station in St. Andrews Vic., 3761

GoPetition was helpful and easy to use.

Krystina, December 24, 2015
Support the Oakham, Cutts Close, Boxing Day Hunt

Terrific site and format. Thank you. 10/10.

Elizabeth C., December 13, 2015
URGENT PETITION: Review Proposal for Telstra Base Station in St. Andrews Vic., 3761

Thx. I am rating GoPetition a 10.

Kobus V., December 5, 2015
Stop the Kuils River Gridlocked

This site is great. GoPetition helped out tremendously. Thank you! 10/10

Wilder G., November 28, 2015
Redisplay the ESWS qualifiers on the crew mess decks onboard USS Decatur (DDG-73)

Your platform is impressive.

Cipriano F, November 3, 2015
Suspensão do Projecto Turístico Integrado do Ilhéu de Santa Maria

This petition site is excellent.

SA Recall Coalition, October 27, 2015
STOP Funding Give-Aways of Our Citizenship Rights

I found this site concise and easy to manage (and figure out). I like the format and ease of editing a petition.

Lynn G., October 8, 2015
Reinstate the Robious 6th Grade Field Trip

GoPetition helped my organization. Thank you. My rating is 9/10.

Edie P., October 2, 2015
Petition to Modify Proposed Plans for West End Apartments

I cannot fault GoPetition and am so grateful for the opportunity it gave me to gain the support of my MP. I am rating you 10/10.

Stephen F., September 29, 2015
Proton Beam Therapy for William

I found the GoPetition site very helpful, robust, and user-friendly too. My rating is 10/10. Thank you!

Michael E. S., September 20, 2015
Support a disabled St. John's Newfoundland man's efforts to have illegally-parked car towed

Excellent service GoPetition. 9/10

Geoff S., September 12, 2015
Save The Scottburgh Beachfront

I found the site to be very effective for obtaining signatures within a short time frame of 24 hours. Thank you so much.

Amie J., September 11, 2015
Save Jack Yates High School: HISD Board Agenda Item H-2 on September 10, 2015

Overall, GoPetition was very good and helpful!

Mike P., September 9, 2015
Rename Burlington St. to Nikola Tesla Expressway

GoPetition is a great tool for grabbing online signatures.

Piotr K., August 27, 2015
Review the Econome Family Park proposal (Park site #44)

Thank you for this awesome site that lets people's voices be heard. We are forever grateful. Again, thank you.

Carla F., August 1, 2015
INDOT, Please Fix The 'Lyford Y' in Lyford, Indiana, Parke County~

Thank you GoPetition for a wonderful site. It is easy to use.

Angela M., August 1, 2015
Provide a Forest Lake Dog Park that caters for small dogs

I am rating GoPetition a 10.

Anne L., July 31, 2015
Ech wëll datt d'Famill Seferovic-Cetkovic därf zu Lëtzebuerg bleiwen, fir datt d'Kanner d' Schoul kënne fäerdeg machen.