GoPetition was excellent - thank you. The petition was one of the main elements of our campaign to halt the sale of art works from Southampton Art Gallery by the council. Thanks to all those who signed the petition a great collection is still available for public consumption.

Southampton Save our Collection, September 3, 2010
Save our Collection

This is a far superior site to iPetitions, and I will use it again if I need to make a petition... Due to the overwhelming support of animal lovers [who have signed this petition], the objectionable language in CA Bill 1980 never made it to the vote. Many thanks to all of you who took the time to sign this petition and to pass it on to friends.

Complementary Veterinary Practitioners, September 1, 2010
Protect the Legality of Complementary Veterinary Therapies

Great news! The Summit Township Board voted August 2nd, 2010 to preserve Summit Park and will not build the Town Hall in the park. Thank you to the board for their decision and special thanks to everyone who signed the petition.

Sue Cornelius, August 3, 2010
Save Summit Park-Ludington, Michigan

Flawless performance - thank you! The petition was able to achieve the desired result. On July 12, 2010 08:45pm, the DeKalb Board of Education unanimously and enthusiastically approved the proposed partnership.

Kim Gokce, July 17, 2010
Support Proposed YMCA Partnership with Cross Keys High School

I found this site very helpful to our cause! Thanks for your support signing the petition, "Keep Heritage Community Services in CCSD." Great news! Your voices were heard and the school board voted 6-3 in favor of including Heritage Community Services as one of its options in addressing Comprehensive Health Education in Charleston County Public Schools.

Maisha, June 29, 2010
Keep Heritage Community Services in CCSD

This site is FANTASTIC! Easy to work with, and got us the results we were looking for. Thanks! And thank you to everyone who signed the Happy Valley-Goose Bay Dog Park Association's on-line petition requesting the Town's support in finding land for our dog park. The Town Council has agreed to look at the situation regarding the dog park once again and we will be in discussions with them over the next week as to a potential location.

Monica Surina, June 25, 2010
Happy Valley-Goose Bay Needs a Dog Park

Very useful and helpful site. The petition helped keep the BSL out of my town, received a lot of support from members of the community.

Emma Menning, June 18, 2010
Don't hate me just love me

This was a great way for us to gather signatures together ..... Many thanks to everyone who signed and supported this worthwhile petition. We have ended the petition with an amazing 3511 signatures.

AVoiceForChildren, June 17, 2010
Justice for Peter

I found the site helpful. Thank you everyone who signed the petition. As you probably know furlough Fridays are officially canceled and our children will now be able to go back to a regular school year. Only through a concerted effort where we able to get our representatives to stop the furloughs so congratulate yourself. Again, thank you for supporting our children.

Ramon K. Madden, June 11, 2010
Hawaii Community Stands Ready to Help Offset Impacts of Teacher Furloughs

Thanks for making this service available. This is a wonderful way to demonstrate support quickly. Huge thanks to all who signed this letter of endorsement. It was wonderful to speak at the Public Hearing on May 24 and know that we represented over 100 families. That support is now part of the public record and will be absolutely invaluable in ensuring that the Bowman district pedestrian infrastructure improvement project is completed as planned.

Polly Kienle, June 6, 2010
Bowman District Letter of Endorsement - Infrastructure Improvement Project

Thanks for the facility to run petitions. It makes it much easier to contemplate getting a petition up and running quickly.... The UK Government has now published its White Paper on a Care Service for England. I am pleased to advise supporters that it has backed down on changes to Attendance Allowance, at least for the next parliament.

Willie Coffey MSP, March 30, 2010
Scotland says "It's our Attendance Allowance too"

I found this site a highly valuable tool in my campaign which has been successful. Partly thanks to GoPetition, Behnam Askari, a fine young artist and his mother have been granted Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK and no longer face prison, torture and likely death in their native Iran. Thanks so much.

Pauline Levis, March 10, 2010
Talented young artist and family under threat of deportation to Iran

Great site. Glad to have found it. The city agreed to stop using roundup in parks, rec areas and other public use areas effective immediately. Thanks to everyone who signed and supported the campaign.

melanie myers, March 6, 2010
Stop use of Roundup in Parks

Excellent service, everything is easy to use. We thank everyone for signing this petition. The petition will now be printed and handed in at Downing Street at 1.30 on Wednesday 3rd March 2010 during the Carers Poverty Protest 2010. Thank you everyone for your support.

Darren Osborne, March 2, 2010
Call for an end to carer poverty

Great site, thank you! This online petition along with others similar were successful! Captain Paul Watson and 1st Mate Peter Hammarstedt were granted their visas, they are currently on board the Steve Irwin in the Southern Ocean defending our whales against the Japanese poachers!

Claudia Grati, December 17, 2009
Grant Visas to Captain Paul Watson and 1st Officer Peter Hammarstedt

Great facility.... THANK YOU to the 1004 people who signed online, the 7400 people who signed in the Dundee store, the 287 followers on Twitter and the 358 people who joined the Dundee Facebook petition. ... As a result of the enormous support through the petitions, attempts are underway to achieve a local buy-out of the store. Whatever happens, everyone connected with Borders Dundee is grateful for your support.

booklover1776, December 12, 2009
Keep DUNDEE Borders Open

I'm very happy with the service... Supporters, thank you very much for signing the petition on Councillors' expenses, the petition is now closed because we achieved the objective.

Max Calò, December 12, 2009
Disclose Lewisham Councillors' expenses

"Thank you" for your innovative ideas and services, this being the first time I have done anything like this. I have learned a lot and found your site an excellent tool in such matters.

Sandra_McMahon, November 20, 2009
Bring Back Entire Bus Service on Route 16