#City & Town Planning
Watervliet. New York
United States of America

St. Patrick's is an architectural treasure. It is the most memorable landmark that Watervliet has to offer- or **WILL EVER** have to offer.

This building could be converted to a multi use facility with adjacent structures that could satisfy the three dimensional needs of potential developers, and profitable commercial use.

This building deserves to be around for the ages. For Watervliet residents past, and present, It is literally a small part of what makes us who we are.

Potential developers need to come up with a sensible plan that would allow the structure to survive, while meeting the growing needs of the 21st. century Watervliet community.

St. Patrick's is part of our history. It deserves to be part of the history of the City of Watervliet for all time!

We the undersigned call for the historic preservation of the most imposing, and important landmark that the City Of Watervliet will ever know.

We understand that the property will be developed commercially. There are certainly avenues available to satisfy developers, and the city Government while preserving our very important architectural heritage.

These possibilities need to be explored for the benefit of the citizens of Watervliet, and for the greater population of New York State, and beyond.

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