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Superintendent: James Agostine
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Please help me and other Honey Tree parents keep our kids in their current daycare center. I appreciate you reading my email to Monroe's superintendent below, and please sign my petition.

Dear Superintendent,

To my dismay, I have just learned that the Monroe school system is looking to take Honey Tree Preschool and Childcare OFF the Fawn Hollow Bus Route for the Fall.

Two years ago when several Fawn Hollow parents requested that Honey Tree be added to the Fawn Hollow bus route, we were able to get the school system to allow at least the more limited "drop-off only" since Fawn Hollow is the last dismissal of the day and some of the busses already pass by the location on their way to park for the night. Although both a pick up AND drop off would have been more reasonable, it seemed to be an acceptable compromise at the time.

Now it seems the school bus districts are changing to this:
Monroe El -
Honey Tree and KinderCare***
Fawn Hollow -
Tiny Treasures and KinderCare***
Stepney Elementary -
Child's World and KinderCare***

How can the town find it acceptable to have only KinderCare be in all 3 districts? And, although Honeytree is mere seconds away from KinderCare, somehow that location will not be a bus option for more than the Monroe El district? I have heard that the bus stop before KinderCare from Stepney is over a mile from that center... HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT THE LARGE, CORPORATE DAYCARE FALLS WITHIN AND IS SERVICED BY ALL 3 SCHOOL DISTRICTS?

This gravely concerns me not only as a parent of multiple Fawn Hollow students in the coming year(s), but as a Monroe taxpayer. I very strongly believe that the town bus system should PICKUP AND DROP OFF Monroe students to the childcare center of the parents' choice. I, and several other parents, have chosen Honey Tree for our children for a variety of reasons, including care quality and price; as there is no choice in the district that children are assigned to, I feel it is necessary for the bus routes to be accommodating instead of forcing parents to switch their children away from the teachers they love to a costlier corporate center.

Please reconsider the Monroe school system bus routes to fairly include pick up and drop off at Honey Tree, all 3 of my children hope you will allow them to stay with the center they love in the future.

Thank You,
Allison Blase Crawford

We, the undersigned, request that Monroe's school system include Honey Tree Preschool and Child Care as a bus pick up and drop off location for children assigned to the Fawn Hollow school district.

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