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After fishing many lakes in West Virginia, I have realized the need to visit 9.9 horsepower limit on various lakes throughout the state. Many times I find myself, and see others, trolling larger boats to their favorite fishing spots as smaller boats run wide open to where they want to fish. While I abide by the regulations of not being able idle to where I want to be, others are able to travel as fast as their 9.9 will allow.

Undoubtedly, a boat at full throttle using a 9.9 creates much more wake, as opposed to a larger boat simply idling from one point to another. Upon questioning various people in the DNR, I found there to be no reasonable explanation why the 9.9 regulation even exists. I have used my trolling motor for an hour or more, just to be 'swamped' by another boat protected by the 9.9 limit.

Why not create a 'no wake lake' for boaters above the 9.9 horsepower limitations. The reality is there would be no more effect on a lake, boaters or bank fishing with larger boats idling the lake, than there is with smaller boats running full throttle.

This is a request to change the current regulation of 9.9 horsepower limit on various lakes in West Virginia. I am asking for signatures in support, as I will presenting this to the West Virginia D.N.R. at the next meeting in March of 2015.

This will be a request to change the current 9.9 horsepower limit, and adding a provision to allow larger engines to be used providing they create minimal wake. It would allow boats with engines above 9.9 engines to idle from place to place... "No Wake Lake above 9.9".

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