#Roads & Transport
Provincial Traffic Department - Western Cape
South Africa

There is a proven increase in the blatant disregard for stop streets in Joostenbergvlakte, and especially the three on Lucullus Road. The Joostenbergvlakte Community Forum would like to see some measures put in place to implement traffic calming and increase the likelihood of drivers obeying the stop signs.

To this end, the JCF would like to see:

1) Raised intersections at the Suikerbekkie, Owl and Waarburgh intersections.

2) Outsized 4-way STOP signs to replace the existing signs.

3) Repainted road markings

4) Red cat's eyes installed across the stop lines.

We, the undersigned residents of Joostenbergvlakte, call on the Provincial Traffic Authorities to implement raised intersections, outsized stop signs, regularly maintained road markings and red cat's eyes at the intersections of Lucullus road with Suikerbekkie, Owl and Waarburgh roads, with an aim to improving traffic safety.

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