GoPetition is easy to use. Thanks. I am rating the site 9/10.

Sue S., April 7, 2016
Support the Wangaratta Aquatic Plan for the Future

This site was perfect and a much needed help!

Wesley Q., February 22, 2016
Help Me Remove "Killam Indians" Signs from the Killam Alberta Community

I am rating GoPetition a 10.

Lise B., February 17, 2016
We want Terry Callaghan back on the Q92 Morning show

GoPetition is easy to use. Thank you for this service! We the people have the power when we choose to use it!

Maryland Hts Residents for Responsible Growth, February 10, 2016

This site is excellent. GoPetition is easy to use. I rate the site 10/10.

Kenneth S., February 6, 2016
Save Mrs Foremans

GoPetition is very useful and became a key part of our campaign.

Greene County Neighbors LLC, January 28, 2016
Petition Against Proposed Big Iron Outdoors Firing Range Design/Location

Wonderful site and easy to use! Thank you for the opportunity!

Melissa D., January 25, 2016
Save the Palmer, TX Wal-Mart

Great site.

Jessalee K., January 16, 2016
Save South Wrestling! NO co op!

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Adrian O., January 15, 2016
Keep the Ormskirk Town Circular Bus Service

GoPetition provided a good learning experience.

Stephen T., January 14, 2016
The RCMP abuses C-68

I give this site a rating of 10! A friend of mine told me about this site and helped me get a petition set up. Within minutes people had signed the petition.

Karen W., January 13, 2016
Save Piasa Rd Railroad

The site gets 10/10.

John S., January 12, 2016
Free Iranian Labor Activist Sharokh Zamani, Tortured, Serving 11-Year Prison Sentence

I am rating GoPetition a 9. To signers, Thank you everyone for signing the petition and giving our Changi cats a voice.

Four Paws at Changi Village, January 8, 2016
Protect Changi Point Ferry Terminal Cats

GoPetition is the only affordable petition site that lets you keep your signatures.

Healthy School Food Maryland, January 7, 2016
McDonald's Nutrition Education Curriculum Endorsed by Maryland PTA? No Thanks!

Thanks for this site. The opportunity to easily set up a public online petition is very valuable.

TMR, January 6, 2016
Free Tammy Wilson

Thank you. I found the site great. 9/10

Elizabeth C., January 6, 2016
HALT Proposal for Telstra Base Station in St. Andrews Vic., 3761

GoPetition was helpful and easy to use.

Krystina, December 24, 2015
Support the Oakham, Cutts Close, Boxing Day Hunt

Terrific site and format. Thank you. 10/10.

Elizabeth C., December 13, 2015
URGENT PETITION: Review Proposal for Telstra Base Station in St. Andrews Vic., 3761

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Kobus V., December 5, 2015
Stop the Kuils River Gridlocked

This site is great. GoPetition helped out tremendously. Thank you! 10/10

Wilder G., November 28, 2015
Redisplay the ESWS qualifiers on the crew mess decks onboard USS Decatur (DDG-73)