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(new information is added to the text) A new bill** in the EU will abolish the directive* that protects the patient´s right to prior and free consent to trials with new medicine in emergency situations. Instead `subsequent consent´is proposed, meaning: The doctor can use emergency patients for a medicinal trial. And only a f t e r a patient regains consciousness will he be asked for consent to the trial. This is absurd and a violation of civil rights!

The bill is now being negotiated in the European Parliament. Due to the powerful lobbying of the pharmaceutical industry it will most likely be adopted in the first half of 2014 unless the citizens of Europe voice their protest!

Physicians are obliged to respect a patient's decision not to participate in trials. Each member State in the EU should therefore set up an electronic register, where citizens in advance can give their yes or no to participating in trials in cases of emergency.

This will enable doctors at the hospitals to check a patient's decision on the screen within a few minutes, and the citizen’s personal rights will be safeguarded.

**Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council, on clinical trials on medicinal products for human use, and repealing Directive 2001/20/EC

* Directive 2001/20/EC –on Good Clinical practice.

Stop EU proposed trials on humans without prior consent!

Will you allow physicians to use you for experiments with new medicine without your prior consent, if you are acutely hospitalized in an unconscious or debilitated state - caused by e.g. blood clots, stroke or severe injuries?

Defend your personal right to decide over your own body!

Give your signature to the following:

We demand that the EU obliges all its member States to set up electronic registers, where citizens in advance can give or refuse their consent to participate in trials with new medicine in emergency situations.

Such a register will secure the individual's right to self determination and at the same time secure the option to commence trials in emergency situations at short notice.

The signatures will be sent to the European Parliament in first half of 2014, when proposals of abolishing the demand for prior consent to medical trials with emergency patients will be discussed.

(full name, address and nationality required for the signatures to be validated by the European Parliament)

The Stop EU proposed trials on humans without consent! Stop forslag i EU om forsøg på mennesker uden samtykke! petition to The European Parliament was written by Commitee for Preventive Medicine and Patient Care. - Danish name: Forebyggelses-og Patientraadet.FPR and is in the category Human Rights at GoPetition.