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Henry County Planning Commission, Henry County Council, Henry County Commissioners
United States of America

Henry County in Indiana is experiencing the renewable energy movement in the form of wind companies establishing wind projects throughout the county. There are three companies vying for position in the county.

Without proper ordinances, zoning, and setbacks, our county is open to major complications in satisfying all residents, those in favor of turbines on their property and those property owners in close proximity of potential turbines. This petition allows the voice of Henry County residents to fully prepare, in a reasonable and responsible way, for all involved to be satisfied. These wind farms affect all of us for a minimum of twenty five years.

We, the residents of Henry County, understand the renewable energy movement. However, we ask the Henry County government officials to cease and desist all current and potential wind projects not in operation, until the proper ordinances, zoning, and other criteria are in place.

As wind energy is fairly new to denser populated areas, many aspects require proper consideration in order to protect all residents, while allowing interested residents the opportunity to participate in the wind energy movement. Many counties, in several states, face the issues of establishing wind farms to the true benefit and satisfaction to all county residents.

We believe the formation of a committee, comprised of Henry County residents, can be helpful in this process. This committee can be a value to the Henry County government officials in making sound decisions that affect Henry County for, at least, twenty five years. We ask for this committee to be formed.

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