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David Anderson, Property Owner and John Leopold, Santa Cruz County Supervisor 1st District
United States of America

Issue: Proprietors of Kong's Market, 400 26th Ave., Santa Cruz Facing Immediate Eviction.

Overview: Everybody has their neighborhood corner market, and ours here in Pleasure Point is Kong's on 26th Avenue. The current proprietors, Sang and his wife, have been here for the past 24 of the 62 years it has been in business. Sang's family has become part of our neighborhood family. We've grown up together, watched each other's kids grow up, attended weddings, graduations, recitals, and even been there through periods of loss. It's not just a business, it's a family.

Services: Kong's Market has been a family-run, neighborhood grocery store on 26th Ave., Santa Cruz since 1954. Kong's is legendary amongst surfers, residents, and tourists alike for the eggrolls which are handmade on the premises daily. Kong's is truly part of the local community, stocking local and organic products, reasonably priced staples, and special ordered items at customer request. Most recently, the proprietors added a hot grill, serving fresh and organic burgers, breakfast burritos, and other hot foods.

Sang of Kong's Market is facing immediate eviction by the landlord, leaving the future of this icon and vital neighborhood service uncertain.

Relevance to Community: Kong's is closely integrated with the neighborhood community, open convenient hours, and in easy walking distance for neighborhood residents. The proprietors have proven themselves to be part of the community. Residents still speak of the time, after the Loma Prieta earthquake, when the neighborhood was without power or water for days. Kong's opened its doors and allowed residents to take supplies on the honor system. Sang and his wife are always quick to make contributions to neighborhood celebrations.

In these times of rapid development locally owned businesses are being squeezed out of the community. It is time to stand up for your neighborhood and protect this local treasure and neighborhood landmark which has been serving our neighborhood community for 62 years.

Please sign this petition to indicate your support for Sang and his family at Kong's Market and to maintain this business as a neighborhood corner store.

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