GoPetition provided us with an amazing online platform for engaging individuals in making medicinal cannabis accessible in Pemberton. It was easy to use, showed up well in social media platforms, and the premium services allowed us to produce a professional print version of the petition for our target.

Ginny S., February 3, 2017
Make Medicinal Cannabis Accessible in Pemberton!

The site was great, easy to use and helpful. We had to move the petition to another platform for our own internal reasons - nothing related to this site.

Andrew R., February 1, 2017
Keep the 101 Battalion REME HQ in Wrexham

This was my first petition and I was very happy with it. I found it very user friendly which is great. Thanks again!

Caryn W., January 27, 2017
Applaud Beth Richardson's Actions

Great work - would use again!

Bryan B., January 25, 2017
Baltimore Canyon

This was great, 10 out of 10

Meghan, January 24, 2017
Save the Public Interiors of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel!

I found this site quite useful. The interface is friendly and intuitive. Editing requests are tended to in a timely fashion. Overall a great petition page. Thank you.

David K., January 22, 2017
Push for the creation of a Multinational Peacekeeping Humanitarian Task Force to stop ISIS and provide aid to Iraq and Syria

Site great as always. I guess I've just been unrealistic in my expectations for public support of my objectives.

Tom F., January 2, 2017
Free Domain Names Offer for UF Students


Nancy P., December 30, 2016
ROPSSAA Unfair Ruling Against Lorne Park Secondary Junior Football Team

I am rating GoPetition a 10.

Nicole B., December 19, 2016
Appoint Nicole S. Bishop Kendall County Criminal District Attorney

Great and simple way of organizing a petition. Great job!

Wim B., December 18, 2016

Thanks so much for providing an easy to manage platform. The tools to email, archive, and share the petition could not have been better. 10 out of 10.

Robert M., December 9, 2016

GoPetition is a great site. 10.

Amandine B., December 7, 2016
Open Coober Pedy swimming pool

We did it Hinkler!

Keith Pitt, Federal Member for Hinkler, Assistant Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment, Australia, December 7, 2016
Don’t let ex-HMAS Tobruk get sunk in the south!

GoPetition was very helpful in coordinating our supporters.

The Beechwood Organization, November 30, 2016
Say YES to Country Pointe at Plainview

I found the site very helpful.

Sarah R., November 23, 2016
Support new Lidl - Broadway Road, Evesham

GoPetition is easy to use.

Helen D., November 22, 2016

This site is good for online campaigns.

Dev A., November 4, 2016
Save National Highways of Manipur

Great site with easy to follow instructions.

Ann H., October 25, 2016
Save Our Nursery

Very good and easy to use.

Judith N., October 21, 2016
Keep Salcombe's Roadsweepers

This site is easy to use and I'll use it again. 10/10

Vanessa S., October 19, 2016
Stop Coal Mining in Wakkerstroom