Lifetime Fitness, Mansfield, TX
United States of America

Darrell L. instructed and inspired the members of Lifetime like no other with his unique brand of electrifying martial arts-styled fitness classes. Darrell dutifully fulfilled all his responsibilities and excelled as an instructor since the near beginning of the establishment of Lifetime Fitness in Mansfield, TX. After Lifetime's own recruitment of Darrell right from the floor of group fitness classes he was attending as a member, he not only raised the fitness level of the participants to tremendous levels unparalleled in all other group classes at Lifetime and competing facilities, he single-handedly bonded a group of diverse members with varying fitness levels together into a team with leadership that built an incredible group of friends who would support each other's efforts in achieving optimal health. His class attendance could easily average fifty attendees, with lines waiting up to 30 minutes to enter his classes. Because of his professional expertise and electrifying motivational talents, his dedicated followers desire his rehire as a group fitness professional at Lifetime immediately. Although many members terminated or froze their memberships due to his departure, many supporters have stated that the reinstatement of Darrell would equal an immediate reinstatement of their memberships.

We, the undersigned, call on Lifetime Fitness in Mansfield for the immediate rehire of Darrell L. Furthermore, we implore lifetime to allow Darrell to deliver his one of a kind "Strike" format as a level 2 class that will expand his ability to incorporate his creative style, unique expertise, and passion for martial arts style fitness. In addition, we ask that he not only be allowed this unique stamp on this format, but also that he be compensated and recognized for his creativity.

The YES! Bring Back Darrell L. petition to Lifetime Fitness, Mansfield, TX was written by Angela A. White and is in the category Health at GoPetition.