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Glen Eira Council Victoria

Old Man Boro has his best friend Linda who is an 18 Month old Kelpie and they both desperately require your help! Most people who live in the Glen Eira City Council areas will know Boro and his companion Linda as they spend most days walking from Caufield to Carnegie with Linda on her leash. Linda is a lovely, friendly and well behaved dog, Linda is usually smothered with love and affection from locals when seen in the streets and when tied up outside shops. Linda loves being patted by adults and especially children and has never harmed anyone. Boro is an elderly man who lives alone with his Kelpie. His dog is all he has now and his young Kelpie provides him with that sense of safety, security and comfort, especially at night. On Friday the 10th of March whilst walking Linda as he does every day, near the Caulfield race track heading towards the dog park. Linda accidentally got loose from her lead due to pulling to hard from excitement and snuck through a big gap in a fence at the Caulfield racetrack. Boro did his best to run after her but being an old man with a young dog this was difficult for him. Boro eventually caught up to Linda where she had stopped to roll around in horse poo. The council though were concerned that Boro could have harmed a horse even though this was not the case and sadly Linda the young Kelpie was confiscated by the Glen Eira City Council and sent to the RSPCA to decide on a day to put this innocent young Kelpie down. Boro doesn't drive so the following day he used all his pensioner money to be able to get a taxi to Burwood's RSPCA to try and get his dog back only to find out when he arrived that he was not allowed to see his dog. This poor old man has been sitting at the council office every single day with a sign begging to get his dog back but they have shown no interest. Please sign this petition and share it around to stop the Glen Eira City Council from putting down innocent Linda who was only having fun and causing no harm. Help us to reunite Boro with Linda, as she is his only family and friend and Boro is lost without him.

Save this innocent dog's life and help us return Linda the 18 month old Kelpie to her elderly owner Boro. Have a heart and sign this petition to stop this dog from being put down.

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