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Because of this site, I was able to save our local bowling alley from closing.

As a sophomore in high school, I never would have been able to bring such a large community together if it weren't for this website. Thank you so much.

I found the site very helpful to our cause! 10/10

8/10. Thank you for all who have signed and supported.

This site was super helpful. 9/10
Thank you to everyone who showed their support and signed this petition


I found the site great

I enjoyed working with the software and it is a great way to reach to people who would otherwise not be as accessible, a different genre of people. This kind of effort for a petition that is so intimate to people and civilians alike is truly revolutionary and can only get better. Thank you for giving us a chance to use this site for our petition efforts. 7.5/10.

Thank you for signing the petition. I wanted to tell you personally how much I appreciate your support in an attempt to stop the NOCCCD's sanctuary resolution.

10 out of 10. Thank you very much to your team for approving all my edits. I am thrilled I found this petition site and will highly recommend it.

Excellent and easy. 10/10

Thank you for your support of Darrell. Thank you to Lifetime management in Mansfield for honoring your members' wishes. Thank you, Darrell, for being an inspiration for excellence.

Great! Thanks!

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