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Great to use and very user friendly!

GoPetition surpassed expectations. 10/10. Thank you.

GoPetition is helpful and user-friendly.

We were very satisfied with the GoPetition setup. We will certainly use the website again if we campaign outside of our national country Denmark.

GoPetition has been exemplary. Thank you.

GoPetition has been a great tool for our community to establish our voice in local government issues.

GoPetition is a really clear and straightforward site to use. I have recommended it to others.

We rate GoPetition a 10.

GoPetition was easy to use, fitted our needs well, provided great data on the progress of our petition, and allowed us to get the word out when our petition succeeded.

Thank you GoPetition. I found the site easy to use; and your response to editing was speedy. 9/10.

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