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Noosa Council

Dog or Doggy Beach Restoration Mark 2

Dog Beach on the Noosa River has had a history of erosion and of Noosa Council's attempts to find a solution to the erosion. This erosion is caused by the movement of the main tidal stream, or current, of the Noosa River, moving up against the beach and causing the sand to erode. Boat traffic will naturally follow the deepest channel and the subsequent boat wash aggravates the erosion when the tidal stream is running along the beach.
In 2008, 1049 people signed a GoPetition asking for the beach to be restored, however the work undertaken to divert the tidal channel away from the beach was not successful and the beach is now in a worse condition, with the continuous loss of land and trees into the water.
This beach was declared by the Noosa Council as a designated dog beach after it was restored in 2009/10.
It now is only about 20% usable and the remaining sand is often congested with dogs and their owners.

We the undersigned, ask the Noosa Council to extend the current geotextile groyne with a submerged (below low tide) rock, sandbag or concrete block groyne especially at the northern end, to PERMANENTLY restrict the main tidal stream from eroding Dog Beach. Furthermore we ask that the eroded sand is replaced to provide once again, a full length sand beach.

The Dog Beach restoration Mark 2 petition to Noosa Council was written by David Heckendorf and is in the category Local Government at GoPetition.