#Neighborhood Living
City Of Melbourne

We would like to have Riverside Park in Kensington to be a recognised Off-Leash dog area.
Riverside Park is an expansive open space surrounded by apartments, walking paths and the Maribyrnong River and allowing dogs off-leash will help to bring a positive and vibrant atmosphere to this relatively quiet and underutilized open park space.

Riverside Park benefits;
- Has minimal foot traffic
- Is not used as a thoroughfare to public transport
- Does not have activities that attract large groups
- Has no BBQ’s or picnic tables
- There are no sporting events
- There are no festivals
- Does not have a pavilion/club rooms with people & food
- Doesn't have sports bags left on the ground (may get pee’d on or food taken by hungry/greedy dogs)
- Isn't used by groups/events who leave food scraps for dogs to find
- There are no children coming and going (The Venny & Recreation centre)
- Does not have a playground
- There are no skateboarders creating noise that may agitate some dogs
- There aren't any ‘no-dog’ zones such as artificial turf area
- There will soon be many more residents with pets very close by

If you agree that Riverside Park would be a suitable Off-Leash dog area please sign the petition and help us make a positive change for our local community.

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