The Environmental Protection Agency and Noosa Council

The Noosa River beach previously known as Dog or Doggie beach has been completely lost due to erosion by the tidal stream.

This was a very popular beach for the community. The erosion is continuing unabated and is further eroding into the landform known as "The Woods".

There have been many previous attempts by members of the community to bring this problem to the notice of firstly, the Noosa Council and secondly, the Environmental Protection Agency. Maritime Safety Queensland is involved with any safety aspect of boating in the area.

This petition is aimed at collecting tangible support for the restoration of this area as a safe public beach. The Council and other government bodies must be shown that there is a sufficient level of community support to restore and maintain this beach before funding would be made available.

It is voluntary to leave your email address but I would ask you to seriously consider doing so in order that you may be contacted should we wish to organise a supporter's rally. Thanks, David H.

We, the undersigned, call on the Noosa Council, the EPA and Maritime Safety Queensland, to coordinate the restoration of the Noosa River beach known previously as Dog or Doggie beach.

The Noosa River Beach Restoration petition to The Environmental Protection Agency and Noosa Council was written by David Heckendorf and is in the category Environment at GoPetition.

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