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United Kingdom

We the undersigned call upon the Government to increase carers allowance for all people who provide a minimum of 35 hours a week unpaid care for a relative, partner or friend of any age with a long term illness, disability or who is older and frail.

That the called for increase in carers allowance be paid to all said carers regardless of means or receipt of any other benefits (including the state pension) as carers should not be forced to live on a government imposed limited income, nor should they have to self fund their caring role, (live off their savings).

That carers allowance should be paid at a level that allows carers dignity and quality of life and that recognises that carers are a unique group within the benefits system.

We the undersigned call upon the Government for Carers' Allowance to be payable to all carers who provide over 35 hours of care per week and that said Carers' Allowance should also be disregarded income for all other benefits.

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