#City & Town Planning
City Council of Richmond, California
United States of America

The City of Richmond, California uses Roundup to kill weeds in the sand in playgrounds, recreation fields and other public use areas. This is a deeply troubling issue affecting the health of our community's children.

We should feel safe to encourage our kids to play in our parks and know that they're not being exposed to toxic chemicals.

Other nearby cities do not spray chemicals in parks to kill weeds or other pests. Cities like Berkeley, Albany and Oakland passed ordinances more than a decade ago that virtually prohibit the use of Roundup on public land. Richmond's parks should be held to the same standards.

Anytime our city sprays, it should be required to notify the public. Whereas the State of California requires public and parental notice of any spraying around schools or child care centers, there is no similar requirement in Richmond for our parks. Your children could visit the park an hour after being sprayed and you would have no idea that they were being exposed to toxic chemicals. The above mentioned cities have adopted language to notify the public when they spray, in some cases even if it's an organic spray. Richmond should, too.

Sign this petition to urge the City of Richmond to act immediately to end the spraying in our parks.

Out of concern for the health and safety of our community’s children, we the undersigned Richmond residents ask that the city:

1) immediately cease using toxic chemicals to control weeds and other pests in its parks, recreation fields and public access areas; and

2) formalize this policy in an ordinance similar to those passed by the cities of Berkeley, Albany and Oakland.

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