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Thanks GoPetition. Our petition received outstanding support and proved to be an extremely valuable tool in supporting the project under development. Wagga & District Car Club and the project developers were astounded by the support.

GoPetition is an extremely helpful site. 10/10.

I must state that GoPetition is an excellent site and my petition looks great. It is easy to navigate and use the site. Thanks for the great service.

Success! Our Post Office has been saved. I'm very glad I found GoPetition. I feel that the petition made everyone who was concerned about our post office empowered to voice their thoughts and support. My rating for your service is 10/10! Thanks once again."

GoPetition is an AWESOME site! I would definitely use it again. Found it easy, informative and wonderful!

Success! Thank you to everyone who signed the petition. Thank you for standing up and letting your voice be heard. The petition was able to achieve the positive outcome we hoped for. What a wonderful time for those who support this project. Hopefully this raises an awareness for us all.

GoPetition rates very highly. Our petition worked really well. Thanks GoPetition.

Success. WE WON! Edson Cosmas has been given refugee status. Thank you to everyone who signed, demonstrated, blogged and spread the word.

I am rating GoPetition 10/10. GoPetition was very helpful in achieving our goal. After 3 years we have fulfilled our purpose.

A CD with Roberta Invernizzi singing some of the Vivaldi arias arias requested in the petition will be released in may 2012 by Glossa music. Thanks to everyone who signed and supported this campaign. We also thank Glossa, and Ms. Invernizzi for making this dream come true.

A great "thank you" to GoPetition for providing this great service for free!

Success! The administrator has unbanned epsyllon! Thank you all who signed and did what you could to help! And thank you administrator for listening to your players!

GoPetition is a very useful medium.

Success. Thanks to everyone's efforts and objections the council refused this application!

The GoPetition website was an invaluable resource for our campaign.

Success! The directors of the north campus research centers, as well as the vice provosts of the International Institute and the Institute of American Cultures met on the morning of March 26, 2012 with Chancellor Gene Block, Vice Chancellor for Research James Economou, and Academic Senate Chair Andrew Leuchter. The purpose of the meeting was to express the group’s and the petitioners’ concerns about the expected impact of the Economou Proposal on vital programs and institutions at UCLA, including the deleterious financial effects on research, student support, and program development. At the end of the session, Chancellor Block pronounced the proposal “dead.”

Thank you all for your efforts!

Fantastic website GoPetition. Keep up the good work!

Success! Thank you so much to everyone who signed the petition. The GB Rhythmic Group have now won their appeal and will be taking their rightful place at the London 2012 Olympics! Good luck girls!

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