Government of New Brunswick

The City of Dieppe, New Brunswick has proposed a “Quebec Style” Commercial Signage Bylaw that all commercial signage must be in “ FRENCH ONLY “ or Bilingual while banning English only signage with fines for non compliance.

English and French are both the Official languages in Canada and both Language have Equal Rights and Privileges.

This is clearly DISCRIMINATION against the English language and against our Canadian Constitutional Rights to freedom of expression.

We the undersigned, call on all our Government and all our Elected Officials to come forward and eliminate the "Quebec Style" commercial signage bylaw of the city of Dieppe, New Brunswick.

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The Canadians Against the "Quebec Style" Signage Bylaw of the City of Dieppe, N,B. petition to Government of New Brunswick was written by Canadians for Equal language Rights and is in the category Culture at GoPetition.