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1. Boycott Awakening Records

Awakening records are false and selling illegal records so boycott this company by unliking and unsubscribing from thier media.

I also call on face book to close thier pages as what they are doing is illegal.

2. Feature Juliet J. Sandford in your magazine

Back in the 60's I attend Ophelia Devore Modeling School and tried to break into the modeling industry, but, Skin hue was an issue and could not break the color barrier. Now at 67, not only do I have a story to tell, but I can still represent the industry. Please sign my petition giving support to my quest to be a part of the modeling industry. You can visit my pictures on FaceBook under Juliet Sandford, I have on a white dress. Thank you for supporting my 2nd endeavor since the ceiling of color restrictions has been cracked. If you don't support, why?

3. Mark Zuckerberg Shall Distribute his FB Shares to FB Users

Mark Zuckerberg recently stated that he, among other technical company owners, believes that the world must develop a system for a universal wage (see link). mark-zuckerberg-universal-basic-income
In order to accomplish this Yeoman’s task, someone must make the first move, and it must be substantial.
Mark has also stated that he plans to give away 99% of his FB shares to charity (see link). mark-zuckerberg-giving-away-99-of-his-facebook-shares-2015-12
The signers of this group believe that in order for true universal fairness to exist regarding this wealth distribution, the FB shares should be distributed amongst the users of Facebook, who are the real reason that Mark amassed such wealth. The users of Facebook will then own Facebook. At their discretion, each user/owner will be able to sell their share and then give the money to the charity of their choice, or retain ownership of the company.
Mark Zuckerberg owns over 475,000,000 shares of Facebook. Facebook has an estimated 1,500,000,000 users.

4. Generation the legacy sex scenes on prime time must stop.

This thing of Smanga and Tshidi's daily sex on our TVs on prime time must be attended. BCCSA must act

We used to have more educational programmes like Dynamite Diepkloof Dude, we use to learn alot from these stories at those times everyones was inspired to get a bicycles and volunteer to fight crime. But today girls are burnt to death and if you remember that came exactly after "Nkunzi" from uZalo introduced it on our screens. Remember the behaviour of students in schools during the first season of Yizo Yizo drama?
This has to come to the end. Bring back educational programmes on our screens like DDD, SOUL CITY, SOUL BUDDIES etc.

5. Save The Pups! Stop non licensed sales of puppies and dogs on facebook!

Since yard sale pages have started spreading on facebook, there has been more and more people breeding dogs to sell them on facebook pages to make profit. Most of these dogs end up abandoned. The humane societys, dog rescues and shelters are at an all time high and they are running out of space and funds, forcing them to euthanize unadopted dogs that deserve a chance at life.
It seems that today everyone is rushing to buy these "pure bred" pups on these pages for hundreds of dollars from people that doesn't even obtain a license to do so.
If we could stop facebook from allowing people to breed and sell without proof of a licence, or even stop selling dogs on facebook at all, It should increase the amount of adoptions and greatly decrease the amount of dogs being euthanized everyday.
I'm asking you to do your part, sign this petition to save lives!
I have also started a GoFundMe account, hoping to open up a new dog rescue in the Tri County area, If enough funds are not raised to do so, all donations will be equally divided and donated to the humanes society , shelters, and rescues of the Tri County area.

Can't donate? Its ok! Just the support of signing the petition and/or Shareing would make a great difference!

6. Save AMF Parkway Lanes

Help save parkway lanes from being gutted out. Leaving just the lanes are not going to help. We need the machines to go with it. Our bowlers have no where to go because the other bowling alleys are too small.


We as a people must be educated and do our civil duty to protect our rights and the rights of others. State attorney Aramis Ayala has done everything but the job that I voted, and we elected her to do. Instead she has committed crimes against her constituents and must be removed from office immediately. Luckily for us, there is a process to do just this. Please sign this petition and lets take our justice system and our country back from those who violating our rights and the integrity of the country we love so much.


8. Petition to Stop People Liking, Sharing and Signing Petitions


This is a Petition to Stop People Liking, Sharing and Signing Petitions

Why? . . . . .Because, they are very annoying!

Use your democratic right and vote, complain to the council, the major, your commune leader, your prime minister or your Mum and/or Dad. But please don't feel the need to tell the world your high and mighty opinion and then tell everyone to sign a petition to agree with you.

Have you too had enough of TheCopyandPasteLikeandShareifyouAgreeBrigade? Most people copy and paste the message out of guilt. Enough of the guilt, stand up and say 'No', I'm not going to share your stupid petition anymore. There are way too many petitions now. Lets face it, what are you after? Likes? Real Change? Woo Hoo! Now you have a list of a 1000 names to take to 10 Downing Street , but guess what? They ain't gonna read it out in the house of commons, in parliament or in an important committee because that is still a tiny number.

Please sign this petition, to make a pledge that this will be the last one.

9. Social Media Responsibilities and Romance Scams

The information noted on romance scams are based distinctly on one victim. From the multiple falsified accounts based on this one victim’s photographs and military standing, hundreds of women have been scammed out of tens of thousands of dollars by just “his” account alone. There is a desperate need for social media responsibility when it comes to the building of duplicated accounts and detection of accounts deleted due to falsifying another’s identity. There are options such as facial recognition technology and the ability to recognize IPN addresses used by past fraudulent offenders. Are you aware that Facebook’s facial recognition program, Deep Face, is able to recognize faces accurately 98 percent of the time, where as the FBI’s face recognition program, Next Generation Identification, only has an 85 percent success rate? We are limited judicially to prosecute the scammers since the majority of these immoral beings are located in other countries. Those social media companies located within the United States will need to help protect their clients further by improving their security along with making the scamming process impossible or far more difficult when trying to pursue their prey.

10. Facebook, please make "Thankful" emoji permanent

Around Mother's Day, Facebook lets its users use a small purple flower emoji to indicate they are "Thankful". This emoji should become a permanent fixture of Facebook. Cultivating an attitude of gratitude has proven mental and physical health benefits. Given that social media interactions can sometimes be charged with negativity, this emoji has the potential to elevate the dialogue of the Facebook community, if available daily.


For the FC board to close down the online supporters forum due to the ongoing dramas and infighting amongst supporters and perceived bias of the administrators of that page and let the club post the relevant information on its long standing Facebook page and members email list and allow the fanatics group to resume the role they've played previously

12. Stop Facebook from allowing violent posts and videos now!

Have you ever scrolled down your news feed on Facebook and noticed and video that shows two or more individuals in a violent dispute? A helpless individual that is being bullied or humiliated? I personally have seen this countless times on my news feed being shared by friends or from other sources. Why? Because in today's time people find humor in seeing people injured or humiliated over a boy, money, drugs, ect. Are you tired of seeing this kind of content? For some reason the higher up's that run Facebook seem to think this type of content is okay and does not go against thier community standards. As they would say "We understand that it may still be offensive or distasteful to you, so we want to help you see less of things like it in the future. From the list above you can block said users account directly, or you may be able to unfriend or unfiollow them." Yes it is offensive and distasteful actually but, will blocking said users/videos from our feed make the vidoes disappear? Will they eliminate the embarrassment of the persons involved while people from all over the world see them being harmed or even in some cases "had it coming"? Regardless of the nature or reasoning behind the acts I personally do not think content like this should be allowed on Facebook at all! Violence has become a natural part of our world but if people can come together by signing this petition and forcing Facebook to remove harmful videos/posts of this nature we can at least eliminate this tiny fraction. So please take one minute out of your busy day to sign this petition and help stop the spread of violence on Facebook! Will it end violence? Not even by a long shot but every little thing helps!

13. STOP censoring post mastectomy pictures on Facebook

Dear Facebook,

On March 9th, 2017 my Facebook profile was permanently shut down, because I had posted "Pornographic content". You told me I could object and explain by email what and why I had posted what I posted. I told you then, and I will tell you again (since you obviously did not read what I wrote, maybe I should use easier terms);

In December of 2014 I found out I am a carrier of the cancer causing gene BRCA1. This means I have a REALLY high risk of developing breast cancer and ovarian cancer. You can not understand what this is like, unless you are in the same position. This is why there are different PRIVATE groups on Facebook for woman like me. We are not just members of a group, we are a what we call a "Sisterhood". We help each other, lift each other up AND share pictures of ourselves during our process. Needless to say these pictures are of wounds, scars and many more medical shit, but also of our new nipples and tattoos.
These tattoos are not just for fun, they are the last step in a long process that is marked by pain, fear, hospitals and many many tears. A process in which your body stops being yours for too long.

When I got my new nipples on March 9, 2017 I cried happy tears. I could NOT wait to share pictures with my sisters. Many sisters who have already been there, and many sister for whom this is yet to come. To whom this is an image of hope.
Yet, as soon as I posted a picture in two of these PRIVATE groups, in the comment section of the original post, I was BLOCKED. And not just a 24 hour block, but permanently.

You can say "oh it's just facebook, make a new profile and you're back." Well yes, obviously. But that is not the point. You did not just shut down my private page. You shut down three business pages that had close to 1500 followers, you shut down my "friendship" with my sister, who passed away of ovarian cancer. You shut down every single message we ever sent to each other, every picture we shared and every moment we shared on our profiles. And most importantly, you shut down my birth given right to speak. You have censored me.

What stings most of all is the fact that according to yourself I "violated the guidelines of the Facebook community." The same guidelines that state you have to be thirteen years old to sign up. Do you know what happens when you are thirteen? You move from child to teenager. As a girl, you develop breasts, get your period and get wider hips. You are insecure about your body because it is changing so much. Yet this is the minimum age you are allowed into a online community that states that everything about the female body is absolutely disgusting. ESPECIALLY breasts. YUCK. But a movie that shows how a transgender woman is brutally beaten to death is just fine.

Yet if you search the internet, one of the first articles I found said as follows:

“We remove photographs of people displaying genitals or focusing in on fully exposed buttocks,” the new policy reads. “We also restrict some images of female breasts if they include the nipple, but we always allow photos of women actively engaged in breastfeeding or showing breasts with post-mastectomy scarring.”

I don't know what is happening here, but you need to either review your guidelines, or consequently do what you say. Change your narrow minded ideas of sexuality. BREASTS ARE NOT PER DEFINITION SEXUAL.

14. Make FaceBook MarketPlace Available on Windows Desktop PC

It is really very important to myself, and everybody else to be able to access MarketPlace on my PC.
My eyesight isn't very good, and is difficult for me to see this app very well on my phone, and I feel functionality could be vastly improved if it where to be made available on Windows/Mac desktop.
I want to be able to have this petition sponsored on twitter etc and would appreciate any small donations to be able to do this and get lots more signatures. It costs $20 for 1 week, $60 for 3 weeks etc. Lets get this rolling and get Facebooks attention. Paypal donations can be made to:
Please send donations as Friends & Family to avoid fees.
Lets get as many as we can, sign and share this page. If each person shares it on 5 different pages, we'll get this done in no time.
Thank you for your support

15. Facebook Word Filter

I think everyone is feeling the overwhelming mess that has become our Facebook Feeds! And let’s face it: sometimes you just don’t want to read what your friends are posting; but you don’t want to block them or unfollow them…imagine being able to filter out posts on your News Feed, by WORD!

16. Stop Facebook live ban

Every time someone uses their Facebook live they seam fit to remove and block the video while banning you from using the feature. Sign the petition to make aware that this is annoying and wrong!

17. Add a "👌" reaction to Facebook

Hi, I'm xXSwagLord_420Xx.
I'm a member of a marginalized community.

We are memers.

Social networks and platforms such as Facebook have assisted in bringing together and growing our humble group over the years, but we still face harsh backlash for expressing our unique opinions and idealisms.

Thousands of memers are zucced every year.

Though we are seen, we are not understood.
In this time of rapid change, our community needs to stand together. We have found comfort and solace under the angery(/angry, for you metas) react that Facebook so graciously gave us. But we turn once more to the platform to offer a symbol for our community.

A symbol of hope.

18. sifir araba satisinda otv vergisi sifirlansin

Buyuk izmit depreminden once otv diye bir vergi yoktu. Gecici olarak depremzedelere yardim amacli toplanan bu paralarin sonradan kalici olmasi yasal ve adil bir uygulama degildir. Bu uygulama, ekonomik gecim zorlugu icinde calisan isci ve memurlara cikarilmis ilave bir yuktur.

19. Mr. Zuckerberg, Tear Down The Political Filter Bubble's Wall!

The Filter Bubble term was coined by internet activist Eli Pariser in his book by the same name; according to Pariser, users get less exposure to conflicting viewpoints and are isolated intellectually in their own informational bubble.
The existence of The Filter Bubble "closes us off to new ideas, subjects, and important information" and "creates the impression that our narrow self-interest is all that exists". The invisible algorithmic editing of our Facebook Newsfeeds limits our exposure to new information and narrow our outlook. According to Pariser, the detrimental effects of filter bubbles include harm to the general society in the sense that it has the possibility of "undermining civic discourse" and making people more vulnerable to "propaganda and manipulation".
He wrote: "A world constructed from the familiar is a world in which there’s nothing to learn ... (since there is) invisible autopropaganda, indoctrinating us with our own ideas."
— Eli Pariser in The Economist, 2011
The Facebook algorithm divided us up into sub-groups of like-minded people who become insulated within their own online community and fail to get exposure to different views.
Today like never before we need to narrow the divide between liberals and conservatives - we have no platform to even get to know each other, Facebook has a unique chance to become The Bridge we need in America.

20. ban the Add i want cancer

I lost my 33 yr old son to cancer 2 yrs ago and find this add very upsetting and very insensitive not every story has a happy ending

21. Save The Smile Sumo Facebook Page

Our Facebook page was unpublished for no apparent reason and we have lost 121,000 followers.

The page is still available for re-publishing but we need our fans to sign this petition.

The page is at

22. Facebook needs an explicit content option for pages

Are you sick of being banned from facebook for "inappropriate " posts??

I know I sure am! I created a page to keep the things that me and MANY others find entertaining or humorous but may be offensive to others out of the public eye. Meanwhile posts are still being removed and suspensions keep happening, yet zero posts have been reported.

We are trying to keep these "inappropriate " posts from people who may be offended by them, yet still get suspended. If these are being kept to a private page for those who enjoy these posts I fail to see a problem.

My solution is that facebook pages should have an option to list the page as "contains adult matter " or "may contain explicit material ".




24. Disable Pushed "Comments and Likes" Feature on Facebook

Facebook has a feature that will share items you have "liked" or show comments you have made on pages with your friends. If you comment or "like" something it will display on someone's Timeline so they can see it, without you knowing what is being shared.

This causes controversy and arguing. Someone finding something you said is one thing. This is the Internet after all, nothing is private. But this hands the info to someone that may never go looking for it in the first place. This has caused loss of actual friendships and family disputes.

On the other side this is an annoying feature that clogs up Timelines. Instead of seeing items our friends are willingly posting, we are getting to see embarrassing comments they leave on celebrity pages, political arguments on news pages and even random comments on people we don't even know's photos!

Please stop automatically and randomly sharing our comments and likes!!

25. Petition To Support America's 45th President, Donald Trump

Petition To Support America's 45th President, Donald Trump.

Let's tell the electors that we have a voice and we voted for Donald Trump to be the next president.

Make America Great Again!

26. Stop Rezoning and Protect Historic Downtown Milledgeville, Georgia

This November 8th, Milledgeville's City Council will vote on a request to rezone historic downtown property from Community Commercial to Multi-Family Residential. This rezoning would allow the development of a gated residential complex at 221 and 231 N. Wayne St in the heart of downtown. Evidence abounds that rezoning these properties would be the wrong move for our City Council to make, especially when Council Members take Milledgeville's history, culture, and economy - as well as the ordinances they are bound by - into account.

Milledgeville is worthy of its Historic District title. As one of the first planned cities in the United States, it was modeled after Washington, D.C. Construction of Georgia's antebellum capital began in 1803, but it wasn't until 1807 that a wagon train carrying the state treasury and official documents made its way from the previous capital, Louisville, to its new one, Milledgeville.

Around that time, city land was set aside for the local community to invest in and profit from. We call such zoning Community Commercial today. One antebellum business owner, Wilkes Flagg, founded his blacksmith shop downtown on N. Wayne St - even though he started life as a slave in Virginia. The money his 'master' allowed him to earn from practicing the blacksmith trade on N. Wayne permitted Wilkes to purchase his own freedom as well as that of his wife Lavinia and son Wilkes, Jr. He accomplished this more than 15 years before the end of the Civil War.

When Sherman came through Milledgeville on his March to the Sea, he didn't burn the city to the ground as he had Atlanta, however his men did menace the population that was unable or unwilling to flee. Wilkes Flagg, 64 years old and already a free man, was hung from a tree for days by his thumbs and tortured for his knowledge of where certain spoils of war were hidden. Although he knew such information, he never confessed.

By that time, Flagg Chapel Baptist Church had held service for 34 years, and Wilkes had been its respected pastor for decades. From that moment, he would go on to found the first public school for Georgia's freed slaves and people of color, The Eddy School. Wilkes remains, to this day, a celebrated historical figure and our citizens remember with reverence how he earned his freedom, multiple times over, in our historic downtown.

After the Civil War, a nearby Freedman's Bureau was established to manage the transition from slavery to liberty. By then, the state legislature had moved to Atlanta. As the new capital grew, so did the African American Businesses District on the cross streets of North Wayne and McIntosh. In this segregated business district, countless citizens earned their economic freedom and organized their continued fight for social justice. As time moved on, and segregation lost its social stronghold, the African American Business District came to be revered as one of Milledgeville's truly influential cultural centers.

Unfortunately, not much of the Historic African American Business District remains today. Some of it was demolished to make way for the downtown police station and court house parking lot. If the current request for rezoning is approved, and the land is developed as requested, when standing in the Black Heritage Plaza on the corner of N. Wayne and McIntosh you'll be able to look left and see a police station and look right and see a gated community, which will be marketed towards affluent college students. Such a decision would be one visible step closer to erasing the cultural and commercial heritage of both Milledgeville's Historic District and its Historic African American Business District.

While most citizens approve of developing these properties, many strongly oppose rezoning as the properties are the last open land still available for commercial development in our confined downtown. On page 52 of the Joint Comprehensive Plan for Baldwin County and City of Milledgeville, one of the points for land use says "We will continue to encourage the development of Downtown Milledgeville as a vibrant center of the community in order to improve overall attractiveness and local quality of life." However, if these properties are rezoned, the resulting gated residential development would ultimately serve only a small piece of our community’s pie.

It's important to note that Baldwin County has endured a 21.1% loss in employment since 2006, according to a Market Feasibility Analysis published in 2015. Rezoning property in such a small downtown from Community Commercial to Multi-Family Residential - in addition to erasing cultural and economic history - would in no way offer a long-term solution to our economic woes. While such rezoning may benefit local land owners looking for a quick sell of their properties, the vast majority of profits overtime would go to benefit a developer and residential management team based out of Athens. Land set aside to nourish the local economy would forever be limited in its original purpose.

It's also important to remember community resources, like our maxed-out downtown parking, when considering Milledgeville's economy. As such, the developer must provide 36 parking spaces for the proposed 36 bedroom complex. To fit these parking spots in the proposed lot, the developer requested a variance to shorten parking space length from 20' (that’s considered Code) to 18'.

At recent rezoning hearings, citizens repeatedly pointed out the obvious: trucks that residents and students actually drive in our region don't all FIT into 18' spaces. Therefore, residents of the gated complex - along with visiting friends and family - would have no other option than to park their oversized or visiting vehicles on the street, in spaces normally occupied by cars conducting local business.

Further stress on already limited parking would hinder accessibility to nearby businesses like Slater's Funeral Home, located across the street from the proposed development. Slater's has served the local community during its time of need for over 100 years. However, since available street parking has dwindled over the years, permitting this variance alongside rezoning would only continue the negative trend in available downtown parking.

The last section on page 12 of The Comprehensive Plan says it best: "...there has been an increase in housing that contains 20-49 units, otherwise known as multi-family housing. This housing has the potential to cause traffic and environmental problems if development occurs in areas that are not prepared to handle densities of this nature."

If that wasn't enough, page 16 of the same document states: "Haphazard development could result in the loss of many valuable resources that the County and City rely on for tourism and a sense of community." Our citizens are petitioning against rezoning these properties because we see with clear eyes the long-term loss rezoning would mean for Milledgeville's historic, cultural, economic, and community resources.

If you agree that rezoning 221 and 231 N. Wayne St. from Community Commercial to Multi-Family Residential is the WRONG MOVE for Milledgeville's City Council to make, we implore you to sign this petition and make your voice heard.

We also invite you to join us at the next City Council meeting at City Hall on November 8th at 6:30PM when voting will take place. There are few better ways to celebrate Election Day than by make your presence known and taking action as a concerned citizen. We look forward to seeing you there!

27. Merrique Bewitching is Merrique Bewitching!

If Facebook decides that our names are not believable they will, even after years of having the same name, force us to prove our identity or change our name. The Facebook community should not be subjected to the personal invasion of privacy that is required by their identity approval system.

Recently, our dear friend Merrique Bewitching has been confronted with this same issue. Many of us know Merrique Bewitching, as Merrique--not by her given name (Amy). Many are familiar with her business Bewitching Designs, which is strongly connected with her Facebook account as well as her self-given name. In fact, a large percentage of us likely know her only by Merrique Bewitching, rather than her self-given name.

Why should facebook decide that this is not the name most people know her by--when we, her friends, know for a fact that this is, in fact, the case from personal experience?

Help get Merrique Bewitching her name back!

28. #MakeRoleplayNotWar

We have been making roleplaying on Facebook for as long as we can remember. We have done nothing wrong to be reported unnoticed as we know we're not stealing someone's identity.

August of this year, someone has been reported as we began to see and notice the roleplaying accounts has been disappearing.

As this mystery phenomenon has happened and more accounts had mysterious disappearance, we have decided to stop this.

Us/we roleplayers know we're not stealing identity. Us/we roleplay as different youtubers or from an anime. Roleplaying is for fun as we're not doing anything wrong.

This petition is to be signed as an agreement roleplaying on isn't harming anything. We must stop the ones who is reporting us for nothing.

Us/we agree we're not harming or doing anything wrong.

29. Unblock Hejen Pize Qerej's Facebook account

Dear Facebook Team,

From 14th of October a friend of mine’s facebook account, Hejen Pize Qerej, his account has been closed. The below is his facebook account link:

I am as an active Facebook user and as a friend of ( Hejen Pize Qerej ) asking you to open Hejen’s account. I know him for a long time and as far as I know he is extremely nice person. He is animals and environment lover and a friend of them. He is also fighting against discrimination, execution, suppression/ oppression and prejudice.

I can only see one reason for blocking his Facebook account. There are people who are supportive of the tyranny regimes and their political parties in the Middle East. It is very sad to see Facebook that listen to those sort of people. By doing this, Facebook, indirectly supports those brutal regimes that try to terrorise, imprisoning and killing community activists, journalists, human right activists and Libertarian people. While you cannot support the suppressed people, please hand off their Facebook account and do not block them.

I am right now asking you to open Hejen Pize Qerej’s Facebook account, and hopping that Facebook continuo taking the right direction instead of being a tool on the hands of the tyranny regimes and their agents. I also hope Facebook find itself to be supportive of the rights of animals & human and environment

Yours sincerely,

30. Make facebook an 18+ site to stop peadophilia and so we can post 18+ content

Facebook is a place where a lot of illicit images/videos etc are shared yet facebook remains with a 13+ rating. The internet is not a place for children so help protect them by keeping them offline.

Sign this petition so we can all be safe.