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1. Call upon elected representatives in Cork to clarify their position on the reunification of Ireland.

In light of Brexit, the announcement of a second Scottish Independence Referendum and the growing demand for the reunification of Ireland, we are calling upon our local and national elected representatives to clarify, in writing, their position on Irish unity. When voting in the future, Irish unity will be an increasingly important policy issue. As such clarifying where each elected representative stands regarding unity will enable voters to select the correct candidates. Please sign to request that our politicians clarify whether they are pro- or anti- unity--we, the voters, deserve to know!

We ask that clarification be sent to :



We, the citizens of the world community do not want or support a nuclear war.

3. Bernie Sanders 2020

Last year, Bernie wasn't able to win the elections mostly because his supporters were too young to vote but that will have changed by 2020.

4. Texans for HB 3002 Disabled Veterans

HB 3002 helps severely disabled Texas veterans with a VA rating of 80% and 90% who currently today only receive $290 annual property tax relief to receive property tax exemption on their homestead at a percentage equal to their VA disability rating percentage. This will help over 58,ooo disabled veterans in Texas who need the most help with property tax relief. Time is critical and action needs to take place now. Thank you or supporting our disabled veterans HB 3002.

5. President Obama to host SNL

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, George Bush, Senator Obama, Mike Huckabee, Al Gore, Rudy Giuliani, to name a few, have appeared on or been depicted on SNL.

6. Mr. Zuckerberg, Tear Down The Political Filter Bubble's Wall!

The Filter Bubble term was coined by internet activist Eli Pariser in his book by the same name; according to Pariser, users get less exposure to conflicting viewpoints and are isolated intellectually in their own informational bubble.
The existence of The Filter Bubble "closes us off to new ideas, subjects, and important information" and "creates the impression that our narrow self-interest is all that exists". The invisible algorithmic editing of our Facebook Newsfeeds limits our exposure to new information and narrow our outlook. According to Pariser, the detrimental effects of filter bubbles include harm to the general society in the sense that it has the possibility of "undermining civic discourse" and making people more vulnerable to "propaganda and manipulation".
He wrote: "A world constructed from the familiar is a world in which there’s nothing to learn ... (since there is) invisible autopropaganda, indoctrinating us with our own ideas."
— Eli Pariser in The Economist, 2011
The Facebook algorithm divided us up into sub-groups of like-minded people who become insulated within their own online community and fail to get exposure to different views.
Today like never before we need to narrow the divide between liberals and conservatives - we have no platform to even get to know each other, Facebook has a unique chance to become The Bridge we need in America.

7. The right for Veterans who have an honorable discharge to be able to shop at the Exchange and Commissary

We don't think that it is right that we have served our Country and just because we didn't retire from the military that we don't have rights to the Exchange or the Commissary.

If a Veteran has an Honorable Discharge they should be able to still have those privileges.

8. We are with you MODI JI for a Developed India

From years we are hearing our nation as a developing country but for the first time I got a hope that we are very near to be a "Developed INDIA".

9. Term Limits Now for ALL elected offices

Many elected officials forgot the citizens that elected them into office. We see it all the time. They become surrogates to the big donors, lobbyist and party affiliation.

It's time to end the corruption that has invaded our political system. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Let's demand that term limits become the law. This will be our first step to end the cycle of corruption in politics.

10. Jewish Prayer on the Temple Mount Now!

Last week UNESCO held a truly infamous vote to de-Judaize Jerusalem and the Temple Mount and was quickly condemned by Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu by declaring UNESCO “The theater of the absurd”.

The truth is that the State of Israel set the stage for this vote long ago via its anti-Jewish policy on the Temple Mount. Jews who come to visit the Mount are harassed and Jews who are found praying or worshiping are arrested.

Should UNESCO and other international organizations be held to a higher standard than the Israeli Government?

11. RNC Loyalty Pledge 2016. - Those Who Breached their Oath

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus has said “it’s high time for Donald Trump’s former primary challengers to come on board and support his campaign.”

As private citizens and members of the Republican Party we agree with Mr. Priebus. We will not support individuals who will not honor his or her honor bound pledge. This is a disgrace.

Please sign the petition and share this with your friends on social media. Let’s get the word out.

RNC Loyalty Pledge

The pledge reads: “I, ________, affirm that if I do not win the 2016 Republican nomination for President of the United States I will endorse the 2016 Republican presidential nominee regardless of who it is.”

“I further pledge that I will not seek to run as an independent or write-in candidate nor will I seek or accept the nomination for president of any other party.”

Will NOT honor the RNC Pledge:
Gov. George Pataki No
Gov. Jeb Bush No
Gov. John Kasich No
Sen. Lindsey Graham No

12. The President Should Comply With The Constitution

It’s 2016; people are all worked up with the Presidential election. And well they should be, more than ever before. Because the President’s span of power has expanded every term closer to that of a dictator or king! Particularly during the past several years under the Obama administration. Time and time again he has expanded his powers further outside the parameters of the Constitution. The executive branch has become a corrupt cartel not letting anything get in their way. President Obama said himself: “We’re not just going to be waiting for legislation in order to make sure that we’re providing Americans the kind of help they need. I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone.”

Well perhaps you are part of the minority that really believes that he is “providing the kind of help America needs.” But now the door is open, and President Obama and the future Presidents will keep on passing laws without the legislative branch. This is completely unconstitutional!

Article 2, Section 1, Clause 8 says concerning the President, “Before he enter on the Execution of his Office, he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation:--"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” President Obama swore all this not only in the inauguration but also the next day in a private ceremony because Chief Justice John Roberts switched the order of some of the words in the oath. Twice he has sworn to preserve, protect, and defend, the Constitution; but again and again he has violated It!

This is the same man who said “I have studied the Constitution as a student; I have taught it as a teacher; I have been bound by it as a lawyer and legislator. I took an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution as Commander-in-Chief, and as a citizen, I know that we must never – ever – turn our back on its
enduring principles for expedience sake. I make this claim not simply as a matter of idealism. We uphold our most cherished values [make that our Constitution] not only because doing so is right, but because it strengthens our country and keeps us safe. Time and again, our values [our Constitution] have been our best national security asset – in war and peace; in times of ease and in eras of upheaval. Fidelity to our values [our Constitution] is the reason why the United States of America grew from a small string of colonies under the writ of an empire to the strongest nation in the world.” President Obama may believe these things in his heart, but he has treated the Presidential oath as mere ritual and is not taking it seriously. Perhaps this is because he realizes that he is not being kept accountable like previous Presidents were.

In August 9, 1974, Richard Nixon was forced to resign from the Presidential office or face impeachment. The reasons for the articles of impeachment were numerous. Nixon’s formed a covert group called the plumbers to “fix leaks.” He used them to keep tabs on his enemies including politicians, journalists, actors, or anyone else that might leak information that could harm his reelection. So he harassed them with tax audits and legal action. Then came the famous Watergate scandal when he sent five men to break into the Democratic National Committee headquarters. When the men were caught President Nixon immediately ordered the Central Intelligence Agency to stop the FBI from any further investigation. Nixon is known as one of the most corrupt Presidents ever. But compared to our current President he doesn’t seem quite so devious.

President Nixon did spy on a number of his enemies. But President Obama used the National Security Agency to raid massive searches on thousand of private phone calls and emails. This is clearly against the 4th Amendment which gives us the right against unreasonable search and seizure.

While Richard Nixon is given a bad rap for using the CIA to block the FBI from investigation of the Watergate scandal, Barack Obama used the CIA to spy on US Senators who were investigating the CIA’s illegal actions.

One of the articles of impeachment was that President Nixon declared war on Cambodia without Congressional approval. President Obama, however, said regarding Syria, “I believe I have the authority to carry out this military action without specific Congressional authorization.”

Richard Nixon’s missing tapes total 18 and a half minutes. Barack Obama’s CIA officials admit that they disposed of tapes that could be used against them in court during the torture scandal.

We have allowed our current President to get away with many corrupt activities and violations of the Constitution. We have allowed him to be act as a king. We have allowed the Executive branch to open a gate that the next President will open even wider.

The Internal Revenue Service, unconstitutionally created in 1862, has become his gang of thugs to “take out” Barack Obama's enemies. No not terrorists, but Tea Party members, gun shop owners, and religious people. President Obama said discriminately “They get bitter, they cling to guns or religion”. The President can’t get angry at people and target them! He must remember that he is a President, not a king.

Alexander Hamilton wrote down some of the major differences between a king and a President. One major difference is that a President does not have authority to appoint officers without Senate approval. A king, however, may appoint officers at will. Presidents have been creating “czars”, basically a word for unapproved officials, for a long time. George W. Bush had 14 and Barack Obama has 45. Each President is expanding his power more. How many czars will the next President have?

He isn’t protecting us very well either. Barack Obama told the border patrol to stand down and even to give de facto green cards to illegal immigrants who were illegally brought into America as children. He does not have the Constitutional authority to break laws!

These are only a few examples of the many ways that the executive branch has violated the Constitution. It isn’t just President Obama. Every President is expanding his authority more than the previous President. We cannot tolerate this any longer! We can only imagine how much power the next President will grant himself. If the Constitution is not enforced it accomplishes nothing. It becomes merely a relic or piece of history. No matter what the President does it must be in accordance with the Constitution! We cannot let our country be ruled in a autocratic style.

The Constitution restricts the President to be a President. If we allow the President to act like a king, then we are handing our country over to tyranny. In the past, we would impeach such a President, like we did with Richard Nixon. We must keep the President accountable to stay within the parameters of the Constitution. If we don’t we will find ourselves under leaders no different than King George the 3rd, Adolf Hitler, or Joseph Stalin.

I ask you to sign my petition, titled “The President Should Comply With The Constitution.” Which calls upon our President to submit to the orders of the Constitution. It is time to hold our President accountable again.

13. Climate Change Quit Gambling with Our Future Lets Make a Better World

Dear People out there,

It seems that there is still much debate regarding Climate Change. Surely it is not difficult to see how Humanity is disrupting Natures intricate systems.
Lowering emissions will help but not quickly enough.
In July I participated in a course to learn about organic soil improvement and was very pleased to learn that there does exist a process that has shown itself as an effective way to drastically lower atmospheric CO2 levels.
Soil microbiologists have enough understanding of the soil to be able to inoculate the soil with many beneficial organisms that will actually take CO2 out of the atmosphere. 1% increase on 500 acre property removes 17,000 tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere. 1.6 % increase of carbon in the worlds agricultural soil will bring our CO2 down to 300 ppm.

There are also added benefits - 1% increase in humus means that soil can hold an added 170,000 L of water per hectare and combines with nutrients making them available for plants.This has the added advantage of healthy soil> healthy plants>healthy animals> healthy people.
If we act now this can be done quickly enough to possibly stabilize world climate. With the added benefits - healthy soil > healthy plants > healthy animals > healthy people
. Our Demands to Government;
1. Place climate change at a no.1 priority for action.
All areas of Government will be effected by climate change Government needs to be aware of what could happen and ready to act. New diseases, threats to infrastructure, threats to ecosystems and agriculture from unstable seasons, extreme weather events. We will be effected in so many ways. There are many issues that if addressed now can only improve our country’s wealth and our world.
2. Educate and aid farmers to implement the practice of organic farming and soil improvement.
3. Reward them for the carbon that they successfully combine into the soil.
4. Use advertising to motivate and show us how our little bit can help. We have all seen the positive effects of well directed advertising.
5. Insist Councils incorporate composting of all organic waste into their systems.
6. Provide us the people with strategies that we can use to prepare for posible problems and help play our part in the solution.

Thank you

14. Remove Super Delegates DNC

With the 2016 election coming to it's final stretch the nominees have been selected by both parties. Both nominees of each of the major political parties have been controversial to say the least. One nominee in specific has taken a large amount of criticism: democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Now to be specific, with recent Wikileaks leaking of DNC emails showing that the party had virtually rigged the primaries in favor of Secretary Clinton. This has led to a large debate among the democratic party members. The major point being the use of super delegates (un-electeded delegates who are free to support any candidate for the presidential nomination at the party's national convention). The reason this is so controversial is that if there were no super delegates, Sen. Bernie Sanders would have more likely been the party's nominee by the popular vote.

So I am proposing a removal of the super delegate title in the democratic party in hopes of future elections being a fair and just representation of the people's will.

15. Give Garland a Hearing

After the death of Antonin Scalia in February this year, there has been a gap in the Supreme Court leaving only eight Justices serving instead of nine. This fact fractures the functionality of the Court, allowing for ties to settle precedents back down to lower courts. President Barack Obama has put forth a nominee to fill this gap: Merrick Garland, currently the chief judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. He has over 25 years of legal experience but has been denied a hearing by the Senate of the United States to consider him.

The Constitution speaks on this as well. Article II, Section II states, “and he shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint… Judges of the supreme Court…”. This shows the responsibility and job of the President to nominate Justices and the obligation of the Senate to provide advice on the decision. By not allowing a hearing, the Senate is denying any possible feedback on the Constitutional obligations of a sitting President. It is their duty to hold a hearing to, at a minimum, give advice on the current nominee.

16. Call for a transparent, non anonymous digital voting system

We the people are entitled to a transparent paper trail of those elected into power.
The days of paper sheets signed anonymously, to be counted by the few behind closed doors should cease.

There should be no shame in our right to vote.

Any attempt to attack our right to vote freely should punishable with the utmost discipline.

17. James Wallen for President

Everyone says they are fiscally conservative and socially liberal, yet in our current system it is impossible to have a candidate that represents this basic principal.

I am tired of hearing that there isn't a good candidate and at the same time I cannot bring myself to grip about problems without offering a solution.

Therefore in the absence of anyone else stepping up, I will run for President of the United States based on The Common Sense Platform.

Every week I will post a common sense solution to a current problem. Regardless of the results of this campaign, my hope is that new ideas and old corruption will be brought to light.

18. Bust the Filibuster!

The Senate of the United States of America is designed to represent all voices and opinions of senators voting on an issue. Debate is necessary to do this, and endless debate must surely be the ultimate way to do this.

Through this logic, we get what is called the filibuster, or a tool used in the Senate by senators to delay or block legislation by endlessly "debating". Most of the time, this open debate is not debate at all, but merely a distraction.

Because of the lax rules and regulations, whoever has the floor (the party majority in the Senate) can talk about or read anything. For example, from September 24 to September 25 2013, Senator Ted Cruz talked for 21 hours, even reading the popular children's book Green Eggs and Ham to protest a bill regarding Obamacare.

19. Dick Smith as Prime Minister of Australia

We Aussies are screwed. Both parties of our political system are both corrupted, dysfunctional, incompetent and seek to serve big corporate business and themselves rather than the people.

On one side, the LNP, we have an unelected by the people Banker/ Lawyer worth over $100 million who is deeply involved with Goldman Sachs.

On the other side we have a questionable Union lackey who's party's answer to the economy is to raise tobacco and alcohol tax.

Both of these parties have well demonstrated not only their incompetence but their total disdain for the electorate by lying to the public and refusing to implement the will of the people.

Aka, the selling of major Commonwealth assets, the push for a big Australia, (1 million immigrants in 3 years), the signing of the TPP and draconian laws to benefit corporations not people.

Over the years Dick Smith has been a vocal public figure on policies such as the Big Australia policy, Australian food from Australian producers for the Australian people and many more patriotic campaigns.

Dick has never been a politician.

We need people like Dick Smith to help shape the future of Oz. Not career politicians serving unknown Masters who are usually either Bankers, Unionists or Lawyers.
We need a change. Please help bring about this change b signing.

20. Stop Manipulation of the Population by Mainstream Media and other news groups

What is Selective Media? News and Media in today’s society don’t portray everything that occurs with equal coverage.

For example, a lot of news and media don’t show to the audience all of the deaths of American soldiers or civilians that are being killed. News stations try to avoid these events by showing the audience other news that don’t have to do with the war that is currently going on in today’s world.

During a study that looked at how different races/ethnicities were broadcasted at sports events such as the Olympics, Asian athletes were depicted by the commentators by cultural stereotypes.

For the 1993 World University Games, a white commentator guided the viewers throughout the whole thing, rather than having racial equality on the broadcast.

These are some examples of how media and news are sometimes racially unequal at sport events such as the Olympics.

21. End Presidential Campaigns '16

The 2016 US Presidential race surpasses the usual political nonsense. The candidates are proposing dangerous and impossible platforms. Supporters of various candidates have warned of inciting riots, civil war, and world war if their candidate doesn't win.

There is a growing movement for vacating the vote or writing in "nobody". There are viable third-party candidates but the "establishment" controls the media, voting polls, and even ballot access.

There is even a guy with a boot on his head promising ponies and time-travel, which is more viable than some of the other plans set forth by front-runners. There is no hope for reasonable voices of American people to be heard in this election cycle.

22. OMB Reform

Municipalities across the Golden Horseshoe are working together to accomplish one thing... reform the OMB.

Below is a sample of the motion that is being presented to Councils:

WHEREAS municipalities spend an incredible amount of resources and taxpayer money developing an Official Plan; and

WHEREAS a municipalities Official Plan is ultimately approved by the Province; and

WHEREAS it is within the legislative purview of Municipal Council to approve Official Plan amendments or Zoning By-law changes that better the community or fit within the vision of the Cities/towns Official Plan; and

WHEREAS it is also within the legislative purview of Municipal Council to deny Official Plan amendments or Zoning By-law changes that do not better the community or do not fit within the vision of the municipality's Official Plan; and

WHEREAS planning decisions may be appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board (“OMB”), an unelected, appointed body that is not accountable to the residents of the Greater Golden Horseshoe; and

WHEREAS appeals of OMB decisions are limited to questions of law, not the findings of facts in a case; and

WHEREAS all decisions—save planning decisions—made by Municipal Council are similarly only subject to appeal by judicial review and such appeals are limited to questions of law;


So I just come across a Facebook post about Patricia Hewitt trying to change the legal age of sex to 10yrs, sorry but this is BANG OUT OF ORDER! I don't know the full story as I have not read it and I don't want two.. but it's bad enuff with the legal age being 16, and all the rape happening and his person van have the balls to try changing it to 10yrs..

No I don't think so mate so I made this to put a stand about it and get the public to support this with me as it us very bad and it needs stopping.

24. David Cameron should Resign

David Cameron has always stated he wanted to remain in the EU.

25. Yo/Dear Pennsylvania, Stop Governor Wolf from Allowing Syrian Refugees into PA & the USA!

I AGREE WITH THIS PETITION! WE should not allow for Syrian Refugees to come to Pennsylvania! Or the USA!--- As Governor Tom Wolf and President Barack Obama Propose!

The Risk of Harm to Our Pennsylvania & National Community is too Overwhelming and too Great because WE cannot distinguish the Terrorists from the true Refugees, and the Terrorists Know That and seek to Benefit from That!

WE are Country Open to Immigrants---Not Infiltrators focused on Destroying US(A)! Our Politicians' "Public Interest" obligation to uphold the principles of our State and Federal Constitutions is an obligation bestowed upon them by US by Election---However, WE have always balanced the Public Need against that of the Individual Need. Public Safety always tips The Scales Of Justice in Favor of the Public Need. That's why this Proposal of the Governor makes no sense!!! Thirteen (13) Governors of other States are refusing to allow Syrian Refugees into their States at this time. WE, as Pennsylvanians, MUST DO the same. WE are a Country that was made and still welcomes Immigrants---WE cannot welcome Infiltrators whose way of life is set on destroying OURS. Until WE can differentiate Refugees from Terrorists, WE must keep them all out.


26. Remove Wasserman as Head of D.N.C.

remove Debbie Wasserman-Schulz, effective IMMEDIATELY, as chairwoman of the DNC, Democratic National Committee.

27. Reject the current supposed refugees and economic migrants

We must not follow the dictat from the EU and we must stand firm and reject the illegal and often violent forms of entry into our borders.

Sign this petition to say enough is enough and stand firm for Britain.

28. CNN: Use the most recent polls to decide who participates in the GOP debate

CNN is using data collected from July to determine who will face off in the Republican debates this September. Due to this policy, those who have climbed in the most recent polls will not be able to participate.

Likewise, those who have declined in numbers are taking the spots of candidates who have earned their right to speak on the main stage.

Please rewrite this decision to be fair to the potential nominees, and to the registered voters who have to make a hard decision next election.

Thank you.

29. Change the British National Anthem

This is a petition to the UK government to change the British national anthem from God save the queen to land of hope and glory as God save the queen was written as the anthem but most people be live that land of hope and glory installs a more national pride.

If the current government is serious about change for the people then let them show it by removing a out dated song and replacing it with one that makes us all proud to be British.

30. Support Prayer/Contemplation before Canadian Civic Council Meetings

The Supreme Court of Canada recently ruled (April 15) that opening and closing council meetings in Saguenay Quebec with a Catholic prayer violated Quebec's provincial human rights act.

Edmonton has a worldwide reputation over 35 years of opening City Council meetings with a prayer or chant or musical presentation from one of the 13 + various faith traditions found in this community of 1.3 million residents.

This long-standing inclusive practice strengthens our community by building an environment to foster respect and understanding for Councillors, City Staff and meeting attendees. Ideas for the future include inviting rep. from the atheist/agnostic community to offer a reflection, moments of silence after any/all contributions to create a positive atmosphere of clarity, gratitude and mindfulness . ( for the liberties and freedoms we enjoy as Canadians)

It is my understanding that the purpose of The Charter of Rights and Freedoms is Tolerance, Freedom and Equality. It applies to corporations as well as individuals.

The Charter states that "a law will be found to restrict expression if it has the effect of frustrating the pursuit of truth, participation in the community, or individual self fulfillment and human flourishing" ( Limiting the Right )

The Charter ( 27 ) "This charter shall be interpreted in a manner consistent with the Preservation and enhancement of the multicultural heritage of Canada."

According to the Edmonton Journal "City lawyers want Edmonton councillors to temporarily cancel the prayers that start their meetings for fear the practice is unconstitutional". The April 28 agenda calls for a motion to not have a prayer.