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Challenging our government to be "Exparte" and "Extraordinary" , Primacy of Place for the Bahamian People, move to provide policy and leverage your decision making.

2. Extend the Duty Free Date of October 31, 2017 to March 31, 2018

The October 31st, 2017 deadline is simply not enough time. The majority of residents of the Turks and Caicos Islands, require time to assess and understand what is needed to rebuild their homes. They need to allocate funds, find suppliers, and have items shipped to the island. All arriving on island by the deadline of October 31st, 2107. This after a category 5 hurricane followed by another hurricane 2 weeks later. This is simply not enough time.

We are requesting the government of the Turks and Caicos Islands extend the date to March 31st, 2018.

Instead of the following:
Message from the Customs Management Team;

The general Public is hereby advised, that all importations made under the Customs (Import Duty Exemption) Order 2017, which expires on the 31st of October 2017, does not require the prior written approval of the Collector of Customs. Individuals are not required to request these exemptions.
The Department has created a specific Customs Processing Code 494, which when entered into the system will automatically calculate the Customs Duty and the Customs Processing Fee at 0%. This code has been provided to all Brokers. As a reminder all importations require the assistance of a broker to make a declaration on behalf of the Importer. The exception is for importations made by the Turks and Caicos Islands Government, and importations which include only three commodities, in which case you may visit our Providenciales office to utilize the front terminal, and limited assistance will be provided by an officer.

3. Eliminate Filibusters in Senate

Over the years the Senate has been known for their actions, especially their growing use of filibusters. Filibusters are a way in which the Senate avoids discussing the incoming laws passed down to them after being approved by the House if Representatives. In order to avoid the unwanted laws, they discuss irrelevant topics and waste time to allow the composed issue to be dropped. This effects everyone, for they are continued to be paid from the money of the taxpayers. Middle- class people are losing out on the unpassed laws by the Senate that would benefit the class, for in 2007 over 500 issues were not passed due to filibusting, which President Obama addressed himself. Let's put a stop to this growing issue that is wasting the taxpayer's money and leaving issues unresolved.

4. Please respect vegetarians and vegans

I am completely meat-free and I am very nearly vegan. I love France. However, I have to admit that one of the downsides of France is that, as a country, it does not hold a vegan friendly climate. There is a law now that requires all protein in school meals to be of animal origin. There has also been a crackdown on veganism since a child died due to being given a poor diet by their vegan parents. I would say that the child's death was more likely to have been the fault of the parents not providing the correct nutrition for them, not veganism in general. It is possible, I believe, to have a healthy vegan child. If this were a case of omnivores not providing the correct nutrition for their child and child dying and/or getting ill because of this, would the French Government start cracking down on the omnivore diet/omnivores in general?

5. Remove Trump from Twitter

Trump threatened NK on twitter and according to twitter that is a violation of their terms of use. Here is what it says about hateful content.
Hateful conduct: You may not promote violence against or directly attack or threaten other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or disease. We also do not allow accounts whose primary purpose is inciting harm towards others on the basis of these categories.
Examples of what we do not tolerate includes, but is not limited to behavior that harasses individuals or groups of people with violent threats; wishes for the physical harm, death, or disease of individuals or groups; references to mass murder, violent events, or specific means of violence in which/with which such groups have been the primary targets or victims; behavior that incites fear about a protected group; repeated and/or or non-consensual slurs, epithets, racist and sexist tropes, or other content that degrades someone.


The Australian energy regulator's state of the market report identifies rising gas prices as one of the major factors pushing up electricity prices the report finds that the exportation of liquefied natural gas has caused significant disruption to the domestic market and caused record high electricity prices.
The report also points out that Queensland supplies 70% of gas in eastern Australia but a whopping 58% of that is now being exported from Queensland by exporters such as Origin, Santos, and Shell.

7. Health Care

The American people to stop paying for government health care insurance

8. Increase Your Businesses Cybersecurity Product Sales to the U.S. Government

We are encouraging small business owners to sign our petition to make it easier for companies to sell and government agencies to buy cybersecurity products and services.

Presidents Clinton, Bush, Obama and Trump all claimed that cyber-attacks are our nation’s greatest threat. In response, they all signed executive orders requiring government agencies and departments to beef up cyber security. These orders mandate that all agencies use the cybersecurity standards established by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). While NIST has defined cybersecurity best practices and requirements, they DO NOT define specific products that satisfy those requirements.

Agencies, especially the smaller ones, are having difficulties procuring the equipment to meet those standards. Hackers target these vulnerable agencies to penetrate other agency’s databases.

Cybersecurity procurement codes are essential to secure our nation’s data.

Because the GSA lacks Cybersecurity SIC and NAICS Procurement Codes, agencies must go through the time-consuming process of writing RFIs, RFPs, and RFQs. SMBs have a hard time participating in that process because of the time and cost to participate.

Schedule 70 (GSA) needs to incorporate sub-procurement categories for cybersecurity specific hardware and software from which agencies can easily find and purchase what they need.

9. Apology to America for Canada's Prime Minister

An apology to the United States and soldiers both American and Canadian for the actions of our Canadian government and their decision to pay 10.5 million to a convicted combatant against Canada and it's allies. For Canadians who are ashamed of their Prime Ministers actions and the secretive way he went about taking tax dollars to aid a combatant who fought against Canadians and Americans alike.

10. Stop Muslim attacks!

The 2017 London attacks are just the straw that broke the camel's back. We need to act!
Governments need to bring in Marshall law, conscription and decisive military responses to all the attacks on innocent families worldwide.

11. Gratuitous change of Cross River State logo

The new Cross river state logo is totally uncalled for. 50 is not a destination contrary to what our governor thinks and according to the Crossriverwatch, destination cross river talks about a serene, calm place for tourism and commerce .
There are more pressing issues in the state and the logo doesn’t even come close to them. Citizens complain of lack of security, lack of water despite paying bills, deteriorated hygiene, state library and roads. The journey of Airtel should better inform that rebranding without actually putting things in place yields nothing. The issue is not in the logo but in the administration and leadership.
Comparing the new and old logo, a bull is very fierce animal and in no way represents the good nature of the people of Cross river, ironically, it rather shows the present state of the state since this new administration. The former logo has a dolphin, a rather peaceful, friendly yet smart animal and this indeed is a true representation of a true Cross Riverian. The colour red signifies danger, there is a reason red is used for danger signs. The blue colour of the former logo represented calmness and evidently the colour itself is very soothing.
Finally in the aspect of creativity, the former logo is a thousand times more creative compared to the present one. We like to appeal to the Cross River State government to please continue with the destination Cross River logo, seek understanding of it’s representation and work to restore the lost glory of the state.

12. Close Yeovil College Somerset

Yeovil College is a disgustingly failed establishment.
All they are is just a Foundation Learning Dump and whilst all the real educational foundings were failing, they considered it cool to go ahead and suddenly grab themselves a Spanish A-Level, almost just to say "See, we are OK" ???!!!

There is also a University Centre which takes up valuable space and time, giving gullible hormonal teens fake degrees!

Proving this is indeed an extremely valid Petition and that closing down Yeovil College is urgent! So come on folks, lets rally up!

13. Higher Education Lower Price

From the humble origins of providing higher education to WWII Veterans to institutions devious use of the Psychology of Money, Americans have found themselves demanding education, but receiving it at a hefty cost. The old adage goes, “you have to spend money to make money”, but at what point is enough money, enough? It is time for Americans to rally together to reduce these costs for the collective and future generations. We must make our voices heard and work with our government to develop effective and efficient solutions for higher education funding.

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14. President Buhari Address The Nation

In June 2016, President Muhammadu Buhari embarked on a medical trip to the United Kingdom for what his aides described as treatment for an ear infection, he was meant to spend 10 days on the trip but alas, Mr. President failed to return on the scheduled date of June 16, 2016.

In January 2017, President Buhari was hurriedly flown out of Nigeria for an emergency but undisclosed foreign trip, the emergency was so pronounced that his handlers couldn't wait till the date written on the official notice submitted to the National Assembly. While President Buhari was under intensive care and a situation of life and death in the United Kingdom, his aides kept lying to Nigerians that he was 'hale and hearty'. The trip which was billed for 10 days ended up taking 49 days with rumours of several aliments which involved blood transfusion, this the President admitted to upon his return.

Since March 10 that President Buhari returned from treatment in the United Kingdom he has hardly made public appearances, and at most cases delegated duties exclusively meant for the office of the President. Of major concern is his failure to attend the mandatory Federal Executive Council meeting for the past three weeks and of recent, his inability to attend the Friday Jumat service- an unimaginable case for a devoted Muslim that he is.

The country is in a state of apprehension especially with reports from notable media platforms signifying that President Buhari may be undergoing severe medical complication but being held to ransom by political jobbers for selfish interest.


Today when I came home I discovered the Skype is no longer working to make free calls. I was really amazed and sad with this situation as I cannot talk to my sick granny.

There are millions of emigrants residing in the United Arabic Emirates and I am sure that I am not the only one concerned with this matter.

Every month I am giving to etisalat 350 emirati dirhams and 250 for etisalat cellphone services. And what I am getting? This big S on my face! I can no longer talk for "free" with my beloved ones at home.

I am living here and I have vacation one time per year and even in this occasion I am not always travelling home. So the only happiness which I had was taken from my hands with a mouse click.

The voice should be heard and we should NOT agree on this type of situation!


The remaining problem is that most internet users in UAE don’t have a choice between the two providers as services in most areas are provided only by one company or the other. Du and Etisalat have been negotiating “network” sharing for three years without any visible progress.

16. Resurrect paper savings bonds

Anyone who may have purchased savings bonds may remember a few years ago receiving a nice paper with the details of the owner, date and value of the bill. A few years ago the option to receive a physical paper bill to show for your investment was abolished and full digital bonds where introduced. I understand the progression into the digital realm, but savings bonds are an investment that require a tangible element to feel satisfaction and confidence in what can be upwards of 40k a year of your potential investment. I was a collector of said bonds and enjoyed having a nice bill to admire while my money sat in the hands of the investors.

17. Right for equal parentage

There are 13 million estimated number of single parents across the nation.(Census Bureau, 2011) While it was studied that 17.8% of custodial parents (approximately 1 in 6) are fathers. Did you know that children without a fathers in their lives are far greater than any other child to be at risk for teen pregnancy, drug use, and or mental health issues (anxiety, depression, emotional disorders). Researchers have studied and concluded that children are 63% more likely to commit suicide in fatherless homes (Bureau of Census, 2017). A study conducted by sociologist has shown that 72 % of adolescent murderers have grown up in homes with an absentee father figure (Cornell [et al.], 2017). Lastly, child abuse is significantly more likely to occur in homes without stable father figures (Census Bureau, 2011)
For many children, the fight is out of their hands. They never had a chance to even bond with their father. If the father is to fight for their child, they are left to fend for themselves. The father must declare in written English why they are the best qualified individual to care for their own child. At which point a judge will then read and “to their best ability, objectively decide who the best parent may be to obtain majority parentage”. I don’t know about you, but this sounds ridiculous! Imagine if some stranger told you to “build a resume” as to why you should maintain parentage of your children. Then for them to “best decide” if you are up to a challenge, regardless of what you say after they have read your declaration. It’s one hurdle after another. It’s said, parenting must remain in the best interest of the child. I ask, how is putting unnecessary strain on a hard-working father in the best interest of the child. The reality is men are being forced out of their own families or what’s left of a family after an already defeated cohort.

18. Carrboro Board of Alderman: Support the Ant-Corruption Resolution

Corruption is legal in America. It is increasingly clear that our elected representatives are not serving average Americans, but are responsive instead to lobbyists and campaign donors who spend millions of dollars to secure favorable legislation and government contracts, leaving the vast majority of us without a voice. It is time we restore We The People as the most important stakeholder in our government, and at Represent Us we have a plan to do just that. By organizing at the local and state level to pass The American Anti-Corruption Act (, we can go around congress to reform campaign finance and government ethics laws one city and state at a time. We are working to pass laws and resolutions across the country right in our own communities, building a wave of support up to the state and federal level. Visit to learn more.

*This petition was created by the North Carolina - Triangle chapter of Represent Us, and applies only to the municipalities listed.



We are living in times of great peril nationally, continentally and globally, in the midst of a deepening social, economic and political crisis, with grave consequences for the conditions of living and existence of working peoples and the poor all over the world.
Yet, as more and more people are thrown into poverty, as the level of hardship intensifies in scale and in scope, fewer and fewer people are seeing their personal wealth increase and having greater and growing proportions of the world’s wealth in their own hands.
In the midst of these global crises of existential proportions, we are seeing the rise of extremist far right ideology and groups, Read more...

20. Make the government pay for everyone to have a puppy

We all need a puppy.


Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat announced a new tiered tax system for motorcycles on 20 Feb 2017. Under the new system, the 15% Additional Registration Fee (ARF) will stay for motorcycles with an OMV of up to S$5000. The subsequent S$5000 of its OMV will incur an ARF of 50%, and the remaining OMV above S$10000 will come with an ARF of 100%.

What is the rational behind this move?
If Singapore's goal is to curb road congestion shouldn't we encourage mode of transport such as motorcycling by reducing the taxes?
Motorcycles do not contribute as much to congestion as cars so why are motorcyclist subjected to the same tax amount as cars?

22. President Trump will prevent threats to America, do you disagree ?

President Trump will ban people coming to America, thought to be a possible threat to America.

Many people have spoke against this. As a solution, we ask that you, as an American Citizen open your home to a family of Immigrants that could be hostile to Americans being completely responsible for them until they can prove they are not a risk to America. You will be responsible for helping them become Americans and to follow American laws.

This will give a family a chance of becoming Americans,
who otherwise would not be permitted.

Thank you

23. Give us light, no more darkness

As a Young Nigerian, for as long as I can remember constant light or even semi-constant light has always been a seemingly impossible feat. Government after Government, promises after promises but no result.
I remember the day, there was a power outage in my estate and my three year old nephew immediately said, 'Nepa has taken the light'. That moment marked one of the saddest moments of my life, to know that children so young have already been introduced to the harsh reality of living in Nigeria.
The most ridiculous thing is that nothing is being done. The main excuse is there is no water to power the dams, Lagos is surrounded by water (which is being sand-filled and built on constantly)
Each and everyone of us sit and criticise the Government in our own homes all to no avail.

It is time for us to take a stand. Our Government needs to know that we would not settle.

24. Stop Trudeau's Erratic Spending

Justin Trudeau promised a modest deficit when he was trying to get your vote. Now that he is in office not only is he not delivering on many of his campaign promises to help Canadians he also tripled his projected deficit. This is called lying to get your vote and then doing whatever suits his agenda while in office. This is not what Canadians voted for. His reckless spending includes 10 vacations in his first year alone, 1300 per person meals, a personal nanny for the kids, various donations to foreign countries.. etc. All on your hard earned dime. How many vacations did you take last year? If you had taken ten and only shown up for work half of the time do you think you would still have your job? When was the last time you took the family out for a 1300 per plate meal? Why is our prime minister using our tax money to do these things for himself and to benefit foreign interests but he cannot deliver on campaign promises like 18 month maternity leave and keeping a modest deficit? The projections have blown the roof off of the original spending plan. Put a stop to Trudeau using your tax money as a personal spending account.

25. I strongly support for Formation of separate SHIA WAQF BOARD in the state of TELANGANA.

Anjuman-e-Alavi Shia Imamia Ithna Ashari (Akhbari), Regd society rep by Moulana Syed Waheeduddin Hyder has filed a writ petition in Hon'ble High Court at Hyderabad on 19-01-2017 for constituting separate Waqf Board for Shia Community in the State of Telangana and through interim order Hon'ble High Court has directed the Telangana Govt., to dispose of our said plea within six weeks. Hence I urge all the members of the Shia Community to support this pious cause and sign this Petition for formation of Separate Shia Waqf Board in Telangana State and safeguard all Shia religious properties.

26. Speak UP! Speak NOW! Make the IWC Health & Wellbeing Stage 2 Development happen!

IWC's proposed Health & Wellbeing Stage 2 Development is desperately needed so this community-run, non-government organisation can continue to build medical and health services for all peoples, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, across Bundaberg and the Wide Bay / Burnett.
IWC is seeking 50% funding support from our Government, and we need everyone in our communities to show THEIR support for the delivery of the Stage 2 Development..

27. No Confidence in the Prime Minister of Australia.

It is Legally unchallengeable that the party system of Government exists and operates ONLY because the Australian people have been DELIBERATELY MISLED into believing that, other than by dictatorship, there is no other way that Parliament could function effectively and efficiently; that despite its MANY FAULTS the party system is the only effective and efficient democratic way of governing this country. THIS IS CONSTITUTIONALLY AND LEGALLY FALSE.
The only true Constitutional and legal reason for the existence, and the only true legal purpose of the Parliament, the institution of the Monarchy, and the offices o the Governor-General and State Governors IS TO GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THE PEOPLE ASK FOR, NOT WHAT OTHERS THINK PEOPLE OUGHT TO HAVE.
The Queen, Her Governor-General and State Governors are directly responsible, NOT TO THE HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT NOR POLITICAL PARTIES, but to the people in the respective Constitutional areas.
The Constitutions of the Commonwealth and States give the Queen and Her appropriate representatives, the sole power and authority, at any time of their choosing, to dissolve the so-called Lower House and send those Members back to the electorate. If directed by the written WILL of the people the Queen or Her Representative, MUST dissolve the Lower House.
This very important paragraph is taken from the work of Arthur.J.Cresby who spent 53 years studying and researching Constitutional Law.. His work entitled" YOUR WILL BE DONE" is available on the internet in pdf form and well worth reading. Please sign the petition and forward a letter of your WILL to the Governor-General. THIS MAY VERY WELL BE OUR LAST OPPORTUNITY TO FIX THE DAMAGE BEING DONE BY THIS GOVERNMENT AND PREVIOUS GOVERNMENTS AND TO REGAIN OUR LAWFUL FREEDOMS.

28. Real Freedom for the USA

Before I get into outlining the history of our government. I do not care who won the election! But we do something about "our" situation.

Our government has oppressed us for centuries. We came to this country to escape the government and we are right back to where we started

Together we can take this country back. We need to start this petition to let our government know we are serious about sitting down with President and telling him exactly what we as a people want to happen, which is fixing the economy {and we can} If we fix the economy we would solve the main problem facing our World

Our problem is not racism it's money. If there wasn't such a huge gap in the economy there would not be a problem with homeless Veterans and others, crime would decline dramatically.

We need to sit down face to face with our President with someone of our choosing, and tell him what needs to be fixed and how it is going to be fixed,

We need to tell them what is going to happen, not just ask them to change it, because they will not do anything. We need to tell them what we need and want done and if they do not we will impeach the government and start all over with normal everyday people who will, not rich people who won't.

Here are some of the problems that need to be addressed and the solutions to fix them.

The economy ~~solution ~~take away the governments' paychecks and reduce the amount of people in congress, boycott the entertainment industry.

The ozone ~~solution ~~ using only brick or stone for building, using only hemp for paper and clothes, using more natural products to clean. Growing hemp will add more oxygen and using brick and stone will help save the trees and is a more stable structure.

Crime ~~ solution ~~fix the economy, by leveling out the playing field so people won't need to steal therefore we would a decrease in murders.


In the last year the number of burglaries has more than doubled and the police have provided evidence to prove this.

The GMP force has had it's numbers dropped from 8000 to just 5000 serving officers, that's after the Cief constable requested their numbers be increased to 10,000. It's therefore no surprise they can't cope and residents across the borough feel unsafe in their own home.

The only way we will get more officers to help make our street safer is by lobbying William Wragg and his government to fund the resource needed. Please sign and share this petition with as many residents possible within the SK6 area as possible.

30. Petition Salisbury council to allow 100% NON FOR PROFIT $10000 carp fishing comp

Due to the soon to be released carp herpes virus, waterways around Australia will soon loose all fishing accessibility for families within city limits and national waterways across the nation.

Our plan is to lobby local council to support a yearly carp fishing competition called the "Mawson lakes $10,000 golden carp comp," so that our organisation can run this event as a " NON FOR PROFIT" gold coin entry donation, to raise money to help fund native restocking and habitat before the virus is released in approx 2018-2020.This will also bring a much needed boost to state economy and will create employment potential opportunity.

We have been informed by several fish related government departments that with council support THIS WILL BE THE FIRST TEST SITE OF ITS KIND IN AUSTRALIA, FOR THAT MATTER THE WORLD! and that funding ( $100,000 though not limited to ) also exists and can be applied for . These grants can only be spent spent on fish and fish habitats,and ecosystems , the grants would be MUCH easier to obtain if we had council /government support to access permits needed for the native fish release and a scientific ecosystem study and grants for restocking and habitat ..

We plan to sell advertising space ( website, banners , flyers , national radio , state/national tv and also vendor sites during the comp ) to all whom are interested, to promote business in SA, and guarantee this event will run on a non for profit basis, with funds raised going back into the project and future comps and also to further projects up stream. We already have the backing of major camping/boating/4x4 retailers/fishing retailers and local tackle stores, major sponsors and fishing distributors and banks.

thank you for your support , and the kids of today will thank you in the future!