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1. No to Photo Radar in Ottawa

There has been a movement to permit photo radar in Ottawa. We believe this to be misguided.

Photo radar will do nothing to promote safety. The major problem in Ottawa is careless driving, not speeding. An example is the growing tendency for drivers turning right to simply blow through red lights and stop signs. This is becoming a significant problem and it is only a matter of time before it causes a major accident. Many drivers don't appear to know, or care, about the rules of the road.

Installing photo radar will do nothing to reduce traffic accidents. What it will do is fill the city's coffers. Photo radar is about revenue, not safety.

2. Kepp GoodWill thrift shop in Ottawa, Kansas

Ottawa is a small town in Kansas, sitting on the verge of being rural. There's not much in the town, and the people in the town don't have much. I recently came across some discussion regarding plans to remove the GoodWill thrift shop.

The reason I created this petition is because, for one, I'm not even a native of the town (nor the state) and I've stepped through those doors many times (along with many others.) Furthermore, this was an outlet to allow families with tight budgets to still be able to provide things like entertainment and clothing for their children. I myself enjoy hunting through the music and the movie selections... I often find titles that netflix or something has no intention on running.

To remove the Goodwill, and not even relocate to a new building, would be to remove a staple that's quite beneficial and possibly essential to several lives in the community.

3. Commemorative Canadian Coin for Nathan Cirillo and Brandon Stevenson at the Memorial

After the tragic shootings at the Canadian National War Memorial for the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier with the honour guard of Nathan Cirillo and Brandon Stevenson, this petition seeks to create a Canadian circulation coin commemorating a scene of the monument with Nathan Cirillo and Brandon Stevenson standing guard.

The petition would be sent to:

Shawn Henderson
Director Product Development
Royal Canadian Mint
320 Sussex Drive
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0G8

4. Change the City of Ottawa Logo

The logo of the city of Ottawa has a subliminal message of three sixes the way the letter "O" is spelled.

This number is known Biblically as the number of the Antichrist in the book of Revelations.

I am looking to start a move to change the logo.

Please help me raise awareness of this terrible un-Godly symbol to everyone in the city and around the world.

5. Nominate Fraser

We have some significant concerns that have not been addressed by the Conservative Party of Canada.

At the founding meeting in November, we believe there were multiple breaches of the Conservative Party’s Constitution in sections relating to the operation of an Association meeting and the election of a Board to represent the Conservative Party members.

The result was that an illegitimate board was formed without following due process or adherence to the Conservative Party’s own constitution.

Breaches in the Constitution at the founding meeting are:
5.4: individuals elected to the board that were not present, thus they could not have shown photo ID

6.3: The meeting did not adhere to Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised – as 29 individuals presently on the board were not nominated or seconded.

7.2.3: There was no “Affirmation of Office” form completed by the members present OR by those absent. This affirmation is required by all wishing to serve on the board – whether present or not.

7.3.3: This section indicates that the:
Member of Parliament , Retiring Member of Parliament and/or Nomination Candidate must serve as a board member. Neither Tom Lukiwski, nor Ray Boughen are on the Board of Directors.

It is important to note that in attendance at this meeting there were: three current Members of Parliament and the meeting was chaired by an operative from the Political Operations division of the party.

The constituents of Moose Jaw-Lake Centre-Lanigan want and deserve a fair, open and transparent process.

Every constituent who has paid their hard earned dollars to be a member of this great party deserves an opportunity to engage the process. To date, they have been robbed of this opportunity.

Immediate action was taken to have these concerns addressed at the following 4 meetings: I met with the Saskatchewan Caucus Representative on November 24th in Regina, November 27th in Saskatoon, January 25th in Kenaston and again on March 13 in Moose Jaw.

On April 3rd an official letter of complaint was sent to the Caucus Representative.
This is in addition to numerous phone calls.

No action. No resolution.

Due to the fact that our concerns regarding the legitimacy of the “elected” board still had not been addressed, I did not send my nomination package to this illegitimate entity.

A copy of our paperwork was completed and sent by Purolator to Ottawa on May 27th – before the stated deadline (received in Ottawa on May 28th). On May 30th an officer of Political Operations sent us an emailed and notified us that my application would not be considered.

On the advice of a former Party organizer an email was sent on May 27th to the Chair of the Secreatariat committee giving a chronological outline of the events and bringing to his attention our concerns.

The Chair’s investigation of our concerns included a phone call to the party officials that chaired the founding meeting in November. We believe that a proper investigation was not conducted.

No action. No resolution.

We believe that the constituents of this new riding of Moose Jaw-Lake Centre-Lanigan want a fair, open, and accountable process. Furthermore, we are confident that the Conservative Party will do the right thing – hit the reset button, go back to the founding meeting and address these significant concerns.

6. End Winter Now

This has been one of the longest winters in recent memory, and there appears to be no end in sight.

7. Redesign Ottawa Senators Jerseys

Over a year ago, Gatineau native Jacob Barrette started a petition that ended up with the Sens taking him up on a design team for the new heritage jerseys. However, the jerseys we regularly wear at home and on the road are still a league worst.

I plan to contact the sens about this after 1000 signatures (Barrette got 1800+), and will include my own concept and three others.

If you have one, send it to me at

8. I Want to Meet Madonna

My lifetime dream is to meet pop star Madonna. I am 38 years old, live in Ottawa, Canada, and have been a diehard Madonna fan since age 10. Throughout the years and amidst life’s ups and downs, she has been the one constant "friend" in my life, providing inspiration, hope, joy, and amazing entertainment.

When I was in junior high, I used to entertain students at lunch time by singing Madonna songs in the playground. Friends and fellow students used to refer to me as "Mr. Madonna." In 2002, when Madonna starred in the play Up for Grabs in London, England, my younger brother and I purchased tickets for the play, booked a flight and accommodations, only to learn that the date for the show we were supposed to attend had been postponed until the day we were to fly back to Canada.

The airline would not let us change our flight unless we paid a substantial fee (which we could not afford), so we had no choice but to spend a week in London without seeing the play. Several years ago, when Madonna was promoting her CD "American Life" in New York City and doing an autograph signing, I was unable to attend due to work restrictions; however, my younger brother attended the signing and met Madonna, much to my dismay. Over the years, I have spent thousands of dollars on Madonna concert tickets and memorabilia. Anyone who knows me will tell you that one cannot mention my name without associating it with Madonna.

As you may know, Madonna is currently on a world tour and will be bringing her show to Ottawa on September 10, 2012. This will mark the first time Madonna has performed in Ottawa, and I literally had tears in my eyes when I learned that she would be performing here. I cannot stand to think that Madonna will be in my hometown and that I most likely will not have the chance to meet her. Madonna, if you are reading this, please "open your heart" and grant me my lifetime dream; that way, I can cross it off my bucket list! Thank you for a lifetime of joy!


Your biggest Italian-Canadian fan

9. Close the Pineview Golf Course

The Pineview Golf course has lost money five out of the last nine years. The Pineview Golf Course received a scathing report by the Auditor General siting gross mismanagement of the site.

The City of Ottawa is reviewing money losing venture and closed down the Nepean National Equestrian Park because it was losing money as well.

We feel the reasons for closing the NNEP should be applied to the Pineview Golf Course and it too should be closed.

10. Bring One Direction To Ottawa!

One Direction has been in places in the UK, America/USA, and many more but not many places in Canada :'(.

So all of you Canadians out there that live in Ottawa Ontario, should sign.

11. Global Stop CHILD ABUSE Awareness Campaign

Vincent M. Libweshya is raising awareness across the globe to provide support for victims of child abuse and to help prevent incidents from occurring by educating the masses.

It is our social responsibility to Prevent Child Abuse by Raising Awareness and Educating Both Children and Adults.

Libweshya Aims To Help Prevent Child Abuse (Physical, Emotional (verbal, Sexual & Neglect), by having schools educating children on abuse in a child friendly manner.

Libweshya Aims To Help Prevent Child Abuse (Physical, Emotional, Verbal, Sexual & Neglect), by educating child related professionals such as Teachers, Day care professionals, After school programs, etc. on child abuse signs.

Libweshya Aims To Prevent Child Abuse (Physical, Emotional, Verbal, Sexual & Neglect), by educating Communities about child abuse, proper & improper discipline and by providing tools and resources to assist with ensuring these resources are available.

Libweshya urges all parents as well as youth to sign this petition and to remember that we all have a duty to speak up & do the right thing for those children who are being victimized.

12. Save the Nepean National Equestrian Park

The City of Ottawa is planning to terminate operations at the Nepean National Equestrian Park by the end of December this year. Their lease is up and they do not want to renew it.

The Equestrian Park is a facility like no other in this area. It is truly an accessible equestrian riding centre. The savings in money for the City is showing as under $350,000.

The NNEP is home to many workers, riders, visitors, amazing volunteers, and the common factor for everyone there is -- the love of horses!

We don't want to lose this beautiful place, in the heart of our City.

13. Change the by-law that prohibits 3 hour parking

The current By-Law 2003-530 prohibits parking on all city streets for a limit of 3 hours from 7AM to 7PM. This by-law is enforced on an on-call basis. It is not enforced on a consistent or regular basis.

The by-law was passed in the 1980's and carried over to the City during the period of amalgamation. Currently if you park your car in front of your residence for more than 3 hours you can be ticketed. In 2011, approximately 31,000 tickets were issued and a revenue of approximately $1,000,000.00 dollars was collected.

There is no other reason needed to ticket you car, other than it is parked on the street for more than 3 hours. Some sections of the city you can buy a permit to allow you to park on the streets for more than 3 hours. There are certain conditions that must be mete to get a pass approved.

14. Legalize Longboarding, Skateboarding, and Inlineskating In Ottawa

It is very difficult to go outside on a warm sunny day without seeing at least one Longboarder, Skateboarder, or Inline Skater. Over the past few years, these industries have exploded, with people of all ages finding new methods of transportation.
According to the Traffic and parking By-Law NO. 2003 - 530, Part VIII [Driving and Related Rules]

"77. No person shall coast on a roadway, whether on a sleigh, skateboard, rollerskate, in-line skate, cart, children's wagon or toboggan

84. (1) No person shall drive a vehicle or ride upon a skateboard, rollerskates or in-line skates on a sidewalk except for the purpose of directly crossing the sidewalk."

Longboarding, Skateboarding, and Inline Skating are activities that youth use as transportation, a method of exercise, and a reason to go outside.

Longboards, skateboards, and inline skates are more convenient to transport than a bicycle, more environmentally friendly than a car, and faster and more efficient than walking.

15. Pass Bill C-393 now and save lives

The acceleration of globalization of the market over the last
three decades, greatly facilitated by the expanding
influence of neoliberalism in international economic politics,
has advanced the internationalization of pharmaceutical
research and has influenced the ways in which it is market,
researched, and developed. In lieu of all the benefits they
bring, the pharmaceutical industry’s biggest companies
face a battle between the goals of corporate wealth and
public health. A small number of corporations have come to
dominate the research agenda and operate in a system
which the relentless pursuit of profit takes priority over
public good. While the majority world suffers because they
are deprived of essential medicines and die of neglected
diseases, people in the minority world still benefit. The
reasons for lack of access are diverse and complex, but in
many cases the high prices of drugs are a barrier to needed
treatments. Prohibitive drug prices are often the result of
strong intellectual property protection (‘t Hoen, 2002). The
devastating consequences of implementing patents on
pharmaceuticals and the influence of the market on
prioritizing research and development has led to a
perpetuation of global inequality.

Thousands die of preventable or neglected diseases like
malaria, HIV or tuberculosis every day (Albright et al.
2005). The reason why not enough attention is called to
the matter is because the people who are dying are too
poor to command it. If the same situation was found in
developed countries it would most likely be lead news every
day and they would be devoting serious resources to
finding a cure as fast as possible. As it remains, just 10%
of the world’s research and development on health is
targeted on diseases affecting 90% of the world’s people
and sadly, of more than a thousand new medicines
developed over the last 25 years, just 1% were specifically
for diseases of tropical countries (Albright et al. 2005).
Similarly, it is Western Europe, North America, and Japan
who make up 80% of the world’s pharmaceutical market
where as Africa is 1% (Robinson, 2001). The people who
need the most drugs are the people with the least access
to them. Therefore, they go without. Little money is to be
made in the developing countries that suffer from disease
pandemics. Therefore, they get neglected.

It is clear that the current state of modern medicine and
the pharmaceutical industry is not well. It needs an
accurate diagnosis and appropriate course of treatment.
The remedy to reversing the effects of the symptoms can
be achieved; it will be a challenge but it must not be

16. Please amend the by-law to allow urban chickens

We would like you to change the Ottawa Bylaw:
to allow hens in rural Ottawa; a few backyard chickens cannot be louder or dirtier than dogs if properly cared for.

A good opportunity for all to get in touch with our rural roots and teach children where the food comes from.

17. Fairness for King George Students and Parents

The Upper Grand District School Board has chosen Waverley Drive Public School to be the home of English-track King George Public School students while the new King George school is being built.

Waverley is located several kilometres from the King George site and the Board is expecting students to walk up to 45 minutes to and from school along and across busy roads, including arterial roads such as Eramosa and Speedvale.

However, due to safety concerns, it is unlikely that many students will actually walk. Many parents will be forced to drive their child to school, causing traffic congestion and safety concerns at Waverley. Parents unable to drive their child may send their child to school on a City bus, but some parents will be unable to afford the cost - more than $600 for the school year.

Parents choose where to live based upon their personal perception of their child's safety when walking to school, and affordability if their child needs to take a City bus. It is unfair for the Board to impose new conditions on the families affected by their transition project. Such Board initiatives should be designed to avoid unnecessary disruption to families, and potential danger to students.

A solution discussed among parents has students continuing to walk to and from a site near King George, and the Board providing a quick 'shuttle' bus between King George and Waverley.

This solution allows the healthy walking culture at schools such as Laurine Avenue and Ottawa Crescent Public Schools to continue, while providing safe transportation to Waverley.

The Board's King George transition project has a budget near $9 million. Most parents of students walking to and from King George have subsidized the busing of students at other schools for many years. Now students in the King George area need busing - for one school year - and parents are being told the well is dry. Surely the board can find the funds to provide shuttle busing to and from Waverley while a new King George Public School is built.

18. It's time for a road diet. Let's make Bronson a healthy street.

Bronson Avenue is scheduled to be totally rebuilt in 2011-2012, with new underground water and sewer lines. This will give the City the opportunity to redesign the surface of the road with the potential for wider sidewalks, more trees, and reconfigured vehicular lanes.

City engineers have demonstrated that they are only interested in cars and trucks.

We need your help in order to rescue Bronson Ave.

Visit for more information and to sign up to receive updates. Also come to our public meeting on Wednesday, November 10 at 7pm at McNabb Community Centre.

19. Rename Louis Riel Drive in Ottawa

Louis Riel was executed for High Treason against Canada in 1885. Having a street in Canada's Capital named after him is an offence against decency and honour.

20. No More Westfest

Westfest is a problem for the residents of Westboro.

The music may end at 11 but the rowdiness does not.
11 pm on Sunday is too late for young students, some who start school at 8 am e.g. at Churchill Public.

High school students are in the middle of summatives and/or exams but find it difficult to study with the constant bass. Houses nearby shake with the bass.
The music is so loud it can be heard 10 blocks away.

People who drive to Westfest park on residential side streets that children normally play on. Did anyone have trouble getting in or out of their driveways?

Byron Avenue is dangerous during Westfest. Without access to Byron's path, pedestrians are forced to walk on Byron Ave (because it doesn't have a sidewalk).
Large trucks that service Westfest park on Byron. There isn't enough room for the cars and trucks parked on Byron, the cars, trucks and buses diverted from Richmond (closed for Westfest), normal traffic, Westfest traffic and the pedestrians diverted from the path.

There has to be a better venue for outdoor music than the Byron pathway.

Why would anyone think it is appropriate to build a stage for rock bands on a residential street, just metres away from family homes? (Would anyone on Byron, Golden or Brierwood like to estimate how close the stage is to their front door?)

People who live in other areas of the city feel sorry for Westboro residents during Westfest. Why? Because they'd hate to have it next to their front lawns.

Who benefits the most? The retailers. Councillor Leadman should appreciate that her constituents are the residents not the retailers.

Once Westfest is over we should tell the retailers who we buy from regularly that we don't support Westfest. After all the residents are the local retailers' "bread and butter".

We're not residents of the Glebe. The Ex has been located there for decades. People who live in the Glebe knew that and took it into consideration when they moved there. Most of us moved to Westboro before Westfest, and even more of us before its timing was changed to June (when many of us cannot escape).

10 pm Sunday - We should have the option of going to sleep if we need to but instead we are forced to listen to the guitar riffs and bass coming through our closed windows loud and clear. Why?

6:30 am Monday - A toddler who doesn't normally cry at this time of day has been wailing for at least 20 minutes. Poor little guy is probably overtired. No point in trying to get more sleep - last year the noise of dismantling Westfest started at 7 am.

Tuesday - Ahhh. Peace and quiet - except for the sounds of birds singing and children playing. Westboro is a place for us to live again.

Please sign this petition so that we can have some hope of maintaining the lifestyle and neighbourhood that attracted us to Westboro in the first place.

Don't be shy. Stand up for your neighbourhood.

As a minimum ask for much-needed changes such as shutting Westfest down at 6 pm on Sunday.

PS GoPetition was selected because of its robust privacy policy.

PPS To see a petition about another Westboro issue please go to:

21. Say NO to further development on Mountshannon Drive

Richcraft is proposing to develop 210 low rise apartment units distributed in 12 buildings with shared surface parking with 288 spaces on Mountshannon Drive in the green space immediately beside St. Lukes elementary school in Barrhaven.

In signing this petition you are showing your concern with the lack of public consultation prior to this point, especially considering prior consultation for development of less units was met with such anger by the residents of our community.

(Note: To see a copy of all realated documents, please type 'Mountshannon' at the following link:

Public Meeting to be held: May 6th 2010, Walter Baker Centre Food Court (2nd floor), Open House 6:30-7pm, Meeting 7pm +).

22. Canadians Against the "Quebec Style" Signage Bylaw of the City of Dieppe, N,B.

The City of Dieppe, New Brunswick has proposed a “Quebec Style” Commercial Signage Bylaw that all commercial signage must be in “ FRENCH ONLY “ or Bilingual while banning English only signage with fines for non compliance.

English and French are both the Official languages in Canada and both Language have Equal Rights and Privileges.

This is clearly DISCRIMINATION against the English language and against our Canadian Constitutional Rights to freedom of expression.

23. School to start in September (not August) in Ottawa

I'm a high school student in Ottawa and I want, like many other students in Ottawa, for school to start in September like it always has.

24. Ottawa Council keep my taxes DOWN this year!

Last year Ottawa Council had options available to them that could have reduced the municipal tax increase to almost zero.

Thanks to the hard work of some, millions of wasteful spending were stripped from the budget with no impact in the community.

When Council had to deal with the parts of the budget that comes with vocal special interests such as cultural groups, daycare unions, and students they voted to go home and leave you with the bill.

One Councillor even suggested that going line by line through the budget was too time consuming, despite the fact that they had already identified over a million dollars in savings after only 2 hours of debate. Another claimed that she wasn't willing to spend all week doing this because she "still had Christmas shopping to do".

25. Douglas Avenue Speed Control

Douglas Avenue is a quiet, family oriented street in Lindenlea. It is only one block long, but there are currently at least 10 children living on this street that are all under the age of 12 (with two more on the way).

There is currently NO posted speed limit on the surrounding roads, and according to the City of Ottawa, this defaults the speed limit to 50km/h.

According to Safe Kids Canada a child stuck by a car traveling at 50km/h has an 80% chance of dying as a result of the "accident". Reducing the speed to 30km/h means that child has a 95% chance of surviving.

The number of incidents of speeding drivers along this street is shocking and unacceptable. We are tired of people speeding through our neighborhood because it provides quick access to Beechwood Avenue from the apartments and other residences along Putman Avenue. There is already a better street one block away (Springfield Road) that provides safer access to Beechwood (because it is wider, longer, and there is a traffic light).

Many of the residents often remark that it is only a matter of time before one of the children is hit by a speeding car.

Many of the speeding drivers are repeat offenders that do it every day.

26. Say NO to Shoppers' Super Store!

This petition is in opposition to the proposed by-law amendment for 181 Greenbank also known as 38 Elvaston.

27. There should be an Abercrombie and Fitch in Ottawa

Well it started when my friend and I wanted a job at Abercrombie and Fitch, we also want to shop ther we spent all last week trying to see if they had an Abercrombie and Fitch in Ottawa.

So please sign this petition maybe they will build one. It can help with fashion across ottawa and they have building space in about 2 months because Tommy and Lefebvre just burnt down Tuesday morning.

I walk past there every day at school and I would love to go there when I go out for lunch I only own 2 shirts and 1 sweater from there because I have to wait 2 years to vistit my aunt to leave ottawa to go to a store.

28. Cold bottled water for Ottawa

I have supplied cold water to thirsty costumers that included Pauls Boat line, RCMP, taxi drivers and many tourists, since June 2005, until present on Wellington St. close to Pauls Boat line at the gate entrance to the back yard of the Parliament buildings.

In three years I have never had a problem selling in this location. The RCMP, Police and bylaws have been aware of my presence.

29. Ottawa....a very dull city but I hope that's all about to change!

Do you live in Ottawa? Are you jealous of how powerful Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal have become? If you are then sign this petition. My goal is to put Ottawa on the map, I mean we are the Nation's capital, or did we all forget?

When it comes to the music industry I don't know where to start artist's and rock bands just seem to skip us...why??? Maybe because unlike Toronto we've only got one arena the Scotia Bank Place while in Toronto you find numerous arena's and performing centres. If you were an artist what would convince you to perform in a city like ours? These "stars'' are looking for a city with an active night-life but the last time I checked we don't have a night-life. So just what makes these few artists want to come here besides coming for their fans?? Who knows...And aren't you frustrated to have to go shopping over at Toronto because they have cheap yet nice clothes and in Ottawa it's the same old plain stuff every year and every month?. Lately Donald Trump has been building a new Trump International Hotel and Tower in Toronto (Anticipated completion is 2008). The first in Canada but why shouldn't it be in the capital? Because Toronto is where everything's at! Not that it's a bad thing Toronto is an awesome place it's been nominated as being one of the most livable places in the world. But as for Ottawa I really don't understand how our city can be this..this..BORING!The only thing keeping us from giving the title of capitalism to Toronto is the Parliament we have here.

Just to make a comparaison Toronto has the Toronto Zoo ...why don't we have a zoo? Not that I have a particuliar liking for zoo's but simple things like having zoo's distinguishes one city from another. With all the gouvernement activities going on in this city, couldnt they spare us some time and make plans to make this city a cultural city I mean you'd think with all these cultures Ottawa would represent its constant growth of diversity and try to bring some life into this city. 5 years ago if you asked me : what is the capital of Canada? I would have replied Toronto. And sadly this is what most people not only in Canada but in many other countries reply.

We must do something about this to save the Nation's capital from being forgotten.

30. 8Th Line Road (Osgoode Ward) Surface Improvements

March 17, 2006

This winter the roads all over Ottawa have suffered from the continuous freeze and thaw. All minor roadways have developed potholes, uneven pavement and bumps to varying degrees.

The 8Th Line Road Over the last few winters has deteriorated and has received no repairs. This roadway has become a major thruway for vehicles of all sizes between Highway 31 (Bank Street) and the East End of the Urban section of Ottawa.

In 1970's it was a seldom used dirt road. Then it was paved with little preparation work. The road has little or no shoulders which can create driving problems.

The following three sections have been an ongoing problem and should be repaired. Repairs not just signage is the answer.

At intersection where Pana Road meets the 8Th Line there are two major bumps, in secession, which will cause a vehicle to become airborne at the posted speed limit. It's dangerous enough with a car let alone a large truck. It's a matter of time before someone leaves the road and gets injured or worse yet hits an oncoming vehicle.

Also around the 2400 section, on the southbound lane there's a long, wide and deep rut that is extremely hazardous. This may cause a vehicle to lose control trying to avoid it.

There is also a series of ruts in the northbound lane, north of Rodney farm Road that again is hazardous. It has in the past contributed to accidents in combination to with drifting snow.