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1. Dysart Unified School District parent notification requirement

On 10/4/2017 Dysart Unified School District was alerted to possible shooting threats at Dysart High school, 3 other schools, and all area schools.

They contacted police and began working with public safety services.

However parents were not directly informed of any risk or threat, and the schools stated “they worked with law enforcement to ensure safety”.

Most parents were not aware of any threat to the schools when sending their kids morning of 10/5 when text message images of the threats began to circulate to the students.

Dysart Unified School district took the liberty to make a judgement call regarding the children’s safety, without informing parents of the possible threat and only circulated a mass message to all parents at 10:25am, 3 hours after many schools in the district had already begun.

It is not the schools right to withhold information from parents, and the lack of their upfront communication resulted in many children feeling threatened and vulnerable.


Tired of the U.S. Government and the media controlling what you can do or think? LET THE PEOPLE SPEAK. We are a nation founded on freedom and why shouldn't we be able to practice that freedom. If you are for the tearing down of the people placing limits on how they can practice their freedom, then sign this petition with you email address. If we get enough signatures then we can make a statement to the people high up and make some change ACTUALLY happen.

3. Delmas Community Radio Project

The Delmas Community Radio Project seeks to establish a local community radio station for the previously disadvantaged groups specifically in the Botleng area. The project is still on the initial stage; the phase of organising locals, and raising awareness for the need of establishing a community radio station.
This first phase of the project has seen the local community managing to setup a Facebook page, ‘Delmas Radio’, as part of raising awareness and building support for the project. The project has also setup a Whats-App group to identify local community project leaders for the radio station. The town of Delmas was established in 1907 by Frank Dumat as a farm community services centre. The name ‘Delmas’ is French and it means small town. The town is also known as the ‘Western Gateway to Mpumalanga Province’ because of its location which is strategically situated on the borderline of Mpumalanga and Gauteng Provinces. The town has since grown to what it is right now with many different communities composed of different ethnic groups. The town does not have a radio station to services the daily needs of the people and the local communities in this area. Locals still make-use of radio and television stations outside Delmas as sources of information which in many instances report and cover issues happening locally.
Community radio has been described as the expression of a small population, and a third voice between the state and private commercial radio. This voice is essential and important in local communities in Mpumalanga as locals get an opportunity to design their own programmes and also produce them unlike in a public broadcaster were programmes are imposed.
Community radio attempts to redefine relations between informer and the informed and to enhance, through the acquisition of simple technology, the feasibility of people intervening in the process of information production. Community radio stations have the ability to correct the distortions inherent in the majority controlled media by acting as the alternative media. It is ironic that local news is reported or covered by external broadcasters who do not even know what it means to be living in a local community and usually lack the context and background of what they report or cover.
Community radio stations have the alternative element associated with its potential to challenge the ‘establishment’, and in giving people an independent voice which is often perceived as alternative and free speech and promote; independence, equality, community participation, and representation.
The Delmas Radio Project is development centred as it a process of change the local community has set in motion governed by the principles whose objectives are to eradicate poverty, injustice and exploitation. This project is a pursuit of development with the participation of the local community; the central pillar upon which policies are built.

The community radio project comes at the appropriate time as it will provide information and knowledge and creating spaces for participatory involvement in local development. This further compounds the fact that genuine dialogue(s) with locals in a community through a radio station can be compatible with extending to ‘listeners’ technical expertise making it easy for the local government and other organisations to communicate appropriately with people.
Community radio is often viewed by way of the role it can play as an agent and medium of development, many development practitioners and communications specialists have tended to consider radio to be the most useful medium for development, the reason being that when compared to television, community radio can be accessed by a large section of the population.


We the undersigned readers, weary of once again opening the morning papers to find but another gaggle of lead stories, photographs, and videos about the latest absurd activities and pronouncements of the current President of the United States; and being all fully cognizant of the media-grabbing, ratings-seeking, reality tv marketing PURPOSE behind such unstartling "news"...namely, absolutely FREE brand promotion; and tired of being played for fools by such obvious devices; and seeking as CONCERNED CITIZENS to read about GENUINELY VITAL NEWS assigned to the top headlines from responsible news publishers and their journalists, editors, and about the more important (and perhaps invisible, while the media focuses on the shenanigans of the President of The United States) events and actions of federal, state, and local governments which are affecting us in our towns, cities, regions, country, and world, for example: What environmental, health, educational regulations are being changed, while the media focuses on "tweets"? How about families being torn apart in deportation? What is happening to our nation? Who and what is falling through the cracks, as the vital safety net that is our federal government, protected by THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, quietly erodes?

5. We Won't Watch (until...)

We rely on journalists to, the best of their ability, pursue truth and inform us so that we can ensure democracy ... however, presently, seeking truth no longer seems to matter. The Media appears to have put money and ratings before journalistic ethics! We have a right, possibly a duty, not to allow ourselves to be used for ratings and money and to ignore our need for the media to seek accurate reporting.
Journalistic ethics demand the pursuit of accuracy, diligence, and avoiding conflict of interest. However, it seems the media has set up its own conflict of interest--money over accuracy and diligence. The media's primary concern appears tobe what will "sell" to whoever they think their audience is to generate ratings! Networks and newspapers appear to have become "marketers" trying to figure out how to rope in their audience by stirring up emotions, saying what they think we want to hear, and pitting us against each other.
The media can hear our desire, by our actions and pocketbooks, for them to abide by the journalistic code of ethics (accuracy, fairness, diligence, independence, accountability, transparency). Let them know you put ethics first and ask them to state they do too! Sign this "We Won't Watch (until...)" Petition, write to the producers and journalists of the networks and newspapers, write an editorial--let it be known that you care about journalism in the news.
News Media Contact information can be found at:

6. Stop the Media lies

The media should have to investigate and prove comments and stories. Not just throw an accusation out and run with it for months. If there is no proof do not say it.!!! Stop trying to brainwash America. Let them know the truth so they can make real decisions. Not decisions based on lies Show some pride in who we are supposed to be. You've obviously forgotten all the lives lost for your right to say what you wish. How bout you stop abusing it!

7. Send Ali Khalil as a coach to 2017 World Championships

Unfortunately our Taekwondo governing body Australian Taekwondo have denied Ali Khalil to be a part of the coaching team to the 2017 World Championships.

Given Ali's coaching history;
• 2x Olympic Coach,
• 3x World champ coach,
• Multi high ranked bench mark events coach,
• 2011 Uni Championships Coach (Australia's first ever gold medal at this event -athlete coached by Ali)
• 2013 World Championships (Australia's first ever gold medal at this event -athlete coached by Ali Khalil)
• Only coach in the Oceania region (and 1 out of 30 in the world) to achieve the highest possible coaching status of Olympic Coach Class.

It is a shame that a late application has prevented Ali as being selected to be a part of the coaching staff for the 2017 World Championships.

Unfortunately this now denies our highest ranked athletes the coaching expertise they deserve.

Ali Khalil secured 3 athletes on team and two of those athletes (Olympians Safwan and Hayder) are the only 2 athletes in Australia who are ranked "podium ready", the highest possible ranking within Australia.

The intention of this petition is not to replace Ali with an already appointedited coach, but to also allow Ali a coaching position on the Australian team.

Please support by signing this petition.

8. Chicago RISE against gun violence

In 2015, having completed an advanced degree, taking notice of the preventable pattern of violence in the streets of Chicago-I presented what has become Chicago Rise to the Mayor, Dept of Public Health, police, State's Attorney, Public Defender, Cook County Administration, the collar area Local School Councils and the Chicago Public School System.

Despite being reviewed by 4 fiduciary agencies and having been found to be a) Solvent; b) effective; c) addressing specific needs that no other program or combination of existent programs can address...the city continues to channel monies into Ceasefire/Cure (knowing they will never work), and utilizing the 4 'gate-keepers' (Tio Hardiman, Andrew Holmes, Rev Pfleger, Minister Louis Farrakhan). Unless they each agree, the city and county board refuse to hear any new ideas.

Since then, 3,500 have been shot. That is just unacceptable. Especially when all agree that there are concrete root causes, and a method to reverse tendency for violence.

I am asking each of you to join me, partner with me, please sign this petition and spread this to as many people as you know. We can no longer count the shootings and deaths which is approaching epidemic levels and resembles that of war zones with guerilla like tactics and bloodshed in its wake. We need an audience with the Mayor and County Board President as well as the State's Attorney (Kim Fox-who I presented to originally). Only the voice of registered voters like you, will influence serious consideration.

We can do better, walk with me. Together, we will find it.

9. Stop CBC taxpayer funding

The Canadian broadcasting company is a taxpayer funded leftist propaganda outlet entirely devoted to demonizing anyone who isn't a liberal. Although they are funded by ALL Canadians via their tax dollars to the tune of 1.1 billion dollars a year, they only represent liberals. They suppress news that doesn't look good for liberals and exploit any opportunity to demonized the rest of Canada. Every broadcast is full of shaming and propaganda. This was incredibly evident during their reporting on the Quebec mosque shooting. They mentioned "right wing". About 100 times (even though he was reportedly an ndp voter). They went as far as saying that all lone shooters have historically alway been right wing (factually incorrect/ outright lie) and that he would argue right wing ideas online, in effort to silence any opposition to liberal ideas online. The worst part was the nazi-esqe demand to Canadians to immediately "shut down" Any "words" that dont align with liberal tolerance (incredibly ambiguous and effectively silencing important conversations and dialogue in a dictatorial way). They also said family members should seek therapy for people if they notice them "changing" in the right wing direction. This is nazi propaganda 101. Are we now facing a gestapo style censorship where we are criminals just for holding any right wing beliefs at all? Is it only acceptable to be liberal and nothing else? Is democracy being traded for dictatorship and socialism (hitler was a socialist btw - debunking CBC false claim that all murderers are right wing)? Why is the CBC pushing this agenda so hard and being funded by our government who is now set to increase their pay? Save us from becoming nazi germany and protect your freedom and your tax dollars from being used to manipulate you.

10. Stop Manipulation of the Population by Mainstream Media and other news groups

What is Selective Media? News and Media in today’s society don’t portray everything that occurs with equal coverage.

For example, a lot of news and media don’t show to the audience all of the deaths of American soldiers or civilians that are being killed. News stations try to avoid these events by showing the audience other news that don’t have to do with the war that is currently going on in today’s world.

During a study that looked at how different races/ethnicities were broadcasted at sports events such as the Olympics, Asian athletes were depicted by the commentators by cultural stereotypes.

For the 1993 World University Games, a white commentator guided the viewers throughout the whole thing, rather than having racial equality on the broadcast.

These are some examples of how media and news are sometimes racially unequal at sport events such as the Olympics.

11. Petition Harris Faulker & Hillary Clinton for an interview together

Hillary Clinton has mostly been interviewed at length by news media outlets whose political leanings are along the same lines, as the Democratic National Convention.

As a voter I would like to see both sides of the political aisle interview and speak with, both sides' media favorites. The voting American citizens should be allowed to know as much as possible about each possible candidate, prior to Election Day 2016.

If there is only one conservative who was ever allowed full access for a transparent interview whom Hillary Clinton's campaign would allow, I petition for Harris Faulkner to be given the opportunity.


I, Steven Stevenson, have been co-anchor of the internet news channel, What Kids Say for 5 years. I recently had an altercation with a reporter who filled in for me when I was late, and they assumed I was not going to show up. I was later fired and condemned to 26 anger management sessions.

My name has now been blacklisted and I have been unable to obtain any lead anchor positions at other news channels.

I want my job back. I need my job back. I am the lead anchor!

13. Bring back Ron MacLean as The Hockey Night in Canada Host

Hockey Night in Canada

If Ron MacLean accomplished anything in suggesting that NHL president Gary Bettman might have played a role in his demotion under the new Rogers hockey regime, it was to shine a light on how business is done in the television world.

In an article published in the Globe and Mail on the weekend, MacLean spoke about his new role as a cross-Canada rover hosting Rogers new Sunday night hockey package. But at the same time, he made it clear that he saw the new job as a step down from being the man at the centre of Hockey Night In Canada.

Not surprisingly, Rogers denied that Bettman had anything to do with MacLean's job change. While we'll probably never know if that's true, it's highly unlikely that shuffling MacLean to the sidelines was engineered by Bettman.

(Yahoo sports edited)

14. Legalize Marijuana: Fight crime, not Cannabis

1. Prohibition has enormous social costs.
2. The benefits of criminalization are minuscule to nonexistent.
3. Prohibition is racist.
4. Cannabis has legitimate medical effects.
5. Legalization won’t lead to increased use.
6. Cannabis is less harmful than alcohol or tobacco.

15. Arrest The Media For Inciting Riots And Violence

Recent debate over the types of photos used to portray black shooting victims exposes a widely held bias that assumes they are criminals, rights advocates said this week as many in the African-American community called attention to what they say is mainstream media misrepresentation in the wake of yet another police shooting of an unarmed black man. Police shot and killed unarmed Missouri teenager Michael Brown, 18, on Aug. 9 in Ferguson, a suburb of St. Louis, sparking protests in the mostly black community against the mostly white police force.

Though some initial media reports showed Brown smiling at his high school graduation in cap and gown, most chose a photo of a stoic-looking Brown wearing a red jersey and throwing what some could interpret as a gang sign, which friends said was simply a peace sign.

Some experts said such media portrayals reveal a pattern of criminalizing black bodies in the U.S. media.

“It’s playing into the bias exposed after Trayvon Martin was killed. Even though young white people wear hoodies too, [George] Zimmerman saw someone who was … ‘up to no good,’” said Rashad Robinson, executive director of Color of Change, a group aimed at strengthening black Americans’ political voice.

“These young people have their bodies criminalized even after death.”

Decriminalization occurs when images chosen by media consciously or unconsciously create a justification for why people of color are killed, he said.

After African-American teen Renisha McBride was shot and killed by a resident in a mostly white neighborhood while reportedly asking for help after a car accident, the media focused on whether McBride was drunk or high on marijuana at the time — a debate that Robinson said glosses over the fact that she probably posed no threat to her shooter.

Many African-Americans feel as if they have to prove they are “one of the good ones” in order to gain sympathy in mainstream America, he said, noting that Brown’s mother told reporters after his death that her son had graduated and was headed for college.

“They have to earn the right for the benefit of the doubt or to be humanized or to gain empathy for their family,” Robinson said. “This is how the media views the humanity of black people, their dignity in life and in death.”

Exacerbating the problem, Robinson said, are media portrayals of African-American men in narrow roles.

It was nice watching Ed Schultz have to eat crow, because he got caught dead to rights. He knew full well that he edited Perry's speech to purposely leave off the debt part in order to try and brand Governor Perry as a racist. Do you all see a pattern forming with all of this? There is a reason why I harp on and on and on about not trusting the national media. I remember watching Andrea Mitchell of NBC and MSBNC reporting at a Sarah Palin Going Rouge book signing saying that the people standing in line "were mostly white" like what that have to do with anything I'm not sure. With all that said, it doesn't surprise me at all that NBC News edited the Zimmerman 911 call and took out what the 911 dispatcher said with the intent to try and paint George Zimmerman as a racist. It's just another example in a long line of shameful race manipulating tactics passed off as "journalism" by NBC News and the national media in general.

At what point does all of this start to backfire and people in the media are held accountable for there actions as you would a Law Enforcement Officer or Public Official. At what point do you cry wolf so many times and beat the race issue into the ground that you make the problem worse.

16. All Children Need Their Fathers

Bita is six years old from Iran, and when she was two years old moved to Sweden with her parents. Her parents divorced because of a lack of understanding, then her father sent to a faraway location by the Sweden immigration, and although Bita had perfect emotional attachment to her father, she has been far from her father.

Her father sought help to see her from the department of social services in the city where Bita lived. Bita could see her father just 4 hours per month in the one place that it was determined by the department social services.

The court gave Bita's custody to her mother because her father didn't have a resident permit in Sweden, and the immigration office is trying to return her father to Iran while they know that he is facing the risk of torture and even death in Iran. And now Bita is 6 years old and she is in risk of losing her father forever.

17. Stop Negative News Reporting

Do you really need to hear about all the negative events that happen in your local city?

Are you tired of hearing about random shootings and crime that make stories on the local news? Let's put a stop to this ridiculous un-necessity.

18. Allow readers of the Post-Journal to view full articles without a subscription

In March 2014, the Post-Journal, a newspaper based in Jamestown, New York, began charging viewers to read the online version of their newspaper. Now, one can only view a very short snippet from each article.

For several years, people have been able to read the online newspaper for free. Now, the costs are outrageous ($150 for a 1 year subscription), especially for those who only view partial content and are not interested in "full access."

Additionally, there are several former residents and/or people who are tied to the Jamestown, New York area that want to keep up with what is going on, but are now unable to for free. Those who share articles on Facebook or Twitter or e-mail cannot effectively share articles to those who are not subscribers.

19. No school on Friday

Students should have Friday Off of school because students get a two day break but they go to school for five days every week. It will give teachers an extra day to get work done with having to watch a class and will give kids an extra day to be kids and have fun with their friends.

Imagine if you have two kids one in middle school and one in elementary and you have planned to take a mini vacation and want it to be a three day vacation but in order for that to happen you kids has to miss school and then have a lot Of work to make up. So you might as well just not take the vacation and then you don't have a lot of time to spend with your family.

This would not have happened if student had Friday off, they will still get a good amount of education and a good amount of family time. some states do not go to school on Friday but most do.

20. No to Palestine!

21. Restore WIN TV Canberra produced and presented local news

WIN TV has downgraded its Canberra local news service by not replacing its news and sports anchors. All Canberra local news bulletins are now produced and broadcast from Wollongong by people who may have no links with our city.

The Tuggeranong Community Council believes this will eventually have an impact on the quality of news coverage in the Canberra region.

The TCC fears it will also lead to the closure of the WIN Newsroom in the National Capital with all news production coming from Wollongong.

22. Stop Excessive Tax rates and Delivery Fees for Electrical and Gas Usage

Electric and Gas companies are charging every consumer resident almost 80% more to use electricity and gas services. Your actual monthly usage is low but once your utility company adds on their taxes, recovery and delivery fees your bill is triple the amount and it is unfair.

MPSC (Michigan Public Service Commissions) has given your utility company permission to constantly increase their rates thereby charging you (the consumer), the same amount of charges they would bill restaurants, hospitals, your local shopping malls, government buildings,etc. This should be considered discrimination.

With the economic downturn and the recession the United States is facing, it should be unconstitutional to rob citizens in such a hard, economically destroyed country. Sign this petition to get the rates, taxes and fees lowered to a fair and just amount decreasing your bill by 60%. Say no to paying the same amount of charges as businesses vs. residential.

23. The Jay Lindsey Recording Contract Petition

Jay Lindsey is an incredible R&B singer/songwriter who's talent is simply pure genius. He has been in pursuit of a record deal for many years, but in the music industry, more often than not, it's not a matter of what you know, but who you know.

Jay Lindsey has been singing since the tender age of 4, starting in the church with his family gospel group, "God's Chosen," lead by his mother, Reverend Sandra David. This amazing artist later ventured to New York City, where he was noticed by rap legend Big Daddy Kane, who took Jay Lindsey under his wing, and put him in the music video for Kane's single, "Hold It Down." He would go on to be noticed by the likes of fellow R&B artist Tyrese, who calls him "The Truth," Dru-Hill member, Jazz, as well as multi-platinum group 112, who took to twitter to label Jay Lindsey as BOLD, AUTHENTIC, CREATIVE, and HEARTFELT, after they heard his song, "Last Words Before Suicide."

In a way, Jay Lindsey is somewhat reminiscent of the late great R&B legend, Donny Hathaway, because of the pain that he intertwines between his lyrics and melodies. Other songs, such as "4 A Long Time," which is the first cover song Jay Lindsey ever did, showcases some of Jay Lindsey's vocal abilities. This extraordinary talented artist has endured homelessness, slept in abandoned buildings, sung on the streets of Hollywood Blvd in the cold and rain on many occasions, and more... all for his dream of being an official professionally signed recording artist. Jay Lindsey may not have a huge fan base at the moment. Due to limited resources, this artist has not been able to make a professional music video, or promote his music like he would like to, but his talent speaks volumes, and quite simply... the kid is good. He knows his music, and deserves a shot. This talent cannot keep going un-noticed, so today we come to you, the people.

We're asking you to stand with us in our fight to help this talented artist dream of finally securing a record deal, a true reality. Please go to You Tube. Once your there, type in "Jay Lindsey Campaign," and listen to that song. Then type in "Jay Lindsey Last Words Before Suicide," and hear that song as well.

The one thing you'll immediately notice is this artist remarkable talent. You can stand with us today, by signing this petition. It's time for us to love one another. It's time for us to help one another. Let's help Jay Lindsey's dream become a reality. These signatures will be seen by the Interscope Records, and many other "green lighters" in the music industry. We thank you in advance, and may God continue to bless you all.


Pakistan is a Islamic Republic nation which came into existence on the name of Islam. Pakistan constitution was reviewed based on Islamic sharia law.

Pakistan has population exceeding over 180 million people from different walk of life however what bring the whole nation in common is the religion Islam. Islam is the heart of Pakistan, without Islamic laws Pakistan is not Pakistan. Pakistan throughout the history since 1947 has been successful as fastest growing nation in technology, education, defense, Culture, Tourism, industry etc. The reason Pakistan was succeeding was because people knew this country has a bright futur , and people with that mindset use to invest their time, money and most of all their valuable potential of their knowledge in Pakistan so our country can benefit from it. Every culture in Pakistan had respect for different culture.

People from all over the world used to come to Pakistan to tour Pakistan, People use to participate their knowledge in different industry so Pakistan can flourish in economy. With passion people use to play sports and take initiative in going into navy, army etc. People from different country use to take advantage of high standard of education system in Pakistan. There has been many successful leaders of Pakistan throughout the history however some of the corruption started in Pakistan in late 80s and 90s but things were still not bad as they are right now. With the right leaders things gradually improved in 1999 when Musharraf came into power and slowly Pakistan was developing as a nation in every aspect of good achievements for Pakistan.

However one by one those good moments from Pakistan was melting like a cube of ice melting as the time continues. One of the biggest reason Pakistan has suffered is because of The news media which brought more negativity by only telling the negatives in Pakistan , splitting views of people , confusing people , Dividing people by making politicians fight on personal likes and dislikes. This news media has totally damaged the view of Pakistan as being a progressive nation. If you go search on Wikipedia every news channels broadcast on our television is privately owned channels, which has no proof of any non-relation of the owner with party leaders. Anyone can buy a portion of time by paying channels to express their views by hiding the realities for their own benefits so i think there should be a law which should limit the channels by making them non private so people from different walk of life invest in the channels and so channels cannot broadcast something for their own personal likes , dislikes or being attached to one view.

All my friends who love Pakistan as a nation Please sign this petition so The supreme court can take action so we all can have respect for our identity as Pakistani by focusing on realities as well as positives and by not getting divided by looking at different private news channels. Please Sign this petition.

25. Stop the Blackout of WTHR to Dish Network

Dispatch Broadcasting wants to charge Dish Network a 350%+ price increase to carry their channels! Dish refuses to pass that fee on to their customers so they have declined Dispatch broadcasting's offer and now Dispatch Broadcasting has blacked out WTHR, Indianapolis' NBC affiliate.

Dispatch Broadcasting and WTHR claim that the consumers aren't losing out because we can acquire their signal for free with a digital antenna. This is NOT true as many people, including myself, get every channel but WTHR! They also claim that we can stream it online, and yes we can, but I for one am hearing impaired and there are no captioning options for streaming live TV.

Dispatch Broadcasting is putting greed over providing for their loyal viewers. They may be trying to punish Dish Network, but in the end its only the customers who lose out!

Dispatch Broadcasting runs free over the air channels and wants a huge price increase for a FREE channel! These channels are filled with commercials and advertisement which should MORE than provide enough income for them!

26. Change the "God Particle" to the "Love Particle"

Which is harder to find the higgs boson or love?

Therefore I believe love is a "good" analogy for the higgs boson. Life appears meaningless until "love" joins it, and things have little meaning without love, therefore the higgs boson could be metaphorically renamed as the "Love particle".

How do people long for love but never find it, it finds them. For love still exists in space where there is no gravity.

Unless you believe in love, you will never find it. If scientists never believed the higgs boson was possible, would the multi-billion pound LHC have been built?

...and when many people refer to the God particle, it feels more of a insult to believers, as how many people who distinctively believe God does not exist will look for a particle they don't believe exists? It appears to misrepresent both parties. The higgs boson particle is thought to be associated with a field that is responsible for giving other particles their mass.

Please can we stop misrepresenting knowledge and respect, that science and religion can co-exist together. That one must cease. Love is the highest respect possible. I love science. I love God, I love you. But to prove love, would require a more powerful experiment than the LHC, it requires life.

The "Love Particle" explains how we can finally move on and not be stuck with backward ideologies.

(Apologies for wording, this is my first petition).


At the request made by the mother of a child sexual victim, the Judge at the High Court in Sri Lanka (Case No 39/2004), made a recommendation to the Attorney General to withdraw the indictment.

After considering all the facts involved and in view of the sheer severity of the damage that could cause to the victim in this particular case, the AG agreed to withdraw the charges. Unfortunately the news papers published the details of the case including false information violating the child's right to privacy and confidentiality, totally destroying the intentions of the courts and causing immense damage to the victim and her family.

This secondary victimization has severely damaged the victim without giving her the opportunity to rebuild her life.

28. Produce more of the childhood cancer drug Methotrexate for our angel's sake

Medication used to treat the most common form of childhood leukemia is in short supply, adding to the largest nationwide shortage of critical lifesaving hospital medications in nearly a decade.

All five pharmaceutical companies that make the injection drug methotrexate, which treats acute lymphoblastic leukemia by slowing the growth of cancer cells, have either slowed and stopped manufacturing of the drug, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The companies have cited high demand or manufacturing delays as reasons for the shortage.

If the shortage continues, physicians and pharmacists fear thousands of children will be left without lifesaving treatment.

29. WJJG is For Smart Shows Only

Not only did 2011 see the sudden death of Joe Gentile, but the removal of intelligent programming and music from weekdays (and even parts of the weekend).

It is totally unfair to get rid of Angry White Male, Job Talk, John DiVita's Morning Show, and other programming that made WJJG an amazing radio station.

Mancow should not be on at all. He is incoherent and his show does not belong on a community radio station like WJJG. Michael Savage should be aired in two hours or removed too, and sent back to WIND.

If you believe that WJJG should continue with original programming and music during weekdays, please sign this petition. This is an outrage and we need to keep whatever we have left of special radio stations like WJJG.

30. No More Media Bias

The mainstream media is full of leftist bias, reporting only what serves to further their statist agenda.

Worse is the media's bias against Israel, condemning them for defending themselves, while subsequently ignoring the true terror perpetuated by the Arab and Islamic communities.