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1. s.o.s.> Secure Our Streaming Rates and Royalties 4 Canadian Musicians<

Canadian Musician's are given STREAMING Rates for their music creations of
$.0011 from Spotify, YouTube and the internet.

In 2003, the Superior Court agreed to alter the definition of "STREAMING" to exclude "Broadcast and Transmission". This gave the Corporations of Bell, Rogers, Cogeco and opportunity to charge 2/3's of Canadians $120.00 per month.

*DID YOU KNOW..It takes over 550,000 Streams to make $100.00 on Spotify, youTube, and social media for a Canadian Musician?

Do You Think This is FAIR???.

These corporations make BILLIONS of dollars in STREAMING our Music Creations, and the Canadian Revenue Agency is first in line with it's hands out for the TAXATION associated with the success of Broadcasting our Music.

2. Greased Pig Contest- Shenandoah Co. Fair

Recently there have been negative opinions expressed about the Greased Pig Contest at the Shenandoah County Fair and there is even a petition circulating in an effort to shut it down. For those who do not know about our event, we support the education of agriculture with local youth by giving them a fun way to learn about agriculture and livestock. Children are given the opportunity to catch a piglet and take it home to raise as their own! The volunteers of this event do everything possible to ensure these animals are not mistreated. Please support this local event and keep agricultural awareness a key factor in our community.

3. Fixing the College Achievement Gap

As college tuition has been on the rise, so has the number of people and entering and graduation colleges. However, this increase is significantly less in those whom are in poverty.

4. #AFairRaceFor2017

Reasonable accommodations can be made available to students with dyslexia when sitting State examinations.

The accommodations are intended to limit the impact of the candidate’s disability on their exam performance, while not giving the candidate any unfair advantage.

Where approval for an accommodation is approved for Junior Certificate, it does not automatically follow that approval will be granted for Leaving Certificate. A fresh application is required in respect of the Leaving Certificate. The application is submitted by the school in May of 5th year. The application is submitted by the school, with the consent of the parent and student. The final decision is made by the State Examinations Commissions.

On May 27th more than 80 students with dyslexia or other learning disabilities were awarded ‘reader’ help or other special accommodation for the Leaving Certificate exams following a review of the refusals of 400 applications for assistance. The starting date for leaving cert 2016 is 8/6/16.

Students should be given the results of their applications as early as possible in order to reduce the stress and upset a refusal can cause, the reasons for the refusal should be laid out clearly and the appeals process should not be still ongoing this close to the exams.

The knock-on effect of this review is that the applications for next year have been deferred to September. I do not want next year's leaving cert students or any future leaving cert students to be subjected to this unfair treatment which is why I am starting this petition.

5. No More Blood Oil

Canada buys oil from countries with horrendous human rights records and violations. Why, when we have enough to be self sufficient and have been proven to have some of the world's cleanest environmental standards?

Did you know The title of ‘world’s dirtiest oil’ goes to Brass crude blend from Nigeria, where the uncontrolled release of methane during the oil extraction process generates upstream GHG emissions that are over four times higher than Canadian dilbit.” Its also the worlds biggest offender of female mutilation/Circumcision.

Saudi Arabia, one of the worst offenders of human rights in the world, has covered up their environmental disasters for years. Easy for a regime with total control over their media and closed to outside influence to do. The largest oil spill on record next to the BP in the Gulf of mexico was over 6 million Barrels spilled into the persian Gulf. In fact, the bodies of water adjacent to these middle east countries are known to be the most contaminated on earth. And everyone knows about the constant burning of wells around the region. Ignited by nations in constant war with each other over this black gold.

And Contrary to what the media tells you The ‘dirtiest oil in North America’ is not produced in Canada, but just outside Los Angeles, where the Placerita oil field generates about twice the level of upstream emissions as Canadian oilsands production. The US is also the 2nd worst country in the world for emissions next to China. How many wars have they funded and countries destabilized in their efforts to ascertain or control oil reserves.

By eliminating the purchase from these extremist countries we can solve so many problems. Not only in their countries, but our own. It will show the world what being Canadian really is. Remove the money from tyrannical regimes. Show strength in our belief of our charter, Unite Canada from coast to coast, and will boost our hurting economy.

6. Save East Runton Funfair

This is a petition to keep East Runton fair where it should be.

It has been coming to East Runton for over 50 years.

7. Protect ORPC Funds for Beachburg

Before the Amalgamation of Whitewater Township various communities all had a financial interest related to Ottawa River Power Corporation (ORPC Funds).

When this entity was sold some communities received a lump sum payout that they subsequently spent in their own communities for their own purposes. The Corporation of the Village of Beachburg decided to take perpetual annual payments rather than receive a lump sum payment. Before entering amalgamation the Corporation of the Village of Beachburg passed a Resolution on November 2, 2000 that required the new Corporation of the Township of Whitewater Region to amend their Articles of Incorporation to provide that these funds be held in a reserve fund by the Corporation of the Township of Whitewater Region for the exclusive benefit of the former Village of Beachburg for Recreation, Waterworks, Medical Centre, etc. in perpetuity.

This Resolution represented the wishes of all Village of Beachburg residents. Because the other communities had already spent their funds in their communities, this was a fair and equitable pre-condition for Beachburg to enter the amalgamated Whitewater Region.

View Resolution:

8. Time for Tax Reform in the US

It has long plagued our country. Everyone who is a lawful citizen knows of this service. A service... almost a comical name for such debauchery. The IRS. The Internal Revenue Service. How does one group decide who is exempt from what programs? Who decides who owes more money than others on which events?

This is what I would like to know. An E-4 in the Marine Corps, Rank of Corporal, with a young wife who is a college student and works at Subway owe money back to the IRS even though she doesn't claim any exemptions, and he claims but one on their respective W-4's. So how is it that they could owe the IRS back taxes of almost 700 dollars at the end of the fiscal year. This occurred in the tax year of 2013. A young Marine who fights for his country, considered a junior enlisted. Combining his income with his wife after the standard IRS deduction of 6,100 dollars their adjusted gross income is 20550 dollars, which is only 5000 dollars more than the poverty line. Just living above the poverty line, and a service member, with a young wife who works at a subway, how can they owe money back to the IRS.

My fellow brother and sister Americans, long has how much our taxes owed been prescribed for us. I say that we demand answers, an in depth audit of the IRS itself as well as demand that we look for new improved ways to do taxes. Most notably in the form of the Fair Tax.

9. Make American DJ ADJ Advantage Points Available Worldwide

ADJ Advantage™ Rewards Program is a very simple straight forward program that awards you points for purchasing and registering American DJ® brand products in the United States. Your points can be redeemed for a wide variety of American DJ® offered items. You are automatically enrolled when you send in a completed warranty card and or fill out the on line registration form.

This is a “web based” program and a valid email address is required for enrollment and administration.

Brian S Redd Video:

10. My English Expired! (IELTS)

Would you pay $350 to obtain a certificate that you already have? Literally $350 to sit in a test you've already passed? According to Australian Immigration . . . My English has expired!

A mandatory test I took in 2010 is no longer valid and therefore I will have to sit the test, paying the sitting fee all over again. So how is it a bachelor or masters degree does not expire, however my English after 3 years is no longer valid?

According to legislation I cannot renew this certificate but will have to go through the entire process again, would you pay full price for a qualification you already have?

11. RKA Highschool Dances

Recently we've had more events during the school year. These events help boost the happiness of students that attend RKA.

A lack of events can really hurt the health of the school. I was told to fight for what I think is right. This is definitely right.

12. Abolish the Electoral College

We need to ABLISH THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE! Not because Barack Obama won, but because it has happened 4 other times.

The Electoral College was good back in the day before there was television, radio and social media. People, then, elected others who were more informed to vote for them. This is now out-of-date because of technological advances making almost anyone more informed. This will force canidates to get in front of more rural communities than favoring more urban areas. Everyone else is voted in because of the popular vote; Why not the President!? This makes eveyone's voice count instead of them feeling like it doesn't!


13. Support the call to the National Trust to switch to Fairtrade Tea

At present NT source their tea from the Yorkshire Tea company which adheres to the Rainforest Alliance policy. This is not Fairtrade accredited tea and therefore does not include valuable terms and benefits for the producers as follows.

• Fairtrade is the only certification system that includes a guaranteed minimum price that covers the cost of sustainable production plus pays an extra premium for investment in the community.

• Fairtrade empowers producers in a way distinct from other certification schemes in that its producers are supported to organise into groups, giving them greater negotiating power. They are also offered better access to information, both technical and rights-based. In this way, Fairtrade tackles poverty and promotes the development of the communities where it is applied.

• Fairtrade is also the only system that allows producers to request partial pre-payment of the contract. This is vital for small-scale farmers as it ensures they have cash flow, can reduce the need for expensive credit, can predict their income, and plan for the future.

• Fairtrade requires sustainable farming techniques. Fairtrade Premiums are often used to train producers in organic and sustainable techniques like composting and integrating recycled materials, which can help them make progress in organic conversion in the future.

14. Halifax needs rent control

With the upcoming ship building contract coming to Halifax over the next few years, Halifax needs rent control that will regulate how much rent will be changed on a yearly basses.

People who live in Halifax should be able to afford and stay in Halifax.

Remove the worry that any one year will bring a unrealistic and unfair financial stress to hard working tax paying families and individuals.

15. Miners should pay a fair share

For years miners in Australia have been getting away with not paying a fair share of tax for Crown-owned minerals. It's about time they did.

We hold this sentiment:

‎"There is nobody in this country who got rich on his own. Nobody. You dug a mine out there - good for you.
But I want to be clear.
You moved your goods to market on the roads and ports the rest of us paid for.
You hired workers the rest of us paid to educate.
You were safe in your factory or mine because of police forces, fire forces and military forces that the rest of us paid for.
You didn't have to worry that marauding bands would come and seize everything at your mine or have a country would invade.
Now look.
You dug a mine and it turned into something terrific.
You mined Crown-owned minerals; you need to pay a fair price for the national collective’s inheritance that you are profiteering off.
Now you keep a Big Hunk of it.
But part of the underlying social contract is you take a hunk of that and pay forward for the next kid who comes along."¬if_t=photo_comment

16. Fairer discounts for right to acquire tenants

The Government has launched a “reinvigorated” Right to Buy scheme for public sector tenants that will provide £75,000 discounts to help social tenants into home ownership. This means that tenant will be given 35% discount and 1% for every year they have been a social housing tenant.

However, this does not include tenants who are under the right to aquire scheme, this scheme offers between £9000 and £16000 dependant on where they live. The government state there are currently no plans for a change in right to aquire discount policy.

So again why is one group of Tenants being treated differently from another group of Tenant. We all Public Sector Tenants.

17. Polytechnic Students Should NOT Pay Adult Travel Fares - SINGAPORE

Currently, students from polytechnics and universities pay twice as much in bus fares compared to their peers in junior colleges (JCs) and Institutes of Technical Education (ITE), who are classified as post-secondary-level.

Polytechnic students, who in all technicalities are doing their post secondary studies, are considered tertiary education students. We end up paying adult fare! Our counterparts in junior colleges get to enjoy the subsidies while we are denied the subsidies.

"With the comparison of MRT concession pass between JCs and Polytechnics, JC student pay about $25 while Polytechnic student pay about $45 per month for the same service." Quoted from Edison Lim's Speech, titled : Student Rate For All Polytechnic Students.

Even as a soon to be polytechnic student, he/she would too have started paying adult fares even before entering a polytechnic. He/she is no longer given student subsidies, even though their age is clearly below that of an adult.

What is most absurd is that, when queried by MP for Nee Soon GRC about student concessions on trains and public buses, the Transport Minister Mr. Lui Tuck Yew, response was that it would cost transport operators $28 million more per year.

Can’t the government fork out the $28 million dollar per year, to provide subsidies for polytechnic students who are doing post-secondary studies? Isn’t the job of the government to provide for the welfare of its people? And would a $28 million pay cut from SMRT’s $895.1 million, or SBS’s $720 Million, affect them? I think not.

18. Ensure a Fair Trial for Zeng Hanlin!

Zeng Hanlin is the former chairman of Guangdong Flying Dragon Group.

In Oct 1997, Guangdong Flying Dragon Group acquired 40% equity shares in Chengdu Lianyi Industrial Stock Ltd (a listed company) for a value of $68 million yuan, and in the meantime also injecting its high quality Flying Dragon High-speed Passenger shares into the listed company owned by Chengdu Lianyi Group.

End of 1999, due to the delayed payment to Chengdu Lianyi Group's for the acquisition, a simple civil dispute was transformed into a Contract Fraud case by the Chengdu police, placed Zeng Hanlin under criminal investigation, issued arrest warrant against him in just 1 week and followed by freezing of all his assets. In desperation, he borrowed HKD80,000 from a friend in Hong Kong and fled to Canada.

Since then, he was proclaimed by China mainland as "Major Economic Crimes Most Wanted" and one of China Police "Top 10 Fraud Suspects", his reputation discredited, condemned by the world and suffered reviled.

17 Feb 2011, Zeng Hanlin was repatriated, the 1st person to be forcedly repatriated by Canadian government back to China.

17 Nov 2011, given the attention by the social communities and foreign affairs department, Chengdu Intermediate People's Court started the case hearing secretly. During the trial, all outside contact was rejected; family members were being refused contact with any case information. In addition to the allowed 2 family members in the court, the rest present at the hearing are all local government officials.

During the trial, defendant's counsel defended Zeng Hanlin as Not Guilty.

Prosecutors and Defendant's Counsel hold opposite views on the fact findings made on this crime case.

Although it is a closed-door trial, there is plenty of substantial evidence to prove that Zeng Hanlin is not guilty.

19. Workers Rights for Volunteers in NSW


There is no law or regulation for volunteers in New South Wales to refer to for assistance when they find that they are not being treated fairly by the management of a charity or not-for-profit organisation, or if they are not able to convince management to review its staff management practices. Some organisations have appropriate grievance policies that provide for complaints to be dealt with by independent mediation and arbitration, but such policies are not compulsory

Many volunteers find that they are bullied and their rights not protected. They have no right to seek help from the Privacy Commissioner, the Ombudsman, or the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). The Department of Fair Trading has jurisdiction over many charities under the Associations Act, but can only act if there is a breach of the Act. The Department has no power to intervene if there are breaches of the Constitution, Code of Conduct or grievance policies. Some charities take advantage of this lack of government power, knowing that the Government cannot intervene. This causes many volunteer workers to end up as involuntary unemployed.

Volunteer work is still work. Workers that receive wages have options when they are unfairly treated by bosses, but volunteer workers can't do anything about their employers. We call on government to protect all those dedicated volunteer workers who give their time, energy, and money in service to others.

Support this initiative - email this link to your friends


20. Fairer Prices at Tesco Kennington Park Road

Tesco on Kennington Park Road has been open for a nearly a year. Most people living nearby do the majority of their shopping in this Tesco local due to time constraints and a lack of personal transport.

There are hardly any value products in store any more and alot of prices are higher than the bigger supermarkets.

The store is so busy they have even added a self service till. We feel that the loyal customer base they have built up over this year deserve to be treated fairly.

21. Help Farmers Save the Canadian Wheatboard's monopoly on grain sales

The Election of a majority government in Canada has enabled the Conservative Party to move forward with many initiatives. Manitoba Premier Greg Sellinger has financed an ad campaign to promote saving the Canadian Wheat Board's monopoly of the sale of grain in Canada.

Canadian Farmers rely on the Wheatboard to control the price of Grain and ensure they are able to sell their grain at fair market prices. Eliminating the monolpoly will open up competition to outside forces like larger American Corporations like Cargill, et al. This will put downward pressure on Grain prices and force many Canadian Farmers out of the business.

As Canadians it is in our best interest to insulate our farmers from outside competition and insure we are able to sustain our current way of life.

22. Protect the Cotton-4

Fair trade is a trading partnership that provides sustainable development for poor producers and workers. The concept has been developed as response to current trade rules, which have not delivered for the overwhelming majority of small and vulnerable producers and poor workers in developing countries. We are writing to you today in honour of World Fair Trade Day, run by the WFTO.

Cotton is the most used natural fibre in the world and should be the ‘white gold’ that propels ten million West African farmers out of poverty. But the West African cotton industry is obstructed by a wall of subsidies paid by the United States and European Union to their farmers. Combined, the US and EU have spent $32bn on their cotton farmers over the past nine years. The result is to dampen down cotton prices for West African farmers, with devastating effects.

With an average GDP per capita of $637, and among the least developed countries on earth, Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad and Mali (the Cotton-4) rely on cotton more than any other commodity for their export revenues. These countries also produce cotton more cheaply than anywhere else – a competitive advantage that logically should place them in a prime position to benefit from the world’s ever increasing desire for cotton products.

In 2003 the Cotton-4 brought this issue to the negotiating table at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) but have yet to secure a settlement. The Great Cotton Stitch-Up, a campaign spearheaded by the Fairtrade Foundation, explains that breaking through the wall of cotton subsidies hinges on reform of the European Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and the US Farm Bill – both of which are under review over the next two years.

23. In the Public Interest: Demand Fair Play for Canada’s Foreign Trained Engineers!

This petition is open to the public. Please sign this petition if you support it.


Recognizing the conflict between self-interest and the public interest, the Professional Engineers Act (1922) gave self-regulating associations the power only to register engineers in Canada and not the right to control who could practice engineering.

However, in the interest of their members these associations lobbied governments for 14 years to control who could practice of engineering! Eventually, the Professional Engineers Act was amended in 1937 so these associations could introduce mandatory licensing processes.


These provincial self-regulating associations designate who is qualified to use the title Professional Engineer (P.Eng). This legislated control over the title of Professional Engineer (P.Eng) means new immigrants possessing engineering qualifications, including those who have received a professional engineering accreditation overseas, lose this accreditation when they arrive in Canada.

In order to practice engineering in Canada, immigrants must navigate a foreign credential recognition process fraught with barriers to success. Applicants must undergo an individual-by-individual peer review of their credentials and must acquire twelve months of Canadian experience under a licensed Professional Engineer (P.Eng). However:

• Engineering associations do not publicly document what criteria constitute Canadian experience. An applicant doesn't know what s/he's going to be judged against. This is a fundamental problem.

• Applicants do not have access to an arm’s length appeals process to question how someone has interpreted their acquired Canadian experience. This is a fundamental right.


In a 2007 case Tchou-San-Da v. Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia (APEGBC) BC SC 1403 and BC SC 1815, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that engineering association’s Bylaw 11(e)(2) was invalid and struck it down because the Bylaw failed to explain the nature and extent of the work experience required by APEGBC for licensing engineers in British Columbia.

Therefore, immigrants face a highly subjective process of Canadian experience evaluation that is not accountable, objective or transparent. For CAPE’s 3,300 immigrant members from 120 countries, all of whom seek to practice engineering in Canada, this requirement is a major barrier to licensing and employment. As a result, only 12% of our members work as engineers in Canada.


This situation negatively impacts Canada as well. In a 2006 report, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) found Canada’s regulation of the engineering profession highly restrictive of competition.

Canada is also a signatory to the two major international regulatory agreements:

• As per the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) (article 1210), Canada has agreed to liberalize engineering services by making licensing requirements fair, objective, transparent, and no more burdensome than necessary.

• As per the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATTS) (TN/S/23), Canada has agreed to reduce and/or eliminate discriminatory licensing or registration procedures in engineering services.


In the Conference Board of Canada's annual scorecard:

• Canada earns a “C” grade with a Labour Productivity Growth of negative (-) 0.9%.

• Canada earns a "D" and ranks last among the 17 peer countries in graduating PhDs. CAPE members are six-times more likely to hold a Masters in engineering, and twice as likely to hold a PhD, than an engineering graduate in Ontario!

• Canada earns a "D" grade and ranks 14th out of 17 countries in innovation. The Canadian economy remains a below-average performer on its capacity to innovate.

This lack of competition and opaque licensing processes are a severe problem for our economy.

24. More Fairtrade Products in Schools - Fairtrade the Fair Way

On average, producers are able to sell only 20% of their output through Fairtrade channels; the rest of it still goes to the ordinary market...thus proving the need for us to buy more products of this nature.

Our petition demands for more Fairtrade products to be sold on our supermarket shelves, regardless of cost, and for more of these products to be available in local schools in order to encourage their sale and set an example for future generations.

25. Cancel Veto power of the 5 countries with permanent seats

Why do those 5 countries have the power to do whatever they want in the world?

Why do only they have the power to cancel any decision from the Security Council?

This unfair for the rest of the world.

26. Cycle tax for safety's sake

The cyclist free lunch needs to come to an end.
I want to send this idea and my reasons to the sleepy heads in parliament.

I would really appreciate your support on this as these pious Cyclists constantly flout the highway code and then complain about the people who pay an ever increasing amount of money for the roads that they ride for free.

So please help me end this discrimination and make things fair, right safer, and equal for everyone.

27. Let Enes Kanter Play

In the summer of 2010, John Calipari and the University of Kentucky basketball pursued Enes Kanter, a center from Turkey. In the last months, he has been declared ineligible multiple times. The cause, Kanter accepted a surplus in funds, 33k to be exact.

This fact has been agreed by both opposing parties, the University of Kentucky and the NCAA. However, multiple other players in similar situations very comparible to the Kanter's have been declared eligible. This petition calls for the NCAA to declare Kanter eligible in pursuit of consistent ruling in these types of cases.

28. Paul Kucinich 2012

Every generation has to pick its leaders. Its hero. It movements. This is the time we claim what is ours! The current generation of young adults have the passion, ingenuity, the tools and the opportunity to accomplish this goal.

The time is now. To break enormous political barriers that exist in the current electoral system. A system which favors candidates that have the backing of only the two major parties and the backing of billions of dollars to fuel their campaigns. These billions are essentially bribes to direct policy.

These two men are out casts in their parties. Essentially they are true liberals and true conservatives. Ones who actually are true in their values of why they choose to label themselves liberal or conservative.

29. Equal Parental Leave in the UK

This is a petition to call for a system that represents the shared responsibilities, care and love involved in raising children. As it stands, most men do not qualify for statutory leave for when their child is born / adopted, and any statutory leave given can only amount to two weeks maximum.

This means that men are taken away from their newborns at a fundamental stage in their development as studies show that the first three months are crucial to a child’s character and interaction.

This also leaves women with the stigma attached to childcare in the workplace. Despite being illegal, it is estimated 30,000 women a year in the UK lose their jobs directly due to pregnancy and it is a well known fact that women of childbearing age (i.e. from puberty to the menopause) are discriminated in interviews for even the slightest possibility of becoming pregnant and therefore taking time off (even though the government reimburses employers for statutory maternity leave).

Introducing Parental Leave will relieve both women and men from their gender stereotypes and from making tough choices. In the case of Iceland, in 2004 Parental Leave was introduced where each parent received 3 months off work at 80% pay and then a further 3 months to divide accordingly. In Sweden, the allowance is 18 months at 80% pay (3 months reserved for the father). In both countries it is common to see fathers pushing prams and taking their children to day care leaving the UK living in the dark ages.

Equal Parental Leave also speaks volumes for economic recovery. For many households it makes sense for the mother to continue working as she may have a more financially viable job, yet as the father is not entitled to paid leave, it is he who must continue working. Financial recovery equates to productivity – and productivity is directly linked to employee morale. It is time politicians see that family is as the heart of our society and our involvement in the economy. Removing the stigma and endemic discrimination from women and childcare will keep their talents and skills within the economy – which will without a doubt, keep the economy healthy and recover faster.

But the main benefactor and most important aim of Parental Leave is the happiness and well being of the child. To have both parents present throughout the child’s first moments on the earth; to nurture the child, to teach the child, and to build a stable family environment for the child is what will make the child most happy and most healthy.

David Cameron and the Coalition Government forever talk to the British public about changing the structures of our society and economy to support and sustain a FAIRER Britain. This will not be achieved until the needs of the family unit as a whole are recognised by a structure that supports it. We advocate the introduction of gender neutral Parental Leave and the abolition of separate and distant maternal and paternal Leave.

30. Make widespread phone modifications for Deaf in workplaces. Make it fair for the Deaf!

Many government jobs list phone work as an important part of the job on their Vacancies SA or national Government Vacancies websites. This fails to take in consideration Deaf and hard of hearing who need and want a job in the office environment. Many Deaf people are ABLE to do all office operations bar phone work.

I believe that phone work should be made separate OR be modified to suit the needs of the Deaf person. The government is always urging Deaf people to work in any job they want. Not all Deaf people want to or can do labour/factory/hospitality work! Why should we be limited to jobs we don't want to or can't do?? There is a Workplace Modifications organisation, WHY is the government not using this??? Look at this website: this is for workplace modifications, yet the government themselves can't be bothered doing this for Deaf people!!

I know for a fact, there is a call direct transfer system that directs calls to Deaf people using a special service similar to the relay service. WHY AREN'T THE GOVERNMENT USING THIS FOR THEIR JOBS THEY ADVERTISE?

Also there is a law that says discrimination in applying for a job should be illegal, yet I have found many employers who work under the government perform discrimination without our knowledge.

Example: Deaf person goes to an interview and does VERY well, is told they did brilliantly at the interview, then they are told they did not get the job, and they don't get enough feedback. And usually the feedback does not include the reason of being Deaf - yet we know deep down they don't want a Deaf person working with them! So they cover up their personal discrimination by making up excuses especially when we KNEW we would be operfect for the job and we have all the skills! They should be banned from employing people unless they can be open minded!