Help me remove "KILLAM INDIANS" signs being flaunted all over killam alberta! These signs are in the local community arenas and posted around the community of killam.

It was my first time in killam alberta on January 12/16 to watch a junior b hockey game, Killam vs Frog Lake alberta. I always wondered why my late father wouldn't take me to this particular arena, it was because of all the racism being flaunted in this community. KILLAM INDIANS was huge hanging on the backside of where my people would sit and enjoy a hockey game. When I first saw the sign my stomach curdled inside. My son standing beside me as I was staring in disgust in this sign. My son's first reaction was (my son is 7), "what does that mean dad"? (wanted to remind you that I'm a huge hockey fan and full supporter of the our brand new local hockey team the frog lake t -birds and so is my son, and it was his first time attending the playoffs and seeing playoffs. Which is a huge deal for us) so for my son to have that look on his face as he was in discust himself I explained, "son it's a old hockey team that use to play here but the community has seem to forgot about why it was removed the first time"! As he repeated to say the sign I had to stop him and tell him that this sign is not very nice to say or to see!

So here is a example of why I want this sign removed. Imagine local minor hockey teams and hockey teams of all ages to come to this community and to see a sign like that hanging proudly in there arena! I gained the kids all wondering what that sign means.. what does the killam alberta community explain to there little ones about this sign? The junior b team I seen it in there eyes KILLAM INDIANS is what's on there mind.. as I watched a 2 handed slash to the throat yesterday and nearly injuring or ended a kids hockey career!! For a ref to say no penalty? I can't stand it and nor will my community or local community around!

So please let's stand up to this racist community to have these signs taken down and stop the racism! Or if they don't wanna to removes these sign I'm asking for this community to not be involved in any sports of any ages! I'm hurt inside and I know my son is to. I see why my dad didn't wanna show me this community. And thank you dad for that. I wouldn't wanna grow up hating on 1 community which killam albertans have and are doing as we speak. It's 2016 come on! Thanks let's support our local communities to be classy and respectful towards all!

We, the undersigned, ask killam alberta community to have these KILLAM INDIANS signs removed immediately.

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