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The .cw Campaign is calling for a Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) to be created for Wales on the Internet.

What this would mean is that Welsh e-mail, WWW, FTP addresses could be assigned a two letter country code suffix signifying Wales. Many of the obvious choices have already been taken by other countries, we therefore suggest .cw (c representing Cymru & w representing Wales). Currently Welsh addresses end in .uk or one of the general international suffices such as .net, .com or .org. Welsh businesses in particular, rather than having a Welsh address are forced to use either a .uk version, or an international one which might already be in use by a different company elsewhere in the world

We are campaigning on several fronts. Most notably we are lobbying:

* The UK Parliament

* The National Assembly of Wales

* ICANN (Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers)

*ISO (International Organization for Standardization)

* BSI (British Standards Institute)

* The United Nations

The reasons why we have chosen the above targets is listed here - http://www.cw.rhwyd.org/ymgyrch.htm

Following devolution, we believe that Wales is entitled to a top level domain, to help create an unique Welsh identity on the worldwide web.

This Top Level Domain will be for Welsh organisations, individual, or those that wish to be associated with Wales.

If the UK Parliament were to ask ICANN today to assign a global top level domain for Wales, it would be implemented tomorrow. Unfortunately getting the backing of the full UK Parliament is a very hard task, as they have been very sceptical in the past in Scotland's case.

We therefore urge th UK Parliament to contact ICANN to assign a Top Level Domain for Wales as soon as possible!

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