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1. GPS for Sexual Offenders

July 17, 2006

We the undersigned propose that after a Sexual Offender has finished his or her punishment, the offender should have to wear the Global Positioning Satellite - hereinafter referred to as GPS - for the purpose of knowledge of the offender's whereabouts at all times.

To pay for such an incumberence to taxpayers, we the undersigned propose that the Offender work in an assigned job such as those that many Americans find "undesirable." Maybe even those that illegal immigrants are doing.

This may even help the immigration issue.

2. Stop Busing for Desegregation

May 9, 2006

Wichita Public Schools operates its schools under an agreement forged with the former department of Health, Education and Welfare and currently overseen by the Office for Civil Rights.

To comply with Title IV and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, USD 259 adopted and continue to implement strategies that eliminate racially segregated schools.

The district has determined an Assigned Attendance Area that encompasses Adams, Buckner Performing Arts Magnet, Spaght Accelerated Magnet Academy and Isely Traditional Magnet, L'Ouverture Computer Technology Magnet, Mueller and Washington Elementary Schools. African American students bused outside the AAA are assigned to schools based on home or childcare address for all grade levels.

3. Proctor School District: qualified educational assistants

Special education students are assigned assistants who are unqualified to support their needs.

4. Assigned Parking in Elena Court

We, the residents of Elena Court are requesting that the Board of Directors pass a resolution that allows the residents of Elena Court to have assigned parking spots.

5. Belmont Station Assigned Parking Issue

Sequoia Management Company recently repaved the parking areas of Belmont Station. In doing so, the parking space numbering was also removed and never replaced. It has now become impossible to tell where the assigned and visitor spaces are now located. Visitors now have no idea where to park (at no fault of their own) and have been parking in what was assigned parking spaces. Because there are no markings on the paved areas, property owners are unable to ticket or tow vehicles and have lost the use of their own spaces, 2 of which are included in the sale of each ungaraged townhome.

Property owners who purchase townhomes with garages don't have this problem because they have a garage and a driveway; plus VISITOR parking if need be. Garaged townhomes are sold with NO assigned parking because of this, which is how it should be.

Unfortunately, the property owners of the garaged townhomes feel that they are also entitled to assigned parking spaces - which would give them 4 parking spaces plus visitor parking!

It is being argued that they don't use the garage for parking but rather for storage. That is the property owner decision and property owners of the ungaraged townhomes should not lose parking because of this.

In conclusion, the policy should remain as is - townhomes with garages should continue to have the use of visitor parking only - they should NOT be assigned 2 additional reserved parking spaces - this takes away from the parking for the property owners without the garage/driveway.

This petition is for the benefit of the property owners of UNGARAGED townhomes that are in jeopardy of losing much needed parking.

Please keep the parking policy as is and repaint our numbers in the assigned parking areas as soon as possible.

Thank you!

6. Stop Lunch Seating Arrangment at Jefferson Middle School

School Lunch is a time of socializing and relaxing with your friends. It's the only time during school when you can be with friends, that you do not see in your classes. Now we have assigned seating that only allows us to hang out or talk with only a certain group of eleven people. If you gain or lose a few friends you automatically can not sit with the people that you want to.

7. Ymgyrch .cw Campaign

The .cw Campaign is calling for a Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) to be created for Wales on the Internet.

What this would mean is that Welsh e-mail, WWW, FTP addresses could be assigned a two letter country code suffix signifying Wales. Many of the obvious choices have already been taken by other countries, we therefore suggest .cw (c representing Cymru & w representing Wales). Currently Welsh addresses end in .uk or one of the general international suffices such as .net, .com or .org. Welsh businesses in particular, rather than having a Welsh address are forced to use either a .uk version, or an international one which might already be in use by a different company elsewhere in the world

We are campaigning on several fronts. Most notably we are lobbying:

* The UK Parliament

* The National Assembly of Wales

* ICANN (Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers)

*ISO (International Organization for Standardization)

* BSI (British Standards Institute)

* The United Nations

The reasons why we have chosen the above targets is listed here -

8. A Secure Future for Bishop Guilfoyle Regional Catholic School

The concerned parents, in conjunction with PTA, request that the Diocese of Camden evaluate the state of the school; the tuition rates, the three-tier tuition base and the fundraising assessment assigned to PTA.

9. Bring Back Assigned Computers

To the Brazos School Of Inquiry And Creativity,

We, the undersigned, believe that the school should keep assigned computers of the student's choice. Also, we believe that the school should be ran by Dr. Robert Slater or another teacher instead of Mr. Chris Osgood. Failure to comply or possibly compromise with the students and their wishes will cause the undersigned to leave the school to seek education elsewhere.

10. Assigned seating at the lunchroom tables

First Amendment of the Constitution to petition is one of the basic civil rights. We the people strongly advise you to consider this petition and to allow us to sit where we want because up until now it has been us, but this one time it was one person that has caused the trouble when you clearly stated that if the TEAM messed up we would have assigned seats.