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1. Wrexham: Fly the flag for Wales / Baneri dros Gymru

Wrexham, along with other parts of Wales, celebrated our national football team's success in the Euro 2016 Championships. This is Welsh football's spiritual home and we want to build on this feel-good factor by having a permanent legacy for our town and our country.

We, the undersigned, call on Wrexham Council to work with local businesses and other institutions to erect Welsh flags in the town centre and other strategic sites to provide a visible, colourful and attractive display for visitors and local people alike.

2. We want a Wales flag emoji!

We want a Wales flag emoji! No representation for Wales emoji wise! Not good enough!

3. Aaron Ramsey Yellow Card Appeal

Wales v Belgium Euro 2016 Aaron Ramsey received a yellow card for a handball which does not look deliberate!

The referee of the evening Damir Skomina was liberally chucking needless yellow cards at Wales which could spoil their future in this tournament!

Luckily for us supporters Wales' passion and heart pulled them through to victory in this game. However, looking at what's to come I can't help thinking that this yellowcard for Ramsey was extremely unfair and should be revoked!

Please sign and share this petition.

4. Support Complete Independence for Wales

There have been many attempts to regain independence for Wales, culminating in the establishment of an Assembly with limited powers.

This petition asks the Westminster Parliament for an Act granting complete independence for Wales.

5. Keep Jobs at HMRC Porthmadog & North Wales

Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has announced plans to close all tax offices in the UK & replace them with 13 regional centres. Just one centre will remain in Wales-in Cardiff. Staff in North Wales are expected to move to Liverpool.

We call on HMRC & the UK Government to re-consider their plans & keep a regional centre in the North whilst maintaining the Welsh-language call centre in Porthmadog.


Mae HMRC wedi cyhoeddi eu bwriad i gau holl swyddfeydd treth y DU a chreu 13 o ganolfannau rhanbarthol. Dim ond un canolfan fydd yng Nghymru-yng Nghaerdydd. Mae disgwyl i staff y Gogledd symud i Lerpwl i weithio.

Galwn ar HMRC a Llywodraeth y Deyrnas Unedig i ail-ystyried a chadw canolfan rhanbarthol yn y Gogledd a chynnal y gwasanaeth Cymraeg ym Mhorthmadog.

6. Change the WJEC exam timetable for summer 2016 so it doesn't clash with the Euro 2016 Schedule

I propose a petition to try and change the WJEC exam timetable for summer 2016 due to Wales qualifying for Euro 2016. Currently both schedules (the exam schedule and the euro 2016 schedule) clash. However now that Wales have qualified for a major championship for the first time since 1958 I feel everyone should be able to support the team and enjoy the achievement out in France.

Why should a certain age group miss out on witnessing history because of the success of our football team? I've received much support for this petition and I hope you will join me in signing the petition.

7. Cefnogi Llanffest / Supporting Llanffest

Helpwch alleogi Llanffest i parhau a tyfu!

Help Llanffest continue and thrive!

8. Move Wales v Belgium to the Millennium Stadium

Wales are involved in one of the biggest games with respect to qualifying for a major championship. It is a fact that when Welsh football performs then the following is massive.

There is a great sense of optimism throughout Wales at present and the support is coming from far and wide, including different sporting backgrounds.

As tickets for this match were sold out within a week, it is inevitable that the Millenium will also be a sell out, with more genuine football fans in Wales having the opportunity to push Wales forward as the 12th man.

9. Save doctor led maternity unit at Glan Clwyd

Betsi Cadwaladr Health Board announced that they will be downgrading the maternity unit at Glan Clwyd Hospital from being a clinician led unit to a midwife led unit, meaning that at risk or first time mums will have to travel further to Wrexham or Bangor. This comes following the downgrading of neo-natal services in 2013.

10. Stop S4C cutting Monday Night Sgorio

Sgorio is/was a program on S4C showing highlights from the Welsh Premier League (& more) which has been going for 26 years, for the sake of the National Football League of Wales (Welsh Premier League) I and others would like S4C to re-think cutting Sgorio from their Schedule.

11. All Premiership Clubs must field at least five UK players every game

This is to try and make every Premier League club field a minimum of five UK players for every game as a minimum.

Until this is done we will never have national home sides able to compete at international competitions.

12. Stop parcel surcharges - Dim taliadau ychwanegol ar barseli

DHL place additional charges on parcels to north Ceredigion, claiming that the SY23, SY24 and SY25 postcodes are exceptionally remote. They also charge extra for places such as Brecon, Carmarthen and Haverfordwest, but not for some areas which are far more rural. Elin Jones AM and Plaid Cymru's Ceredigion MP candidate Mike Parker are campaigning to get rid of these surcharges.

Mae DHL yn gosod taliadau ychwanegol ar barseli i ogledd Ceredigion, gan hawlio fod codau post SY23, SY24 a SY25 yn arbennig o bellenig. Mae'n hefyd yn codi tâl am lefydd fel Aberhonddu, Caerfyrddin a Hwlffordd, ond nid i rai ardaloedd sy'n llawer mwy gwledig. Mae Elin Jones AC a Mike Parker, ymgeisydd San Steffan Plaid Cymru Ceredigion, yn ymgyrchu i gael gwared ar y taliadau yma.

13. Revoke Grass Cutting Decision

On the 26th February 2014, the Labour led administration of Wrexham County Borough Council, passed their Annual budget which included unprecedented cuts and which was passed in the face of massive public opposition. Included in this budget was a provision to reduce grass cutting from 6 to 8 cuts a year to just 2. The petitioners in this case the Wrexham Independent Group proposed an alternative budget which made provision for additional grass cutting and other services. This alternative budget was rejected by the Labour led administration on the night.

Despite it only being April, residents are 'up in arms' at the scruffy state of our county and some are threatening to withhold partial payment of council tax on the basis that the council are charging more but delivering less.

The untidy state of our County Borough also discourages potential investors and tourism alike from visiting the County Borough, in fact it is an economic disaster for Wrexham.

The petitioners therefore call on the Leader of Wrexham County Borough Council to rescind or revoke the budget line for grass cutting and replaced with alternatives proposed.

14. Keep tax offices open in Wales

We, the undersigned, are opposed to a number of recent decisions by HM Revenue & Customs, including:

• the introduction of a voluntary exit scheme for staff based in Carmarthen, Colwyn Bay, Merthyr Tydfil and Pembroke Dock in preparation for the likely closure of these offices;

• plans to close all HMRC enquiry centres, including twenty in Wales, removing all face-to-face tax advice for the public;

• the termination of some 3,000 fixed-term appointees, including 300 in Cardiff;

We believe these decisions will deprive Wales of valuable jobs and public services and call on HMRC to reconsider its plans.

15. STOP the Ysgol Llanbedr Consultation

Ysgol Llanbedr is an English Medium, Church School in a Safe Rural Setting.

Denbighshire County Council School review in the Ruthin area aims to:-

1. Ensure the sustainability of high quality education provision;
2. Improve the quality of school buildings and facilities;
3. Provide the right number of places, of the right type in the right location.

Ysgol Llanbedr Facts:

1. The quality of education at Ysgol Llanbedr is very high, with results always exceeding the Denbighshire and Wales average;
2. The school buildings and facilities are one of the best in the review;
3. Ysgol Llanbedr is a fast growing school attracting many new families in a fabulous location.

The flawed proposal has not taken into account the rapidly growing number of pupils registered to attend Ysgol Llanbedr in the coming years.

The proposal is to close Ysgol Llanbedr and transfer the pupils to Ysgol Borthyn (the other English medium Church in Wales school in the area) This proposal has not taken into account the growing number of pupils registered to attend Ysgol Llanbedr. The proposal is to sacrifice Ysgol Llanbedr, The Jewel in the Crown, to draw down funding for other Educational Projects in the County.

Ysgol Borthyn uses a mobile (portakabin) classroom and does not have off road parking for the safe transport of children to school. Ysgol Borthyn would also be at risk of closure in a couple of years should a new school be built in Ruthin. The majority of pupils who go to Ysgol Borthyn live very close to the likely site of this new school. The disruption of two school closures for primary school children should not be underestimated.

The Local Development Plan has 70 new houses proposed for Llanbedr. Once these houses have been built the demand from the village for the local village school will further increase.

16. Bluebirds Unite - Conserving CCFC's Identity

Bluebirds Unite was formed by a group of Cardiff City fans in March 2013 amidst rumours of even further change and rebrand at the club.

Decisions had been made during the season without any consultation between the club and its fans.

17. Wales: Lower business rates for small firms, higher for supermarkets

Wales has the most expensive rates in the UK for small firms, while supermarkets are given the cheapest rates in the UK.

In Scotland, supermarkets pay more than small firms.

We want a similar and fairer two-tier business rate system and call for the devolving of business rates to Wales.

18. Remove Handgun Caliber Restrictions in Australia

For a decade now, handgun caliber restrictions and magazine restrictions have been in effect after a tragedy involving a high caliber handgun.

Sporting shooters are unable to use handguns with a caliber of more than .38 inch or 9mm unless they are involved in a specialized competition e.g. metallic silhouette which requires a high caliber handgun.

The law entitles sporting shooters to own high velocity, low caliber cartridges but not the lower velocity, high caliber cartridges with a larger projectile. Sport shooters are also limited to 10 rounds or less which creates a major disadvantage during competition shooting events.

The purpose of this petition is to remove unnecessary caliber restrictions and increase the maximum magazine capacity from 10 to 15 keeping public safety in mind.

19. Demand for the Four Lion Rampant Flag to be the Logo on Car Licences in Wales

Baner Tywysogaeth Gwynedd oedd baner y Pedwar Llew yn wreiddiol ond yn dilyn cwymp y Dywysogaeth yn 1283, mabwysiadwyd y faner, yn wreiddiol, gan Owain Llaw Goch ac yna gan Owain Glyndŵr. Roedd y ddau yn ddisgynyddion i dywysogion Gwynedd gyda'r hawl i fabwysiadu'r faner. Newidiwyd y llewod i fod yn rhai 'rampiant' gan Owain Llaw Goch ac yna defnyddiwyd y fersiwn yna o'r faner gan Owain Glyndŵr yn ystod ei Rhyfel fawr Dros Annibyniaeth.

O dan y faner yma bu Cymru'n annibynnol o tua 1403 hyd at tua 1410 a gan mai baner Harri Tudur oedd un y ddraig goch ar gefndir gwyrdd a gwyn, wedi ei hatgyfodi yn 1958, rydym, fel gwladgarwyr, ond yn cydnabod baner y Pedwar Llew Rampiant fel gwir faner genedlaethol Cymru a gan fod cynlluniau ar y gweill gan David Cameron a Llywodraeth Lloegr i osod Jac yr Undeb ar drwyddedau gyrru ym Mhrydain, rydym yn mynnu ein hawliau dinesig i gael Pedwar Llew Rampiant Tywysog Owain Glyndŵr ar drwyddedau gyrru yng Nghymru.

The Four Lions Rampant was, originally, the Four Lions Passive flag of The Royal House of Gwynedd in Snowdonia, North Wales. Following the fall of the Royal House of Gwynedd, it was adoped by the rightful heir, the great warrior Prince, Owain Glyndŵr during his war of Independence 1400 - 1421ish and the 'passive lions' were changed into 'rampant lions' to illustrate that the Cymru (Welsh) were up in arms.

Under this flag, Cymru (Wales) was independent between 1403 - 1410ish and, as the red dragon on a green and white background was the standard of Henry Tudor King of England and was only resurrected in 1958, we as Welsh patriots only recognise the Four Lions Rampant as the true flag of Cymru and as plans are being drawn up by David Cameron to have the Union flag or Crest to appear on "British" driving licences, we demand our civil right to have the Four Lion Rampant flag of the Cymric people's Prince, Prince Owain Glyndŵr on Cymric (Welsh) driving licences.

20. End the British Monarchy

Britain is now in a Double-Dip recession. Now we have a four day weekend and many other bank holidays due to the royal family. This cannot be helping local businesses, and the economy will get worse.

If we ditch the monarchy perhaps we can focus our efforts on better things to boost the economy, for example we could sell the castles and royal homes as tourist attractions, or they could be used to shelter those who don't have homes in Britain at the moment, the royal family can get proper jobs to help or get the normal retirement money like everyone else.

In the 21st century we should not have "Royal" people, everyone is equal, most other monarchy's are now gone and they're probably doing a lot better than we are.

21. Support a Land Act For Wales

Following the complete occupation of Wales by the Anglo Normans in 1282 - 4 and again, in the 1420's following the War of Independence led by the great Welsh Prince Owain Glyndwr, great areas of Welsh land was either taken by the English Crown or 'given' as rewards to English barons for fighting for England in the Welsh Wars.

Ironically this was repeated by the Tudors in the 16th, who were of 'Welsh Descent', One such example being the Dukes of Somerset being given Mynydd y Gwair and much else throughout Southern Wales. This Mountain is now the centre of a major local issue and national campaign as the Somerset Trust intends to establish a Wind Mill Plantation on it.

Apart from the above, much of Welsh land was common land - which meant that the peasantry had the right to build a smallholding on it as well as hunt and fish but, increasingly over the centuries and up to the present, the Gentry and incoming 'New Conquistadores, such as Iron and Slate Masters began to seize this Common Land by means of Enclosure Acts. The issue of Anglican Church ownership was very much addressed in the Welsh Tithe Wars of 1886 - 88 by a National Land League but there is still much unfinished business to be taken care of.

Today, the aforementioned land is still occupied by the English Crown and the descendents of the English barons and, increasingly, by outside 'Utiliy Companies as in the case of the Vyrnwy Estate, It is being extensively plundered of its natural resources, such as water and timber, and is being savagely destroyed by gigantic windfarms. It is our Welsh herital land and we want it returned to the communities and people of Wales through this Wales Land Act.

22. No to MTV - The Valleys

MTV -The Valleys is described by its makers as, “The Only Way is Essex, Geordie Shore and Made In Chelsea - but Welsh”. True North, the company who have won the commission to produce this programme state, “The True North team love what they do - they respect the people they work with and they put money on screen.” Geordie Shore featured its participants’ drunkenness, vomiting, ridiculous conversation, nudity and sex - is this the content of a respectful TV company’s product?

True North want to put money on screen from South Wales in this instance. Potential show members are flattered with hand delivered postcards in clubs and bars which read, ‘You’ve Been Spotted.’ This looks-based selection process taps into the idea that being a Cheryl or Ashley-Cole-Alike is a viable and aspirational goal.

Not only is the show advancing the empty ambition of celebrity, it misunderstands and will no doubt misrepresent The Valleys. It is moving young people twenty miles along the A470 to live in a shared Cardiff house for five weeks - a city the majority already frequent. Will they suggest all people who live in Welsh towns and villages rarely leave them?

On-screen coverage of South Wales often features the most run-down areas, opinions gleaned from the least broad minded, cumulatively leading to a negative, skewed vision of the area by those outside.

There is a surfeit of successful, highly educated, hardworking and eloquent people of all ages in and from the South Wales Valleys, who do not wish to appear drunk or naked on national TV. They aren’t the ones who will appear.

The contestants will have been cast by True North Production Company to make money and increase ratings. The South Wales Valley stereotype will be perpetuated. The Welsh stereotype will be propagated. The idea of vanity and fame as a career path will be given a helping hand, potentially inspiring a whole host of Welsh youngsters to avoid academia and concentrate on implants and hair extensions instead.

Stripped down, MTV The Valleys is about business people manipulating and exploiting human beings – and a nation - in order to make money – how can this be allowed to take place?

To read the full article, please see:

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23. Save the Cynon Valley

The people, organisations and businesses of the Cynon Valley aim to save it from being divided into 3 unrelated sections.

We oppose the plans issued by the Boundary Commission for Wales to revise the current consituencies of Wales in a manner that will remove the identity of the Cynon Valley and does not recognise it as a community.

We urge all individuals to sign our petition and for organisations and businesses based in or networking with the Cynon Valley to write to the Boundary Commission for Wales opposing these plans before 27th March 2012.

Together we can persuade the Boundary Commission of Wales to reconsider its plans and save the Cynon Valley. Act now, please sign our petition.

24. Let UK citizens vote in a Scotland Idependance Referendum

I believe this is the ideal opportunity to decide what United Kingdom citizens collectively wish to happen with regard to Scottish Independence.

It costs the UK billions every year to support Scotland. Similarly Scotland would be left with huge debt following separation.

The implications are serious for all UK citizens so it should be the decision of all United Kingdom citizens.

25. Campaign To Name The A470 Cymru 'Prif Ffordd Tywysog Owain Glyndŵr

Mae’r A470 yn ffordd gefnol sy’n rhedeg o Gaerdydd yn De Cymru i Landudno yn y Gogledd. Bu I Lysgenhadaeth Glyndŵr lansio ymgyrch yn y flwyddyn 2000 i enwi’r ffordd yn ‘Brif Ffordd Owain Glyndŵr fel coffâd teilwng i’n harwr cenedlaethol mwyaf ar achlysur 6oomlwyddiant cychwyniad ei Rhyfel Mawr am Annibyniaeth 1400 - 1421. Bu i’r Cynulliad Cymreig anwybyddu’r apêl yn y flwyddyn 2000 ond nawr, gan fod yna alw o gyfeiriad arall i ran o’r ffordd gael ei alw yn “Y Royal Welsh Way” fel cydnabyddiaeth o’r Catrawd Brenhinol sy’n talu llw o deyrngarwch i Frenhiniaeth a Threfn Loegr sy’n parhau i feddiannu Cymru, mae Llysgenhadaeth Glyndŵr wedi penderfynu ail gychwyn yr ymgyrch a lansiwyd gennym yn y flwyddyn 2000.

The A470 is a spine road that runs from Cardiff in South Wales to Llandudno in the North. Embassy Glyndŵr launched a campaign in the year 2000 to name it 'Prif Ffordd Owain Glyndŵr' in memory of the greatest of our national heroes Prince Owain Glyndŵr and his copatriots who fought a great War of Independence from the year 1400 - 1421. The National Assembly of Wales ignored our request then and now, in the light of a campaign being launched to name a part of the road 'The Royal Welsh Way in recognition of the Royal Welsh Regiment who swears allegiance to the English royalty and the English State who still occupies Cymru, Embassy Glyndŵr has decided to re-launch the campaign initiated in the year 2000.

26. Campaign to restore the dignity of Welsh History

A very crude and poorly produced exhibition concerning the Princes of Gwynedd has been placed in a public lavatory in Abergwyngregyn, North Wales ....

27. Give us a Referendum on Proportional Representation

The public are unhappy with the current voting system and the proposed AV system is too complicated and of little interest to the majority of the public as will be shown by today's low turn out. The public have become disenfranchised with politics and our patriotism has been shaken.

Many other countries with excellent governments and economies use Proportional Representation voting systems such as Party List Voting, e.g. Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Portugal and South Africa. It can be implemented simply with little if no additional costs. Other PR systems are still in use in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and Germany on of the strongest economies in Europe. Voting turn out is getting lower and lower every election, the public are not happy with the current situation and revolts will become more common.

The public need to know and SEE their votes and opinions count, AV is not enough and people think you are not listening to them. They need honest politics where a coalition works together and is honest when they dislike or like the others policies. Please give us a referendum on PR so we can show you how we feel and listen to the results so we know you have our interests at heart.

28. SLS: Super League Show for England & Wales

Currently the BBC only broadcast 'The Super League Show' in afternoon and evening slots across Northern England regions (North East & Cumbria, North West, Yorks & Lincs, Yorkshire). Whilst viewers in the Midlands, Southern England and Wales can only see it in the very early hours of the morning (usually between 12:00am and 4:00am).

We would like the programme to be broadcast in it's usual afternoon/evening schedule across the whole of England and Wales from 2012.

This is desired because there are now a large number of Rugby League fans living outside of the four Northern England regions mentioned above, as well as two professional clubs that currently play in the Super League competition. We believe that currently the BBC is not making the programme accessible to a broad audience and attempting to widen it's appeal*.

* Part of the BBC One remit.

29. Ban the forcing of Halal meat on to the People of Great Britain!


The killing of animals is a shame but as the slaughter of animals is necessary to feed the many millions of meat eaters living in Great Britain it is vital that these animals are slaughtered in the most humane (Painless) way possible.

In a FSA approved slaughter house all animals are stunned prior to slaughter so the animal feels no pain or suffering at all.

But in a FSA exempt slaughter houses I.e Halal slaughter houses animal are not stunned prior to slaughter. Slaughter is carried out with a single cut to the throat, rather than the more widespread method of stunning with a bolt into the head before slaughter. Under Islamic law, an animal must be slaughtered by having its throat cut while it is conscious. The person carrying out the killing has to recite an Arabic verse at the time. Campaign group the Christian Institute, said: ‘The idea of having Islamic ritual said over meat would be objectionable to some Christians. I would find it objectionable, so it should be labelled as Halal.’

The Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC), which advises the government on how to avoid cruelty to livestock, says the way Halal meat is produced causes severe suffering to animals. They say “cattle can take up to two minutes to bleed to death - amounting to severe pain and distress to the animals”.
The RSPCA believes that religious beliefs and practise should be respected but also believe that animals should only be slaughtered under the most humane conditions.

Halal food is everywhere. According to recent news reports, it is being "secretly" snuck into your sandwich or fed to your child in their school dinner. It's also found in hospital canteens, pubs, sporting venues and most fast food out lets.

Britain's biggest supermarket chains are selling Halal lamb and chicken without telling unsuspecting shoppers. Those stocking meat slaughtered according to Islamic law include Waitrose, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Somerfield and the Co-op. But the UK’s second-biggest supermarket, Asda, has refused to confirm or deny whether it sells Halal meat.

Most lamb imported from New Zealand by British supermarkets has been slaughtered according to Islamic law, but this is not mentioned on packaging. Some lamb from British abattoirs is also Halal.

The country’s biggest hotel and restaurant group, Whitbread– which owns the Beefeater and Brewers Fayre chains – was also selling Halal food, as were well-known sporting venues such as Ascot, Twicken¬ham and Wembley.

The Jewish faith have a similar slaughter method call Shechita but there are no Shechita slaughter houses in the UK. Members of the Jewish faith respect our laws and import their own Shechita meat to be sold only in registered Jewish supermarkets.

Why is it that a blind eye is being turned to the Halal labelling of food? Because it is politically correct not to say anything about it incase it offends the Islamic community within Britain?

Sorry but that is wrong. Halal products and outlets must be labelled so that the general public can have a choice. Why force it upon people. Why can it not be treated the same as Shechita meat! Well labelled and sold only in Jewish shops! If followers of Islam want Halal meat why can they not do the same as Members of the Jewish faith?


30. We want The 69 Eyes to play a gig in Wales

We, the fans of The 69 Eyes would like to show support in bringing the band to Wales to perform a gig.